Atomic Pomade – Cinnamon

For the eleventh pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be….Atomic Pomade – cinnamon. This is the other scent of my microbrew. Now after quite a few people telling me not be a baby about reviewing my own pomade I think I’m gona review this one. Beware it may be a little biased, because I made this one specifically for me and I think it’s the cats pajamas! I will try to give it an honest and fair review.


So, both scents come in the same tin with the same labeling. It’s a 6oz slip cover tin. Now I wanted a good size and uncommon tin so I did a little searching before I settled on this one. I have 3 labels on my tin. One on the lid, one on the bottom and one on the inside of the lid, all three are orange. The lid label is a bomb cloud with two hydrogen bombs on either side and some blue rings behind those. It also has a little atom symbol with an “A” in the stem of the cloud and in the cloud itself it says “Atomic Pomade.” I mark which scent is which with either a “C” or an “M.” The bottom label has all the info on the pomade; ingredients, label design, maker and directions. On the inside label is the atom symbol again and around that it has “• Always Remember to Duck and Cover Kids!”


When you pull the tin open you see a greasy petro pomade. Pretty much just a straight grease, which is exactly what I was going for when I made it. The smell of this version is cinnamon. As you know I have mint as well. I went for doublemint gum and big red gum for the scents and I think I succeeded. I’m going to try for juicy fruit next but I don’t know how I’m going to make that scent.


Getting a finger full of this grease out of the tin is really easy, it scoops out like Tres Flores. Now the scent isn’t that strong when it’s in the tin, but once you break the surface you really smell the big red gum scent. And for being a grease it has some decent resistance to it. Working it around it gets a little greasier and turns white in your hands.

Applying it is really similar to applying Tres Flores, it just goes right on and coats your hair really nicely. My hair tends to kind of suck this pomade up quite a bit so I scoop it out twice. Once for the top/front and once for the back side of my hair and the sides/back.


I always apply it to my hair when it’s damp so it tames my waves a little better. When my hair is dry it makes my waves really stand out. I decided not to pomp my hair this time. I had a long day of work and knew it would be busy, so I wanted to keep it low maintenance. That way if it got messed up during the chaos of a retail store during the weekend before Christmas, I could comb it back into place fast.

It got jacked up a few times, but I just pulled out the trusty comb and put it back in place with a few runs of it through my hair. It stayed this way all day long and didn’t break down, or come undone, or run down my face, or anything. It holds really well all day long, even after recombing it.


So as you know I make this so I don’t need to give my take on it, because I love it!! I made it for myself and what I like and want in a greasy pomade. If you guys want a tin of it get ahold of me via Facebook on my Atomic Pomade page, through my etsy account or via my email

Keep greasin’


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6 comments on “Atomic Pomade – Cinnamon

  1. Danny Palmer says:

    I really like this one, good hold, tight, and shiney, great looking hair.

  2. Atis Alksnis says:

    Hey JC – Got it earlier this week, and I gotta say overall, a good job on this one! Well done.

  3. Chad Tillman says:

    I have been trying all kinds of pomade from layrite, suavicito, high life, Dax, etc. I bought a tin of mint scented atomic just cause I thought the ton was a cool addition to my collection. Then after being a little frustrated with the consistency if the high life and Dax I decided to try the atomic. Me. Hillhouse, all I have to say is, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! This product is amazing. So easy to apply. Such a great scent. It is the most workable, re combable, versatile pomade I have tried. I absolutely love it. So I ordered a can of cinnamon. Oh and two bottles of shampoo and a can of frankengrease for my buddy who has a short flattop. Did I mention that I LOVE this product? I will use this primarily from now on. Please don’t stop making this awesome greaser fuel. You have a winner here and a customer for life.
    San Diego

    • Hey Chad,

      Thank you for the kind words sir. I’m glad you like it so much! And thank you for sharing my products with someone else. You got one of theist cinnamon tins I made. I no longer make it, so cherish it sir. I’m very happy you’re pleased enough with my products to commit to repeat business. That means a lot to me! Have yourself a great day and keep your eye out for new products I’m coming out with this year! You will be able to find me and them on



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