I got another big pomade haul this week!! I’m really stoked about these! Some of them I’ve been waiting on for a while.


Here’s a list of them so you know what you can be on the look out for soon! (From top to bottom, left to right)

High Life – Bay Breeze
Super Duper Pomade (label will be soon)
Suavecito – original
Suavecito – firme
Dr. Rubins – lite
Dr. Rubins – special honey
Dr. Rubins – ultra shine
Dr. Rubins – firm
Dr. Rubins – smoke stack
DAX – high & tight awesome shine
DAX – high & tight awesome hold
DAX – minis (wave & groom and short & neat)
DAX – h&t shine hybrid
DAX – wave & groom hybrid
DAX – hair wax hybrid

I’m pretty excited to try all of these! Thanks to Adam over at high life, my buddy rob for the super duper, Justin over at Suavecito, the good Dr, and Don over at DAX for all these awesome pomades!

Stay tuned!


Vitalis Hair Tonic

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am going for my first tonic today. I used to stay away from them because I didn’t really know how to use them, but my grandma bought me a bottle of this for Xmas. So I figured I better learn how to use this stuff. To my surprise its super simple, I can’t believe I was such a weenie about using a tonic. So here’s Vitalis!


It comes in a clear plastic bottle with a pop top lid and one single label. The packaging looks very retro, and cool I might add. The label is black, red and gold. The top half is black and says “Vitalis” in big white letters and “with v7” above it in red letters. Below it, in gold letters, it says “Hair Tonic” and “makes hair more manageable and healthy looking.” In the middle there is a red chevron, then the bottom half is gold and has the barcode and the volume of the tonic, which is 7oz.


When you look at the back of the label it has the “Vitalis with v7” again at the top of the label. This side is white with black letters. Along with the name it has a blurb about the hair tonic. And the directions of this stuff are very lengthy, more so than any pomade or water based. Mainly because it has a few different directions on how and when to apply this tonic. It also has the ingredient list and a caution below the directions. And at the very bottom is the company info.


The lid on this one is a little pop top black lid. And the hole in the lid to squeeze out the tonic is really small. Smaller than most other tonics and aftershaves out there. I’d say about a little less than half the size of your average tonic opening. I think I will like this size better.


I don’t really need to describe the color of this tonic as it comes in a clear bottle and you can see the light yellow liquid. When you squeeze some out it goes everywhere. It’s a little more runny than aftershave. The smell is a very generic scent, it smells like dude. A nice manly scent, kind of like aftershave and rubbing alcohol.

I proceeded to rub my hands over my hair, which was just like putting water in your hair. It literally went in exactly like water. And started running my comb through, which was also like running it through with water in my hair. The scent stayed nice and strong as I was combing which I really loved, because I really like the smell of this hair tonic.


I knew I wasn’t going to get any kind of hold with this stuff, so I just parted my hair as best I could and combed it back a little bit. This stuff does exactly what it claims to, my hair looked nice and healthy. It also had some shine to it. Nice!! And it seemed to keep my hair in place, way more than just water does. We’ll see if it stays at all during the day.

The shine fades throughout the day though, it turn into more of a matte look. It did hold my hair pretty much in place after a day worth of running errands though! Which really surprised me, I mean its a tonic, I did not expect it to hold at all. There were a few hairs that went astray and some gaps formed, but overall it stayed in place. I was really impressed with that!


Overall, for my first tonic, it wasn’t a bad experience at all. I really liked the smell of it, the shine from it was so great, and it kept my hair in place all day, well for the most part. Plus, the packaging is really cool and makes a nice addition to your bathroom or collection.

You can pretty much find this tonic at any store. I’ve seen them at grocery stores, super markets, target, Walmart, drug stores, and even a liquor store. So head on over to a store and grab some. It does make your hair feel really nice in those “days off” that some of you take for your hair. I will definitely use it again! I usually just throw a hat or beanie on when I’m not slickin, but I will start adding this stuff then put those on. Or just go with a combed do like I did with it this time. Anyway…….

See you at the next one


Grant’s Golden Brand – Matte Dressing

I got my hands on another new product for this new year! This new one is from the folks over at Grant’s Golden Brand, it’s their new Matte Dressing. They just put this stuff out maybe a month ago. I was a little hesitant picking it up at first, mainly because of the price. This stuff is some of the most expensive stuff out there. At over $31 a can, shipping included, it’s the most I’ve ever spent on a product. I can usually get 3-10 products for that price. But Grant’s is known to be a great company and put out top notch, quality products.


So, it comes in their signature screw top tins. The same type of tin Bone Crusher and Shiner Gold come in. Their label says that it is a 4oz tin. The label on this one is really similar to their Putty Pomade label. It’s a mint green background with cream and black writing on it. In the center is their name/logo in awesome cursive writing, then “Golden Brand Pomade” in a banner under the name. Above the name is “Matte Dressing” and below it is a little highway sigh with”USA” in it.


When you flip the tin over you see their other label. It’s a cream colored label with black writing. It has their name on the very top, then a blurb about the product, the instructions, and the ingredients. At the bottom is the barcode, weight info and their website.


As soon as you unscrew the lid you’re met with a fresh cream scent, like lotion or hair conditioner and a mild floral scent too. I really like this smell and I hope it doesn’t dissipate after it dries. The color of it is a nice off white. And just like its name, it’s matte, absolutely no shine to it. Reminds me of the Johnny B molding paste, only white instead of green.


When I dug my finger into this paste I pulled out exactly what I expected. It’s almost identical to Johhny B and DAX hair shaper. I hope it performs better than those do. Definitely not knocking those, I love both of them. I just hope this one performs better.

Spreading it in my palms was a little different than those two, it was more creamy and sticky(haha twss). It wasn’t quite as firm as the others, but it was more tacky. Which kind of makes up for that. The scent did stay nice a present in my hands.

It went in my hair about like the Johnny B did, and my hair soaked it up like that one too. I had to grab another half fingers full to get the rest of my hair. It stays really white on your hair when you run your hands through. It combed a lot more difficult than I expected, more so like a water based than a paste. And this stuff streaked a lot like the Murray’s cream beeswax did. I had to comb and comb and comb to get all the streaks out.


Once I did get it all combed into my hair, my hair looked really good. It had an awesome matte look to it, and it also looks nice and healthy. Another thing I noticed with this stuff is that it sticks the little hairs together pretty decently. I didn’t really see any sticking out, except for where that dude cut my pomp. I’m still frickin pissed about that!

I did get some ok height with this paste, and it held more solid than the last two did. Almost more like a wax meets a paste. And it made my hair look really full bodied. I did notice a couple hairs doing the “ski jump” on top of my head, but they were barely sticking up.


Over the whole day, it held up great, nothing came out of place and it didn’t break down or anything. One thing it did do that I was really unhappy with was harden up like a gel. This stuff literally gave me a gelmet, and I am not really a fan of those. If I was, I would just go buy a tub of softee gel for $2.52 and a can of Aquanet for $1 and be done. Even though it hardened, I was able to recomb my hair. I squished my hair to my head to break up the hardness and then it was more gummy like a wax. After recombing though, I did notice a few fly aways sticking out in places. You can also treat it like a water based and wet comb it to restyle your do.


After using this stuff for a while, I gotta say that I like the product for the most part. It has nice hold, great smell, gives hair a cool look, can be recombed and comes in cool packaging and labeling. The things I didn’t like about it was how it hardened up, and the price. Obviously I paid for it so the price wasn’t a huge issue, I just wish it went a little further. I had to use quite a bit of it to get my hair coated evenly and styled nice.

So I will be using this stuff sparingly in the future, but I will use it. I did like the product quite a bit. So if you guys like pastes and want to check this one out, head over to their site
and pick up a tin of this stuff.

Stay fresh fellas,



Score!! I got some a whole lot of awesome pomades in this past week! I plan on reviewing all of these eventually.


Some of these I was really stoked on finding! Some were given to me as a gift. And some were sent to me for reviews. I’ll list them for you in case the pic is blurry or you’re like me and have old man eyes.

(From top to bottom, left to right)
Elizabeth Joy
Peter Post
Apex pressing oil
Morgan’s perfumed pomade
Queen organic hair food
Mom made pomade (medium)
Mom made pomade (hard)
Pomps not Dead (slick of it all)
Pomps not Dead (original)
Pomps not Dead (pompage)
Palmers shaping wax
Slick Black (really excited for!)
Grant’s Golden Brand (matte dressing)
Vitalis hair tonic

Stay tuned for the Grant’s and Vitalis this week. Then Mom made Pomade!

Catch ya later!


Tres Flores Molding Pomade(water based)

Back again with another Tres Flores product. I wanted to review them back to back, plus I got a few requests for this one as well. As well as being one of my favorite brands out there. I was actually really surprised when I saw this stuff come out mainly because of the type of product it is.

This time I’m using their water based version. They’re most known for their grease and oil tonic, so I was surprised that they put out a water based. They do have a gel, a talc and an aftershave as well. I will most likely review those in the future when I see them on a shelf somewhere and can pick them up.


This one comes in a crystal clear plastic tub, and has their signature green lid. The labeling of this stuff is pretty similar to their grease. There’s only a few differences. It’s still the wrap around label, but up on top on either side of “Tres Flores” is NEW in yellow star box things. Then in the red it has “molding pomade” and “greaseless, water based, flexible styling pomade.” On the sides of the label it has the same stuff, but also includes a blurb about this product and directions for use.

20130126-001649.jpgoops! Don’t mind the scoop(it’s not supposed to be there).

Opening this container up, you don’t get quite the same strong flowery scent. I mean it still smells like flowers, just not as pronounced as their grease. And this one is a clear, yellowish goop. I got a little excited and scooped out the stuff before I took a picture of the surface. Luckily you can still tell what it looks like. It reminds me of pineapple jell-o.


Now on to how it scoops out, lets put the horse back in front of the cart. It has the exact same texture as Monkey Brains does. Nice firm, gelatinous goop. The color of it is a shade or two lighter than Bona Fide is. I was a little disappointed in the scents strength though. Unlike their grease, the scent didn’t get any stronger out of the tub. It almost got weaker after I scooped it out. What a bummer. I like my pomades to be nice a strong scented.

When I worked it in my palms the texture stayed the same unlike most water bases out there. It also got really shiny like Bona Fide does. The scent kind of got even weaker and dissipated as I spread it around in my palms. Dang what a bummer.


As I ran my hands over my hair I noticed that stuff goes in like a wax does. It really just stuck to the top of my hair and I had to scoop out another fingers full to really get my hair coated evenly. Which is another thing I don’t like in a pomade or water based. I just don’t like over saturating my hair with stuff.

Combing with this in my hair was really easy, surprisingly. I expected it to comb a lot more difficult, because of how it went in and how much I had to use. But it actually combed easier than most water bases do. And styling with it was also a breeze. Unlike most water based products out there, I was able to get a nice rounded pomp going. Usually my hair likes to stick straight and I end up with more of an angled pomp.


The height I got with this stuff on both days was really nice as well. I got a nice medium to tall pomp with it. I could have gone a little higher, but I just didn’t want to. I only pomp really high every once in a while. I did notice a little wispiness to my hair on top. You can kind of see the hairs flipping up off my hair. Not my favorite thing to happen. I like my hair to look smooth and proper, not wispy and messy looking.

The hold lasted all day and all evening long. I only noticed a few places in my hair go slightly astray or come undone toward the end of the day. And this one is like Monkey Brains and only gums up on you, it doesn’t harden. Which is a thing I really look for in a water based. I just don’t like the hardness to my hair very much. And if I ever do want that I’d rather just use gel and Aquanet, it costs a lot less.

When I washed this stuff out, on both days, I noticed after my hair had dried it was kind of coarse and really dry. Now most other water solubles out there leave your hair nice and soft ‘n’ smooth after you wash them out. So I was really disappointed when this one did the opposite.

So my conclusion on this water based is, I’m on the fence with it. It holds good, combs easy, smells good, doesn’t harden too much and washes out easy. However, the scent pretty much disappeared after I got it in my hair, it left some flyaways, didn’t have much shine to it, washes out with water, and left my hair feeling bad after it was out. So I don’t know if I like it as much as others yet. But if you guys liked what you saw/read, are into water bases or just like to check out new stuff, pick a tub up! You can find it at a lot of stores and beauty suppliers. And it’s relatively cheap, comparable to what Monkey Brains was, just a few bucks. Making it a pretty decent buy when looking for a new water based at the stores.

Well, til next time guys


Tres Flores (Solid)

Today I’m going with an old staple in the grease community. This stuff has been around a while and is very prevalent it the Hispanic community as well. I have been smelling this stuff on my uncles and cousins for years! Now we’re actually native, not Hispanic, but still steeped in the community and culture.

It’s the one and only Tres Flores, or three flowers brilliantine. I am going with the solid before the liquid tonic, because this is the most common and I got quite a few requests to review this one. Plus, this stuff is pretty much my favorite grease ever. Not just because I’ve been exposed to it for so long, but it’s actually a great product. Alright, on with it then.


It’s packaged in the familiar plastic container with a smooth, green lid. A lot of other knock-off products put their grease in containers like this one, but those aren’t as nice as this one. And the labeling is very simple and classic, which to me is awesome. I really like the short and sweet labels, they just look awesome. It’s a half wrapped around label with red, white and green background and black and white letters. The edges are green, then it has a white stripe, and a red center. The top of the green outline has “Tres Flores” then in the red it has 3 flowers above “Three Flowers Brilliantine” and the weight info is at the bottom. The company info, barcode and ingredient list is on the back sides of the label. This label is one of my favorite labels out of all the pomades out there! It’s just such a classic, iconic label.


Unscrewing the green lid you’re met with the strong scent of what else, flowers. It’s an awesome jasmine and chrysanthemum scent. Inside the container you see a super shiny grease. It looks almost exactly like Vaseline, which isn’t that surprising since there’s only petrolatum and fragrance in this stuff.


As I scooped it out, my thoughts of its texture were right. It’s a nice heavy grease, you can see the weight of it by the stretched parts of the grease. It’s a little lighter than petroleum jelly. And the smell gets really strong as soon as you scoop it out of the tub. One of my favorite aspects of this pomade. I like this feature in my go to pomades. It means I’ll be smelling good all day long.

In my hands it didn’t lose its texture at all. I figured it would get a little greasy and lighter, but it pretty much stayed the same. It didn’t turn white at all like some greases do, it just got really really shiny in my hands. Now if you rub your hands together for a while or really fast, this stuff will heat up and become really greasy. But, if you rub them softly just enough to spread it around evenly, it keeps its texture nicely.


When I ran my hands over my hair I got a nice little surprise. It went in easier than most greases do, and a lot easier than I expected. It just kind of flowed into my hair really easily, almost like the Black Jack Top Coat did. And immediately my hair became shiny. Before I even combed my hair or styled it it was shiny. This is another of my favorite aspects of the this grease!

This stuff doesn’t have a whole lot of hold to it, but it has more than most light to medium greases. I only sculpted a lower pomp this time. It was going to be kind of warm today and I work outdoors so I knew the sun wouldn’t let me have a medium pomp. I decided to apply it to my hair when it was only slightly damp to kind of accent my naturally wavy hair. I don’t normally do this, but I liked how it looked the other day so I tried it again. And I think I’m liking it.


Being a grease this stuff is very easily recombable. But it stays in place fairly well, so unless you mess up your hair you shouldn’t need to recomb it. Unless you like to comb your hair a lot throughout the day. I took a second pic at work to show the true shine this stuff gives your hair. And boy is it shiny! And I took this picture after almost a whole day of work. I didn’t have to recomb it at all. I just snapped the pic of how it was. Looks identical to when I first combed it this morning. And yet another aspect of this grease that I love.

So as I stated earlier this stuff is my favorite grease. That being said y’all know how I feel about it and that I strongly recommend you have some of this grease! It’s perfect as a topper and also great on its own. It has an awesome scent and the scent stays strong all day! It gives your hair great shine and is recombable, if you need to recomb it. Plus, this stuff isn’t that hard to wash out, which is something I know a lot of cats look for in a pomade. So head to your nearest store (any kind of store should do) and grab a tub of this stuff! It’s fantastic, I get mine at Walmart or Walgreens. Stay tuned for the next Tres Flores. I’m going to go with their molding pomade, then maybe next month I will hit up their liquid brilliantine.

Keep it greasy!


Black Jack Pomade Top Coat

I know some of you have been wondering when I was going to get back to the Black Jack line. Well today is your lucky day, cause I’m going to review their Top Coat. It’s the lightest they offer. It’s supposed to be used as just a topper, but I’m going to see how it does on its own for this one. I already know how awesome it is as a topper. One of the best out there!


Unlike their other products this Top Coat comes in a little, clear, 2oz plastic bottle with a push top lid. The lid is like a lot of shampoo lids where you push one side and the other side pops up letting you squeeze some out. On the bottle are two white, square labels. The front one has a black square in the center with a pinstriped spade and arrows pointing down. Above the spade is “Black Jack,” inside is 21, and below is “Pomade.” On either side of the black box is where it says “Top Coat.” The back label is white with black lettering. That one has “for high shine,” and “apply to hair after pomade and enjoy.” It also has their slogan “it ain’t easy bein’ greasy with blackjack,” and the ingredients. These ingredients are the same as Murray’s superior, and in the same order! I have always wondered how they get their pomade to be that strong with just petrolatum and mineral oil.


When you pop the little button on the lid, you’re immediately met with a strong, soapy scent. It’s the same fresh, clean scent form the Death Grip by them. Damn, I really love this smell! It’s such a strong scent, but its a good scent so it’s not overbearing or anything like that, just nice.

I turned the bottle upside down and squeezed some of this grease out. At first it has a light texture similar to Royal Crown Hair Dressing, but after a few seconds in my palm it started to turn into oil. You can see how it slid down my hand leaving an oily trail. Kind of like a snail made out of pomade.

20130122-002042.jpgSnail Trail!!

As I rubbed my hands together it really got oily. Not quite as oily as a tonic or liquid brilliantine, but more so than the Royal Crown Hair Dressing. Very different texture, this stuff has, but very nice. Almost as if you were to mix the liquid and solid brilliantines by Tres Flores together.

Applying this super light grease was very very easy. It went in as easy as just running water in your hair. I didn’t need to squeeze out any more either. I was able to coat my hair evenly with just one pass. Going in so easy, I had a feeling it would comb just as easy. Yep, I was right, it does. Almost like combing your hair with nothing in it.

I knew I wasn’t going to get any hold with a “top coat” on its own, but that’s not what I was trying to do with it. I just wanted to see how it performs on its own, because I know what it will do with a strong base. It makes a nice glossy sheen to brighten up your tall pomp. So, I just did somewhat of a combover style. Kind of a leisurely style hair do for a kickback day.


I combed it straight back and pulled it over to the side from the back up to the front and that gave me a slight bulb in the front of my head. I didn’t want to look like a creepy 70’s bald guy and just do the straight combover, I just couldn’t do it. You can see the shine right off the bat. This stuff is really really shiny!

20130122-002343.jpgLook at them waves!

I took a pick while I was out and about in the sun and you can really see how this stuff gleams up your hair! It also really accented my waves on top. And after it was in my hair for a while I ran my fingers through and noticed something awesome. This top coat, when used by itself, makes your hair REALLY soft! Like bunny rabbit or fleece soft. I think this one would be great on the days I don’t have pomade in my hair to keep it from drying out too much. The scent also lasts all day long! I could still smell my hair at the end of the day. A definite plus in my book.

Overall, I really dig this stuff! I originally used it in combination with the Death Grip and liked it well enough. On its own it wasn’t bad either. No it doesn’t have hold, but you don’t always need to have hold, or at least I don’t. It’s nice to just let your hair be sometimes with just a tonic, or now, a little bit of this stuff. Thanks to Mike over at Black Jack Pomade for sending this over to me with the other products he’s got. Head on over to his website;
and pick up a bottle of this stuff! It’s worth the money for sure!! He’s got a great line of pomades over there so check them all out. Also stay tuned for my review of a new one from him very soon!

Well til next time, “it ain’t easy bein’ greasy”