Arko Shave Soap

Hey guys, here’s the first new product of 2013. It is a German shave soap that was sent to me by a friend of mine in Germany. I frequently trade pomade with him and he decided to send me a shave soap to try out. Korbinian is a pretty frequent member of Addicted to Pomade, and makes the new pomade I will be reviewing for my first pomade of the new year.


It doesn’t come in the usual packaging we see over here in the states. This one is in foil wrapping. The label is red with black and white lettering. Now I’ve tried translating the words with my app, but it won’t translate them. So I downloaded a second one, thinking maybe that app was faulty, but the second one did the same thing. So I am sorry to say I can’t translate the words, just show the German.


It has “Arko” on it, then below that it says “kremlì berber tiras sabunu” on the other side it leaves off the “kremlì.” I don’t know if that important or not. It has a oval picture of a dapper guy with a lathered up face and sky blue background. Then it has all the ingredients, company info and the barcode. It also has a white sticker on it that lists the ingredients and some other stuff. However, the other stuff is in a different language, so I don’t know what it is.


Peeling open the wrapper you see a white stick soap. Now most shave soaps are in cake form, so this is a nice change up. But I don’t know how I will lather up. Rub it around on my face, in my hands? It’s too big to fit in a dish or mug. So I decided to just cut off a little piece and make a mini cake with it and put that in my dish.


I proceeded to wet my brush and lather up. This stuff makes a lather like Barbasol shave cream. It’s way thicker than any shave soap I’ve used so far. The smell of this one is really familiar and common. It reminds me of the soap the use in public bathrooms to the “T.” It makes a nice lather on my face as well, but it kind of loses its thickness. It’s not as frothy as in the dish/on the brush.


Because of the smell I shaved my lip and chin first. I just am not a big fan of that generic public soap. This stuff doesn’t soften up my hairs as much as most shave soaps do though. It was a little harder to shave with it and I had to take my time.


However, when I was done I was really surprised at how soft my face was. It made my face really soft. Softer than most shave soaps do, but not as soft as that Three Butters did. And it didn’t let me get my chin area as close as I would like. I think that’s because of it not softening up my hairs all that much.


I will most likely use this stuff in the future, not that often since it’s hard to get, but I will use it. Big thanks to my buddy Korbinian for sending me this little gift!!! I’m not sure where you guys can get some of this, but if you want to try it out, comment or message me and I will find out for ya!




5 comments on “Arko Shave Soap

  1. JayT says:

    Bestshave has the Arko shave stick for $1.95 in case anyone was wondering. Here’s the link. All credit goes to the Shaveology blog.

  2. Johannes v. Weber says:

    Nice review!
    You couldn’t translate the words with your app, because it’s Turkish 😉
    Best wishes from Germany,


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