Bone Crusher

Hey guys, here’s the new pomade for a new year! This one is a microbrew from a friend of mine over in Germany. He’s also a frequent member of the Addicted to Pomade page. It’s made by Korbinian Sailer and is 100% Handgemacht in Deutschland. I’ve been anxiously waiting to try this pomade for about 2 weeks. Well longer actually, I’ve wanted to try it since he first told me he was making it.


This one doesn’t come in the usual tins you see pomade in. It’s in a 4oz stainless tin with a screw top lid not a slip cover like most. It’s similar to the Grant’s tins. This one has 2 labels, one on the lid and one on the bottom of the tin. The lid label is really unique and awesome! It has a badass “Hamlet” style skull in an off white color with a black background. On either side of the skull are little fillagries, then below it in really cool script it says “Bone Crusher.” Below that in between some more fillagries it says “Hair Pomade.” There is also a little ring around the edge of the label in the off white color.


Turning the tin over you see the same colors on the bottoms label. Black background and off white lettering. In the same cool script it has “Bone Crusher Hair Pomade” on the top. Then the directions for use and storage, on either side if the storage directions are the same skulls as the front label. Below that is the ingredient list and finally “Handmade in Germany!” and the weight with fillagries on either side of it. This one also has the little ring around the edge of the label like the front label did.


Unscrewing the lid you are met with a nice yellow colored pomade. Really similar in color to Bees Knees pomade, as well as the look of it. This one has a matte look to it in the tin, so I don’t think it will have very much shine in my hair. I can always use a topper with it though. Smelling this one brings me back to being a grade schooler, lemon PEZ! I love the smell of this pomade!! It also has a slight mint smell to it, but mainly sweet lemon scent.


Digging a finger into this pomade was almost identical to Bees Knees, just slightly softer and not quite as sticky. It had almost the exact same texture to it though. Nice waxy, creamy pomade with a little bit of tackiness to it. Unlike a lot of pomades, I didn’t notice a strengthen in the smell of it when I scooped it out of the tin. But the smell is pretty strong on its own.

Working it in my hands was not like Bees Knees at all, although I completely expected it to be. It was more like Addicted to Pomade, it was creamy and stuck to my hands a little bit. It turned really light in my hands as well, almost white.


It didn’t stay stuck to my hands as much as ATP did. This one went in my hair really nicely and coated pretty evenly. I did have to add a little more to the backside of my hairs, but other than that it was awesome.

This stuff combs really really well too! Definitely one of the easiest waxes I have come across so far, combability wise. Once I started forming my pomp I was given a nice little surprise from it. Because of the mint in this pomade it really cools your scalp. You start getting a nice tingly cooling effect once you form you pomp and air can get to your scalp. It’s really cool, no pun intended.


And this stuff holds really nicely! I was able to get it to stand straight up, and pretty tall too. And surprisingly this stuff does have a little sheen to it. Not a whole lot, but it still has some shine to it. For being as soft as it was getting it out of the tin, this stuff holds really great! It holds all day long and recombs easily, goes right back into place. The smell also stays nice and strong for quite a while. I got complimented on the smell of my hair a bit while wearing it.

After using it for a few days, I have to say it’s a winner. You guys should definitely grab a tin of this stuff from Korbinian! To get some of this great pomade, you can either hit him up on Facebook personally or head over to

I’m really glad I got a tin of it from him, this one I will definitely use regularly in the future. It’s going to be fun finding cool combos with this one. Plus the tin makes an awesome addition to a collection. Korbinian really did his research with this pomade and made a great wax! Go grab a tin straight away, you’ll dig it.

Keep that pomp high!


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2 comments on “Bone Crusher

  1. Magalie says:

    Bonjour je voudrais commander la wax bone crusher !! A quelle prix et comment je peut faire ??? Je suis désoler mais je ne parle pas anglais !!! Merci a vous bon dimanche

    • jchmotox57 says:

      bonjour! Malheureusement, ce n’est pas sur n’importe quel site Web en ce moment, mais vous pouvez aller sur Facebook et cherchez el marin, il est celui qui le fabrique. Je sais qu’il travaille sur un site web aujourd’hui. c’est ok ne parle pas anglais J’ai un traducteur traduit donc j’espère que ce que je vous ai dit correctement.


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