Murray’s eXelento

Hey guys I’m getting back to the Murray’s line with another one of their lighter pomades. Today I’m using eXelento, which is one of their specialty pomades. This one is the next step up in hold from their Hair-Glo.


This one comes in their standard tin, but not in their usual colors. This one is different like their Hair-Glo. It is a turquoise can with purple and white writing and the lid is purple with turquoise writing. On the lid it has a white stripe across it with “eXelento” in it. Above that it says “new enriched formula” and below it says “for healthy ‘in control’ hair.” On the side of the lid it reads “for healthier hair eXelento.” On the tin it has the same layout, but below “eXelento” it says something different. It has “the healthy hair pomade” instead of what’s on the lid. On the back of the tin it has a little blurb about the product, the company info an directions for use.


Opening the lid on this one, you see a greasy pomade, it looks almost identical to Vaseline petroleum jelly. Just an off-white, greasy looking pomade. The smell of this one is almost nonexistent. It barely has a smell of ‘beauty supply store’ and a powdery scent. But it’s very faint, at least I didn’t really get much smell. It took me a while to place the smell too. Until I ran into Sally beauty supply to grab some combs and it hit me. I thought “this place smells like eXelento, or vice versa.”


Scooping it out of the tin wasn’t what I expected at all, it was lighter than the Hair-Glo. Now the website says it’s a medium and the Hair-Glo is a light, but from my experience this is the lighter one. Not a whole lot lighter, but lighter all the same. It could be due to the oils used or something of that nature. Either way this one is definitely the hair dressing of the Murray’s line.

Even rubbing it around was a lot lighter than the other one. This one got really greasy in my hands and lost a little bit of texture or resistance. It felt more like Royal Crown’s dressing when I worked it around in my hands. This stuff will definitely make a great topper! Especially since it doesn’t have much smell, it would go perfect with a strong scented base coat.


I really liked how this stuff went in my hair! It came right off my hands and went in really evenly! Most times with lighter greases I have to dig back in to get the back side of my hairs coated, but this stuff spread around and coated all my hairs perfectly with just one finger full. Very nice surprise, but things like this are to be expected from a company like Murray’s. I mean they’ve been around for almost 90 years so they know what they’re doing. And they only put out quality products that perform well.

Now as I expected when I grabbed it out of the tin, I couldn’t get hardly any hold with this product on its own. I tried to pomp, but it just wouldn’t stay. Even the second day I applied it to really damp hair and it only stayed for a couple mins then fell. So I just slicked it straight back. Which is something I very rarely do. I don’t know why, but I just never slicked my hair straight back. I think it’s because of how my hair is cut and I don’t think it looks good slicked straight back, maybe, I don’t know.


This one is even shinier than the Hair-Glo was!! When I got to work I decided to change my hair up and do a gentleman’s part. As I stated earlier, for some reason I just don’t like my hair slicked straight back, or I don’t like the way it looks, something. When I changed my do up I noticed how shiny it is! It’s one of the shiniest out there! Just as shiny as Chrome is. It’s so shiny my hair almost looks like I just hopped out of the shower. I love it!!!! This stuff is my new go to topper for sure!

And you can keep combing your hair into different styles if you want all day long. Over the course of using this one, each day I messed around with it and kept combing it. Each time it was like I had just put the pomade in my hair, it just kept going where I combed it. My hair would also stay there until I combed it again. Maybe that’s why they consider it a medium pomade, because it stays in place well. The Hair-Glo didn’t stay put as well as this stuff does.

This one is another great product from Murray’s. I will definitely be using this one more in the future, both as a standalone for combover’s gentleman’s parts, and as a topper with heavy pomades. If you like what you saw and want to give this grease a go head on over to
and grab yourself a tin of it. And pick up some of their other products while you’re there. You know they’re going to be good, they’re made by Murray’s!

Til next time!


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6 comments on “Murray’s eXelento

  1. Denny DSU says:

    this review made me decide what pomade to pick..
    I think as a newbie I’ll pick this exelento..

  2. tafarel says:

    In term of hold, which one is better? Exelento or royal crown pomade?

  3. What do you think that has more shine. Hair Glo, eXelento or Royal Crown?

  4. Tim Jones says:

    It seems to me that Exelento is little more than a very, very similar product as Royal Crown. The only difference I see is that it contains oils, which could make it a little shinier. It’s little more than another version of Dax Short and Neat. As such, it’s no surprise that Exelento isn’t a popular product. It’s kind of a redundant one.You can get the same results for a less expensive product if you simply purchase Royal Crown dressing. I’m not taking about RC pomade, because that’s a bit more expensive. They both contain petrolatum like Royal Crown. JC, I hope this isn’t your go to product, because I think you’re wasting your money. You can get the same product for cheaper if you purchase Royal Crown dressing or Black and White lite version.

    • It’s kind of similar to both of those yeah. It’s different in its own ways tho. Exelento used to be its own company then Murray’s bought them out decades ago when they were going under. It’s not one of their more popular pomades. I wouldn’t call it redundant though. It was around before both DAX and B&W, and came out around the same time as RC I believe. It’s not a go-to/regular use product no, but I do like it. Murray’s recently went back to the original formula and packaging. It’s much different and has more hold, closer to B&W’s original pomade. Stay tuned for that review. It’s for sure not more expensive than RC or B&W tho man, it’s only like $2-5, whereas RC is $8-11, and B&W is $13-18. Thank you for reading and commenting Tim! Stay tuned for the new Exelento formula review!!

      Take care,


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