Knock Out! Rock-n-Roll Pomade

Hey fellas, here’s another new pomade for ya. I’m not sure how new it is, but I only found it around thanksgiving time and had never seen or heard of it before. It’s Nor Cal Knock Out! Rock-n-Roll Pomade. I found this one while browsing the posts on the Addicted to Pomade page, who would’ve guessed it.


It comes in a 4 oz stainless steel slip cover tin. And it has a can wrap label along with the lid label. This label stands out nicely in my collection too! The lid label is a black label with white writing and a badass red hot rod on it. Around the edge are some nautical stars with “nor cal” in them on the top of the label. In big bold cursive letters it says “Knock Out!” Next to that it reads “deluxe all day hold” and below it has “rock-n-roll pomade.” And at the bottom is that rad looking red hot rod. I think it’s a ’31 Ford. The can wrap has the same wording as the lid label and then on the back side it has “nor cal” again with a red Jolly Roger skull in between it and their website.


When you open up the tin you see a nice cream colored waxy pomade. This stuff looks exactly like Steel Toe Pomade in the tin only slightly more cream colored than white like Steel Toe. So hopefully it will perform the same cause I love STP!! The smell of this one is a lovely fresh vanilla smell and also slightly waxy at the same time. Makes sense since it’s a waxy pomade.


When I scooped it out of the tin I kind of got excited, because it came out almost exactly like STP or Gasoline Grease. I love the nice creamy, waxy pomades. They just work awesome for my hair and hold it nicely.

Now when I spread it around my hands I noticed it was different than those pomades. It got really waxy and kind of hardened up in my hands. It reminded me of how Pompking and Putrescence did that. So I proceeded to smack my hands together and make it sticky again so I could apply it to my hair.


When I ran my hands over my hair, or tried to, it was really hard to coat my hair with this stuff. My hair stuck to my hands and didn’t want to let go. Trying to apply it was not that much fun. I had to mess with it a lot to finally get it to coat my hair evenly. This one didn’t mind my hair being wet like Putrescence and Pompking did though. Which was really nice, because I prefer to apply to damp hair rather than dry.


Combing it was a whole other set of challenges. This stuff is one of the hardest pomades I’ve come across to comb. It took me a good 10 minutes to get it malleable enough to be able to start working on forming a pomp and styling my hair. Plus I noticed that this stuff ripped out a bunch of my hairs. This picture was just the first comb through, I had another 3 handfuls like this come our from trying to comb it and style my hair.


When I finally got it workable though, this stuff performs great! It made my hair look really great. Nice a full along with maintaining my cowlicks and the little flyaway hairs. And holy crap did this stuff make my hair stand at attention! It held nicely all day long too. I didn’t even have to recomb it. Although, for the sake of the review when I got home I messed around with it and it easily recombable. And this time no hairs came out, nice little plus at the end of the day.


On the second day using it, I decided on adding some of my Atomic for shine. This pomade on its own doesn’t have any shine to it, most strong hold waxy pomades don’t. Again on the second day, even with a grease in to give some shine, it pulled out hairs again. Not as many as the first day, but still pulled out my hairs all the same. I didn’t get quite as much hold as the first day which was to be expected. However I got the shine that I wanted and I still got some nice hold that stayed all day long.

Overall, I did really like the hold it had and the look it gave my hair. But, I just couldn’t get passed all the damn hairs this pomade ripped out. And I wasn’t using a fine toothed comb to work it in either, I used a wide toothed super comb. So I’m not sure how often I will be using it again. But for you guys that like strong hold pomades, this one is a nice pomade! So if you want to pick up a tin of it you can find it on their website

Ill be checking out an older pomade next so stay tuned to see what it is!



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2 comments on “Knock Out! Rock-n-Roll Pomade

  1. better tighten up that fan cover man, mine fell off 3 years ago hahaa.. I’m grabbing some Exelento this weekend, passed over it many times.. I’ve got the hair glo figured they were about the same but my barber mixed the eX with my usual beeswax yesterday, I’m sold

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Hey James,

      Haha I know I’ve been slacking on that. It’s been like that for like a year now so I haven’t trifled with it yet. Awesome, I hesitated picking up both the exelento and hair-glo for a while but decided I had to have them in my collection and I’m glad I grabbed ’em. I like the hair-glo a little better, but the exelento is great as a topper or a slicking pomade. Let me know how you like the exelento on its own!


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