Murray’s Edgewax

What’s up fellas. Today I’m using another brand new water based product. It’s Murray’s new Edgewax, hot off the presses. When I heard about this stuff, I contacted Jim over at Murray’s and asked how I could get some. And he said it wouldn’t be up on their site for a week or two, but that he’d send me out a sample. So I proceeded to thank him very enthusiastically for being such a rad dude. Then my package showed up and the tub was a little more than a sample size. So big thanks to Jim and the team over at Murray’s for sending me this stuff. Because they’re so awesome over there I bumped this one up to the front of the line and am reviewing it now for them! Great company and people over there at Murray’s! No wonder they’ve been around for so long, 77 years or so to be specific.


This one comes in a white plastic tub with a black lid. Very similar to their cream beeswax, only this tub is significantly shorter than the cream is. Which makes sense, because water based products are heavier than creams. On the front of it is the same style label as the cream beeswax. It’s a yellow and black label with little bits of their signature orange on it as well. The center reads “Murray’s Edgewax” in black ink. To the left of that it has “more hold more control no flaking non-sticky feel” and to the right it says “premium gel with 100% Australian beeswax for maximum edge control.” And like their other products it has the ingredients, product info and company info on the label also. However, the packaging on this one differs from the cream beeswax. It has a label on the lid as well. It’s the same design, layout and colors as front label.


When you unscrew the lid you’re met immediately with the smell of fresh cut plants and also hair conditioner. Not the leave in kind, but the kind you use after shampoo. It’s a very unique smell, because I can’t place which type of plant it is. But it smells like you just trimmed a really good smelling plant and put that juice into some conditioner. I know weird reference, but as you guys know I have a sniffer that matches smells to the most random things. And I describe them even more randomly, oh well. The color of this one is kind of a off-white color, similar to the color of Lone Star without the shine.


When I dug my finger into this stuff I was surprised at the texture. It was the strongest texture of any water based I’ve ever used. But at the same time it has a slightly creamy waxy texture to it. It still maintains the water based texture that these products have, but it’s slightly different as well.

In my hands it has about twice as hard of a texture as Monkey Brains or Bona Fide does. That didn’t make this one hard for me to work around in my hands though. It was actually a lot easier to spread around than I thought it was going to be. It did get a little more tacky after rubbing my hands together for a few seconds. And the scent exploded after I pulled my hands apart, very strong scent! Plus the plant smell became more apparent than the conditioner scent when it was out of the tin.

20130117-232541.jpglookin’ like Wayne Static

Applying it to my hair was about on par with the regular Layrite in the yellow tub. It wasn’t as easy to apply as Bona Fide or other ones out there, but it wasn’t hard to apply by any means. I did have to scoop out 1/4 of a fingers worth again to get the back side of my hairs because it all wanted to stick on top. It combed really nicely though, very smooth and even. It also worked into all my hairs really evenly with very little combing. Only about a minute or two of coming it around and I was ready to pomp!

So as I started to form my front I noticed the hold of this stuff. Holy super strong pomade batman! This stuff makes my longest hairs stand straight up! It really freaked me out how well this stuff held and stood my hair up like I had been sticking my finger in a light socket or something. Last time my hair stood up this way was in high school when I put egg whites in my hair to make my 9″ Mohawk stand up straight. This stuff is awesome!


Now I didn’t think a 6″ pomp would fit in at work so I decided to go with a shorter one. I was still keeping some decent height with it. I did notice that this stuff dries up quicker than most water based products do. So a few hairs kind of stuck out here and there. However the second day using it I didn’t have this problem because I combed it quicker. I think I was too transfixed with the hold the first time I used it that I took too much time and it dried before I was done.

It held perfectly all day long too. This stuff does dry up and harden like most water based do. Not quite as hard as hair spray but still kind of hard. But it keeps everything right in place all day long. You can recomb this stuff if you run some water in your hands over your head to resoften this stuff up. I was a little bummed that there wasn’t any shine to my hair with it in, but I can always use a topper with this stuff.

I would definitely recommend getting this stuff. Especially if you like water based products and strong hold. This stuff holds insanely well and very long as well! It is great for every kind of hair style, from slick backs to liberty spikes to wedges. So if you guys like hold, head over to their site
and snag up a couple tins of this stuff. It really is a great product from the guys over at Murray’s. Thanks again to Jim and his team over there for this stuff!

Catch ya later!



7 comments on “Murray’s Edgewax

  1. JayT says:

    Awesome review. Any chance you’ll be reviewing murray’s creme?

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Hey Jay,

      Thanks for the kind words about the review! On the cream subject, I actually reviewed the cream beeswax a few months ago when I was in Atlanta on my business trip. You should be able to find it on the pomade reviews page. Let me know if you can’t find it and I’ll get you the link to it. Thanks for keeping posted with my blog! I really appreciate it!



  2. JayT says:

    Thanks again for the reviews. It’s crazy how pomades become an addiction!? I know each pomade is different, but as far as the Murray’s line, how would you line it up in order fashion from would use it frequently to least used including Nu-Nile? I know, i’m calling you out! J/k. I’m just curious since you have an extensive pomade knowledge.

    • jchmotox57 says:


      I’d say I use super light, nu nile, hair glo, beeswax, and cream beeswax the most. And the others a little less, but I use all of them pretty regularly. I mean its Murray’s and they’re great so I can’t not use em ya know!


  3. Keegan Rammel says:

    Hey there man I was just wondering how well this stuff washes out having beeswax in it. Is it like the typical waterbased or is it a little harder to get out? Dig this blog and your pomades man!

  4. jerfeyjense says:


    Nice review on the new Murray’s line! I’ve been using all kinds of Murray’s for basically as long as i can remember. I use the Nu Nile pomade atm and i like the texture, the smell and the way it makes your hair shine. Only downside is that is sticks to your pillow very much and that’s not very good for your skin! How is that with this pomade? I haven’t seen it in Holland in any stores, but they sell it on the internet for about €11!

    Like to hear from you!

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