Derby Extra – Double-edged Razorblades

Now this style of shaving isn’t as dead and out-of-date as folks might think. I actually know quite a few people that still use safety razors, both single and double-edged. I also know a lot of people that still use straight razors. Myself I like to use a double-edged safety. Mainly because I haven’t gotten my straight razors honed and sharpened, nor have I learned how to shave my face with them. I should probably stop procrastinating and just learn already.

So I did a little research on the most common blades referred to as “the best.” One of the names I kept seeing over and over again was Derby. So I went out and bought some of them. I found a pack of 10 at my local beauty supply store. I had gone through two before writing this review, to give them a test before I did an official review. So let’s get to it!

The came in a little plastic box, just barely big enough to hold the blades. It’s white and has a little cardboard piece on top of all the blades. It’s an orange background with bold white letters in the center that read “Derby Extra.” In some small black letting it reads “stainless double edge razor blades,” and has the quantity on either side in 2 languages.


When you pull out a blade it comes wrapped in white wax paper that has “Derby Extra” in blue ink. The wax paper is folded tightly around the blade, and has a little oil in it to keep the blade from sticking to the paper. As you unwrap the blade you’re met with what else, a stainless steel razor blade. On the blade itself is some writing in black ink. In the top left corner it says “Derby Extra,” then in the top right is the number 3. The bottom right reads “super stainless,” and the bottom left has the number 4.

I then put the blade in my razor. You can see the writing on the blade a lot clearer in this picture. As depicted, the blade fits in the razor nice and snug with a little wiggle room for you to center it. These blades will fit into most double-edge razors. The razor I’m using is just a generic butterfly razor that you can find at any beauty supply store. I’m saving up to get a really nice wooden handled one! Or at least I’m trying to anyway. You can see when the razor is closed how the blade sits in and will work.


I lathered up with my Arko shave soap, that I found out was Turkish not German after all. I will revisit that one and post what it says on the wrapper. Anyway, I worked up a good lather on my face and my scruff. I then started to shave.

20130121-022901.jpgScruffy McGruff! And “there’s no wax like DAX!”

I noticed immediately why this blade kept popping up. This thing cuts my hairs like butter! It’s just as smooth, if not smoother, than a 4-5 blade disposable razor that costs 10x as much!! I really liked how this blade worked on my face. I only slightly nicked myself once when I shaved a little too fast over a zit. Oops.


You can tell how well this blade worked by the picture. My lip is cut down really close! You can barely see the hair follicles. My chin you can see them more, but the hairs were still taken down really close. My hairs are just really dark, basically black, so they stand out eve when they’re shaved close. I then put on my clubman aftershave and got the nice burn then cooling effect, almost like eating Altoids and chewing Dentine Ice, but on your face. I know, another one of my weird references again, sorry.

Anyway, after using these blades for a few weeks now I can totally see why they’re so raved about. I really really like them. And if you happen to use one of these razors, you absolutely have to get some of these. They were only a couple bucks for a 10 pack of them at my local beauty supply store. You can also find them on a lot of websites. Just google “Derby razor blades” and you’ll be all set. But I’d just head to your local supply store to grab some.

Well til next time, keep clean kids!



2 comments on “Derby Extra – Double-edged Razorblades

  1. Society's Disposable Son says:

    Do you pretty much shave in the same manner with one of these as you would say a Mach 3 cartridge? Just curious… I’m looking into these as well cartridges are way too expensive.

    • jchmotox57 says:


      Not the exact same way but similar. You have to be more careful and shave a little slower, but you get a better shave. They also last longer and are much cheaper. I prefer these to cartridges by far.

      Hope this helps. If you have any other questions just ask. And hopefully I can help with those too.


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