Black Jack Pomade Top Coat

I know some of you have been wondering when I was going to get back to the Black Jack line. Well today is your lucky day, cause I’m going to review their Top Coat. It’s the lightest they offer. It’s supposed to be used as just a topper, but I’m going to see how it does on its own for this one. I already know how awesome it is as a topper. One of the best out there!


Unlike their other products this Top Coat comes in a little, clear, 2oz plastic bottle with a push top lid. The lid is like a lot of shampoo lids where you push one side and the other side pops up letting you squeeze some out. On the bottle are two white, square labels. The front one has a black square in the center with a pinstriped spade and arrows pointing down. Above the spade is “Black Jack,” inside is 21, and below is “Pomade.” On either side of the black box is where it says “Top Coat.” The back label is white with black lettering. That one has “for high shine,” and “apply to hair after pomade and enjoy.” It also has their slogan “it ain’t easy bein’ greasy with blackjack,” and the ingredients. These ingredients are the same as Murray’s superior, and in the same order! I have always wondered how they get their pomade to be that strong with just petrolatum and mineral oil.


When you pop the little button on the lid, you’re immediately met with a strong, soapy scent. It’s the same fresh, clean scent form the Death Grip by them. Damn, I really love this smell! It’s such a strong scent, but its a good scent so it’s not overbearing or anything like that, just nice.

I turned the bottle upside down and squeezed some of this grease out. At first it has a light texture similar to Royal Crown Hair Dressing, but after a few seconds in my palm it started to turn into oil. You can see how it slid down my hand leaving an oily trail. Kind of like a snail made out of pomade.

20130122-002042.jpgSnail Trail!!

As I rubbed my hands together it really got oily. Not quite as oily as a tonic or liquid brilliantine, but more so than the Royal Crown Hair Dressing. Very different texture, this stuff has, but very nice. Almost as if you were to mix the liquid and solid brilliantines by Tres Flores together.

Applying this super light grease was very very easy. It went in as easy as just running water in your hair. I didn’t need to squeeze out any more either. I was able to coat my hair evenly with just one pass. Going in so easy, I had a feeling it would comb just as easy. Yep, I was right, it does. Almost like combing your hair with nothing in it.

I knew I wasn’t going to get any hold with a “top coat” on its own, but that’s not what I was trying to do with it. I just wanted to see how it performs on its own, because I know what it will do with a strong base. It makes a nice glossy sheen to brighten up your tall pomp. So, I just did somewhat of a combover style. Kind of a leisurely style hair do for a kickback day.


I combed it straight back and pulled it over to the side from the back up to the front and that gave me a slight bulb in the front of my head. I didn’t want to look like a creepy 70’s bald guy and just do the straight combover, I just couldn’t do it. You can see the shine right off the bat. This stuff is really really shiny!

20130122-002343.jpgLook at them waves!

I took a pick while I was out and about in the sun and you can really see how this stuff gleams up your hair! It also really accented my waves on top. And after it was in my hair for a while I ran my fingers through and noticed something awesome. This top coat, when used by itself, makes your hair REALLY soft! Like bunny rabbit or fleece soft. I think this one would be great on the days I don’t have pomade in my hair to keep it from drying out too much. The scent also lasts all day long! I could still smell my hair at the end of the day. A definite plus in my book.

Overall, I really dig this stuff! I originally used it in combination with the Death Grip and liked it well enough. On its own it wasn’t bad either. No it doesn’t have hold, but you don’t always need to have hold, or at least I don’t. It’s nice to just let your hair be sometimes with just a tonic, or now, a little bit of this stuff. Thanks to Mike over at Black Jack Pomade for sending this over to me with the other products he’s got. Head on over to his website;
and pick up a bottle of this stuff! It’s worth the money for sure!! He’s got a great line of pomades over there so check them all out. Also stay tuned for my review of a new one from him very soon!

Well til next time, “it ain’t easy bein’ greasy”


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  1. akbpun says:

    Finally mike will continue this stuff!! So excited!!

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