Tres Flores (Solid)

Today I’m going with an old staple in the grease community. This stuff has been around a while and is very prevalent it the Hispanic community as well. I have been smelling this stuff on my uncles and cousins for years! Now we’re actually native, not Hispanic, but still steeped in the community and culture.

It’s the one and only Tres Flores, or three flowers brilliantine. I am going with the solid before the liquid tonic, because this is the most common and I got quite a few requests to review this one. Plus, this stuff is pretty much my favorite grease ever. Not just because I’ve been exposed to it for so long, but it’s actually a great product. Alright, on with it then.


It’s packaged in the familiar plastic container with a smooth, green lid. A lot of other knock-off products put their grease in containers like this one, but those aren’t as nice as this one. And the labeling is very simple and classic, which to me is awesome. I really like the short and sweet labels, they just look awesome. It’s a half wrapped around label with red, white and green background and black and white letters. The edges are green, then it has a white stripe, and a red center. The top of the green outline has “Tres Flores” then in the red it has 3 flowers above “Three Flowers Brilliantine” and the weight info is at the bottom. The company info, barcode and ingredient list is on the back sides of the label. This label is one of my favorite labels out of all the pomades out there! It’s just such a classic, iconic label.


Unscrewing the green lid you’re met with the strong scent of what else, flowers. It’s an awesome jasmine and chrysanthemum scent. Inside the container you see a super shiny grease. It looks almost exactly like Vaseline, which isn’t that surprising since there’s only petrolatum and fragrance in this stuff.


As I scooped it out, my thoughts of its texture were right. It’s a nice heavy grease, you can see the weight of it by the stretched parts of the grease. It’s a little lighter than petroleum jelly. And the smell gets really strong as soon as you scoop it out of the tub. One of my favorite aspects of this pomade. I like this feature in my go to pomades. It means I’ll be smelling good all day long.

In my hands it didn’t lose its texture at all. I figured it would get a little greasy and lighter, but it pretty much stayed the same. It didn’t turn white at all like some greases do, it just got really really shiny in my hands. Now if you rub your hands together for a while or really fast, this stuff will heat up and become really greasy. But, if you rub them softly just enough to spread it around evenly, it keeps its texture nicely.


When I ran my hands over my hair I got a nice little surprise. It went in easier than most greases do, and a lot easier than I expected. It just kind of flowed into my hair really easily, almost like the Black Jack Top Coat did. And immediately my hair became shiny. Before I even combed my hair or styled it it was shiny. This is another of my favorite aspects of the this grease!

This stuff doesn’t have a whole lot of hold to it, but it has more than most light to medium greases. I only sculpted a lower pomp this time. It was going to be kind of warm today and I work outdoors so I knew the sun wouldn’t let me have a medium pomp. I decided to apply it to my hair when it was only slightly damp to kind of accent my naturally wavy hair. I don’t normally do this, but I liked how it looked the other day so I tried it again. And I think I’m liking it.


Being a grease this stuff is very easily recombable. But it stays in place fairly well, so unless you mess up your hair you shouldn’t need to recomb it. Unless you like to comb your hair a lot throughout the day. I took a second pic at work to show the true shine this stuff gives your hair. And boy is it shiny! And I took this picture after almost a whole day of work. I didn’t have to recomb it at all. I just snapped the pic of how it was. Looks identical to when I first combed it this morning. And yet another aspect of this grease that I love.

So as I stated earlier this stuff is my favorite grease. That being said y’all know how I feel about it and that I strongly recommend you have some of this grease! It’s perfect as a topper and also great on its own. It has an awesome scent and the scent stays strong all day! It gives your hair great shine and is recombable, if you need to recomb it. Plus, this stuff isn’t that hard to wash out, which is something I know a lot of cats look for in a pomade. So head to your nearest store (any kind of store should do) and grab a tub of this stuff! It’s fantastic, I get mine at Walmart or Walgreens. Stay tuned for the next Tres Flores. I’m going to go with their molding pomade, then maybe next month I will hit up their liquid brilliantine.

Keep it greasy!


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4 comments on “Tres Flores (Solid)

  1. Dan says:

    I used to use hair gel and hair spray, and got tired of it. Tres Flores was recommended to me many a time. Almost a year ago, I finally found some, and it has been the only hair-styling product I’ve used since. It has a great smell, is easy to work with, and doesn’t leave me looking like I’m wearing a helmet. And, on those rare occasions when I get caught in the rain, a quick re-comb has me looking proper again.

    After finding this blog, I bookmarked it for future reference. It’s a great read! I’ll be trying some other greases and pomades in the near future, and I’m also thinking of starting to wet shave.

    • Hey Dan,

      Cool! I’m glad you found a great grease that works well for you, and that you ditched the chemicals. This one is one of my favorite pomades as well! I even make some pomades similar to this and have a scent nearly identical to it. If you want, shoot me an email and I will recommend you some more pomades like this one that I think you will like! Thank you for reading, and commenting, I appreciate it man. And thank you for the kind words about my blog/review! I look forward to talking with you more. Have a great day.



  2. Johnny says:

    Can this product be used on your face? My hands are somewhat greasy after applying to my hair.
    I would like to apply the excess to my face as an aftershave balm because I so enjoy the scent.
    Your thoughts are always appreciated.

    • Hey Johnny,
      Well, I guess you could, because it is basically the same thing as the baby powder scented vaseline in the sense that it is just petrolatum and fragrance. So you can put it on any part of your body, but use it sparingly on any area of your body that isn’t super dry or that doesn’t have a rash or some other kind of injury. Especially your face, that way your pores do not get coated too much where they can’t breathe and whatnot or you could end up seeing a rise in acne potentially. I know of a guy that used to use this stuff as a solid cologne, putting it on his wrists and neck areas, and when he did not have this he would use their liquid brilliantine instead. So I’d say go for it, but maybe avoid the face area and put it on your arms and neck instead, or if you do put it on your face just make sure you only put a very small amount and spread it around really well so it ends up being a very thin layer on your face so you don’t clog your pores at all and end up getting any unwanted pimples or anything. I hope that helps buddy, thanks for reading and commenting! Have a great day bud.
      Take care,

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