I got another big pomade haul this week!! I’m really stoked about these! Some of them I’ve been waiting on for a while.


Here’s a list of them so you know what you can be on the look out for soon! (From top to bottom, left to right)

High Life – Bay Breeze
Super Duper Pomade (label will be soon)
Suavecito – original
Suavecito – firme
Dr. Rubins – lite
Dr. Rubins – special honey
Dr. Rubins – ultra shine
Dr. Rubins – firm
Dr. Rubins – smoke stack
DAX – high & tight awesome shine
DAX – high & tight awesome hold
DAX – minis (wave & groom and short & neat)
DAX – h&t shine hybrid
DAX – wave & groom hybrid
DAX – hair wax hybrid

I’m pretty excited to try all of these! Thanks to Adam over at high life, my buddy rob for the super duper, Justin over at Suavecito, the good Dr, and Don over at DAX for all these awesome pomades!

Stay tuned!



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