Vitalis Hair Tonic

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am going for my first tonic today. I used to stay away from them because I didn’t really know how to use them, but my grandma bought me a bottle of this for Xmas. So I figured I better learn how to use this stuff. To my surprise its super simple, I can’t believe I was such a weenie about using a tonic. So here’s Vitalis!


It comes in a clear plastic bottle with a pop top lid and one single label. The packaging looks very retro, and cool I might add. The label is black, red and gold. The top half is black and says “Vitalis” in big white letters and “with v7” above it in red letters. Below it, in gold letters, it says “Hair Tonic” and “makes hair more manageable and healthy looking.” In the middle there is a red chevron, then the bottom half is gold and has the barcode and the volume of the tonic, which is 7oz.


When you look at the back of the label it has the “Vitalis with v7” again at the top of the label. This side is white with black letters. Along with the name it has a blurb about the hair tonic. And the directions of this stuff are very lengthy, more so than any pomade or water based. Mainly because it has a few different directions on how and when to apply this tonic. It also has the ingredient list and a caution below the directions. And at the very bottom is the company info.


The lid on this one is a little pop top black lid. And the hole in the lid to squeeze out the tonic is really small. Smaller than most other tonics and aftershaves out there. I’d say about a little less than half the size of your average tonic opening. I think I will like this size better.


I don’t really need to describe the color of this tonic as it comes in a clear bottle and you can see the light yellow liquid. When you squeeze some out it goes everywhere. It’s a little more runny than aftershave. The smell is a very generic scent, it smells like dude. A nice manly scent, kind of like aftershave and rubbing alcohol.

I proceeded to rub my hands over my hair, which was just like putting water in your hair. It literally went in exactly like water. And started running my comb through, which was also like running it through with water in my hair. The scent stayed nice and strong as I was combing which I really loved, because I really like the smell of this hair tonic.


I knew I wasn’t going to get any kind of hold with this stuff, so I just parted my hair as best I could and combed it back a little bit. This stuff does exactly what it claims to, my hair looked nice and healthy. It also had some shine to it. Nice!! And it seemed to keep my hair in place, way more than just water does. We’ll see if it stays at all during the day.

The shine fades throughout the day though, it turn into more of a matte look. It did hold my hair pretty much in place after a day worth of running errands though! Which really surprised me, I mean its a tonic, I did not expect it to hold at all. There were a few hairs that went astray and some gaps formed, but overall it stayed in place. I was really impressed with that!


Overall, for my first tonic, it wasn’t a bad experience at all. I really liked the smell of it, the shine from it was so great, and it kept my hair in place all day, well for the most part. Plus, the packaging is really cool and makes a nice addition to your bathroom or collection.

You can pretty much find this tonic at any store. I’ve seen them at grocery stores, super markets, target, Walmart, drug stores, and even a liquor store. So head on over to a store and grab some. It does make your hair feel really nice in those “days off” that some of you take for your hair. I will definitely use it again! I usually just throw a hat or beanie on when I’m not slickin, but I will start adding this stuff then put those on. Or just go with a combed do like I did with it this time. Anyway…….

See you at the next one



4 comments on “Vitalis Hair Tonic

  1. Hey dude. It also makes a great degreaser. Personally I don’t dig the scent. Too antiseptic. However I did pick mine up at Big Lots so God knows how old it was. Perhaps I’ll give it another chance.

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Hey Ted,

      Yeah it does help degrease hair, mainly because of the alcohol in the tonic. Big Lots?! Yeah it was probably really outdated haha. Definitely go get a new bottle and give it another go, I think you’ll be happy with it.


  2. Brittius says:

    Be careful with the Vitalis. The alcohol content did cause burning to my scalp years ago which is why I discontinued use of the product. It left my scalp dry, white, and itchy. I stopped using it in the late 1960s and tried it again in the 1980s and 1990s; Same thing. The barbershop Bay Rum or even Witch Hazel, were better in my opinion.

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