I got a really great haul this past week! I’m really stoked on a lot of these products and can’t wait to put them to use!


Here’s a list of everything, top to bottom, left to right.

Van Der Hagen – scented luxury shave soap
Van Der Hagen – deluxe shave soap
Williams – mug shaving soap
High Life – shaving soap
Grandad’s – pre-shave oil
Grandad’s – shaving cream
Pre de Province – shave soap
Master – ocean blue aftershave
Sivletto Brilliantine
Tuxedo Club Pomade
Dixie Peach Pomade (0.o)
The Art of Shaving – 4 elements to the perfect shave gift set
Grim Grease – red
Sodapomp Pomade
Yardley Brilliantine
Lone Star Pomade samples
Grim Grease sample
Hellhounds Hairslick sample
Scratch’s Grease (high life)
Devil Dolls – Bluebird Pomade (high life)
Bone Crusher Pomade – lite

I was give a big thanks to my friend Korbinian for scoring me the rare Dixie Peach, along with the rare high life pomades and trading with me so often! And a thank you to Francisco over at Grim Grease, Michael at Grandad’s, Chris at Lone Star, Jeff for some of the shave stuff, and Tom for the hellhounds(finally), better late than never right?

I will be getting to some of these sooner than others due to them being sent specifically for reviews. I will get to all of them eventually

Barber Side – Secret Sauce

I’m checking out another hair cream today. This time I’m using Barber Side’s Secret Sauce, it’s a “natural hair creme.” After trying out their shaving cream, I wanted to stick to their products and finish out what all I had. So this one is next, here we go.


This creme comes in very unique packaging. It’s in a clear, soft-plastic ketchup bottle, like the ones at burger stands. This is really rad!! I love this bottle, it really stands(no pun intended)out in my collection. I really like unique or different packaging, they make collections more fun looking and interesting. The layout of this one is kind of similar to the shaving cream. Red ink, with a cream colored background, because of the product. On the front it has the estd date and their signature barber pole straight razor, around that it says “Barber Side.” Below that it says “Secret Sauce, natural hair creme” along with the weight, and it has a cool border around everything. On the back is the same razor and name logo, below that are the directions, ingredient list and the company info.


Since this creme isn’t in your average container, you don’t just pull of the top and dig in. You actually only have to pull off the little red cap, puncture the tip with something sharp; I used fine tipped knife; and squeeze. However, to let you guys see what it looks like inside the bottle I unscrewed the cap and snapped a pic. I looks kind of like melted vanilla ice cream. And it smells like a vanilla milk shake! Totally love the smell of this hair creme, probably the best smelling one out there.


When you squeeze some out of the bottle it reminds you of lotion. It has almost the exact same texture, it’s just a smidgen lighter than lotion. You start to get a really good feel for the vanilla smell when it’s out of the bottle. And holy crap this stuff smells good! So good it makes me want to head to this mom and pop burger joint by my house and grab a burger and shake.

When you rub your hands together, you very quickly realize that this stuff won’t have any hold to it. It’s exactly like lotion when you spread it in your palms. One thing I noticed is that the scent starts to dissipate on your hands. Hopefully it won’t disappear too much, I want my hair smelling like this all day!

Obviously being so light, it applied like water to my hair. I did have to get a little more to coat my hair good tho. Luckily it’s in a pretty large bottle so I don’t have to worry about running out anytime soon. Combing it was also a breeze, pretty much just as easy as combing clean, wet hair.


On the first day, my hair was about normal, dampness wise. And I didn’t really see any hold to it at all, which I didn’t expect it to hold much anyway. It did make my hair look really good, and healthy looking. I think if my hair wasn’t so wavy and whatnot that it would’ve held better. And I really love the smell of it in my hair! I got a lot of compliments on the smell of my hair with this creme in it.

Now this stuff isn’t like most hair creams, it washes off your hands with just water unlike most. Also unlike most it didn’t wash out of my my hair with just water. However one quarter size dollop of any regular shampoo gets it out no problem. My hair was super soft after using this cream too! I think it’s going to be my go to conditioner to use in between pomades.


On the second day I decided to apply it to my hair while it was still pretty wet and I got a lot better hold with it. Now it didn’t let me pomp or anything like that, but I didn’t have a bunch of hairs sticking out and falling away during the day. I was really pleased with how my hair stayed in place the second and third day. Also with how soft this stuff left my hair. I never tried recombing it because I didn’t want to ruin the hold it was giving my hair. So I can’t say if it is recombable or not, but it doesn’t harden or anything so I would imagine that it is. I would recommend wet combing your hair though, so your hairs stay in place.

I highly recommend this hair creme! Even if you only use it as a topper or conditioner, it’s definitely worth having. I will be using it very often in the future, plus the unique packaging makes a great addition to my collection. So head on over to
and grab a bottle or two of this stuff. And while you’re there, check out their other products. I will be continuing the Barber Side hair care line with the Bubble Gumm pomade next, so stay tuned!

Catch you later!


Barber Side – Sandalwood Vanilla Shaving Cream

Alright gentleman, here’s a new shaving cream. This one is by the guys over at Barberside, and it’s a cream made for brushes. It’s their Sandalwood Vanilla Brush Cream.


This cream comes in a gigantic black plastic tub! This thing is at least a 12oz (volume not weight) tub. It only has a single wrap around label on it. The label is tan with red writing, looks very vintage/classic. On the biggest part of the label it says “Barberside Shaving” with a barber pole handled straight razor in between the words. Underneath that it says “Sandalwood Vanilla Brush Cream.” And on the farthest right side is their directions, ingredient list and company info.


When you unscrew the lid you see a nice white shaving brush cream. It’s not a really super bright white, but it’s not an off white either. It is just a dull white if that makes any sense. The scent of this cream is exactly what the name describes, sandalwood and vanilla, with a nice fresh scent in there as well. I really really like the smell of this shaving cream! I would love to find a mint and oatmeal scented one!! That one would be my favorite if it exists.


Now there are two ways, that I know of, to apply this cream to your brush. There may be more, but I haven’t heard of them yet, so I’m going to tell you of the two I know. One, wet your brush and dab the hairs into the cream and get some of the cream on the tip of the brush. Two, make a gap in the very center of the brush and put a finger full of cream in the gap, then close the gap and wet the brush. Either way you choose will work about the same.


Now you don’t need a whole lot of shaving cream, not like you do with a canned cream. You just need a little bit, and that will give you more than enough lather on your face to shave with. Once you figure out which way you want to apply the cream, lather up your face with your shaving brush. I just take the brush and swirl it right on my cheeks and neck to get the lather going. Once I got the lather up and most of my face covered I get my lip covered.

20130223-224553.jpgSoul Search; California Hardcore! Great band, check them out!

This cream makes a very rich lather, which for me is just how I like it! If you like it a little less thick, you can add some water to your brush/face and rework the lather on your face. You can also not put quite as much cream in or on your brush. I personally like nice thick lather, it seems to help me shave easier. This cream lathers up really quickly too. I have used some that take a lot of swirling to get the lather good.

Now once you have your face lathered the smell of this cream really comes out. And not does this stuff smell good! It filled up my whole bathroom and surrounding area with the scent, and it lingers after your done shaving! I really like the smell of this stuff, and am glad I have so much of it! This one may be my “go to” shave cream.


After shaving my face and rinsing up, I could still smell the creams scent in the bathroom and on my face. Once I was finished smelling the air, I felt my face and noticed that it was really soft! Winner!! Now I really love this shaving cream.

I highly recommend picking up this shaving cream. This stuff is just awesome! You get a lot, it has a great scent, lathers up wonderfully, and leaves your face nice and soft after you shave. So head on over to
and grab a tub of this stuff and some of their other products while you’re there. They also make a lemon and an orange sickle scent for this cream. Stay tuned for some more Barber Side products this week!

Stay fresh fellas,


Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade – Original

Alright here’s the conclusion to the Grant’s Golden Brand line, their original pomade. I’m kind of excited to see how this one works for me. I really enjoyed their Medium Blend, and the Matte Dressing was pretty nice as well.


Just like their others it comes in the same tin, metal tin with screw top lid. Unlike their others, this one doesn’t have a sticker. The ink is printed right on the tin. It’s a very simplistic design too, just black ink on a silver tin. In the very center is their name and design, above it it says ” ‘Style is Everything’ .” The background behind the name is a black starburst style background with concentric starbursts. At the very bottom is says “Made in U.S.A.” and this one didn’t have the little highway sign like the others did.


Flipping the tin over you get a nice surprise, a sticker label instead of tin print for the bottom label. This one, just like the others, has their name at the top followed by a blurb about the product. Unlike the others, this one doesn’t have any rings around the edge. Under the blurb is their instructions and then the ingredients list. At the bottom is the barcode, company info and website again.


When you unscrew the lid of this one, you’re immediately met with a strong scent. Now the tin says it has an almond scent, and it kind of smells like an artificial almond scent. My lady doesn’t think so at all though, and neither did my roommate. It also has a slight floral hint to the scent. The color of this one looks kind of like slightly watered down apple juice.


Now this one felt like a strong water based when I dug some out of the can. However, it didn’t feel like most water bases out there it was more gummy than bouncy. It scooped out really nicely though, my finger just glided through it. You can see it has more of a smooth surface to the stuff I scooped out rather than flat or jagged, like most water based pomades do.

When I spread it around in my palms I was reminded of Lone Star Pomade. It broke up and felt almost exactly like their classic does. A lot like a waxy pomade meets a water based pomade meets rubber cement/PVC glue. And the scent exploded when I broke it up in my hands!

Applying it was a lot like applying Layrite Deluxe. It went in smoothly and felt similar to a regular wax. I noticed that this one looked really shiny when I applied it with my hands. Hopefully it will stay nice and shiny after I finish combing it.


When I combed it around it didn’t feel like a wax, it was actually easier for me to comb this one around than their medium was. It really makes me wonder if this one is going to hold as well or not. But there have been many times I was surprised by pomades so we’ll see how it does. Now this one was a little harder to work around and get it to coat my hair evenly. With the medium it was done in a few combings, this one took about twice as long. Which wasn’t very long, it just wasn’t as quick as the medium was.

When I formed my pomp it started to show its hold. It’s definitely more of a hold than the medium. However, I didn’t get as much height as the medium, but my hair stayed in place a lot better. I did try to get more height, but it kept wanting to tilt back toward the center of my head and I didn’t want to look like a cone head. My hairs were kept in place better than the medium though. And on another good note, this one has some sheen to it!


On the second day I was able to get a little more height with this stuff. It was about the same height as with the medium this time. One really cool thing about this one is you can smell the pomade all day long. And I got a lot of compliments on the smell of my hair with this in it. And not one hair was out of place at the end of the day, and it was a long day! This one does harden like most water bases do instead of gumming up. Like most water bases the more hold the more it hardens. Also the more wet your hair is the more it will harden.

And just like their other products, it washes out of your hair with just water. On the first day, my hair felt really coarse and dry, bummer. On the second day, my hair felt kind of average, not too bad. But on the third day, my hair felt kind of soft, cool! It’s weird how it progressed and made my hair softer over the course of using it, but nice that it didn’t leave it coarse the whole time.

So after using their original for a few days I have say I like it. Not quite as much as their medium, but better than some other water bases out there. If you guys are into water based pomades with a good hold and great scent you gotta get some of this stuff. I also noticed this one goes pretty far, you don’t need quite as much as others to get your hair where you want it. Head on over to
to pick up a tin of this pomade. While you’re there check out their Medium Blend and their Matte Dressing as well. All three are great products, Grant sure knows his stuff! Thanks again for the great customer service!

See ya soon guys!


Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade – Medium Blend

Hey guys, I’m sticking with some water based pomades this week and I’m finishing up the Grant’s Golden Brand line. I’m starting with their Medium Blend today. After buying their Matte Dressing and liking the quality of it, I had to pick up their other two. And they shipped them out super quick, I had them 2 days later! Now that’s what I call customer service! Thanks Grant!


Like the other pomades this one comes in the same can. A metal can with a screw top lid, and this one has the two labels like the Matte Dressing. The lid label is an awesome royal blue background with yellow and orange accents. Around the edge of the blue is a yellow ring and on the very edge of the label is an orange ring. At the top it says “Medium Blend” and in the center is their signature design/name layout. Next to the banner is their “USA” highway sign, and at the bottom it says “Royal Hawaiian Scent.” Which this label layout and colors fit perfectly, they look Hawaiian.


The bottom label is very similar to the other tins label as well. This background is yellow and the writing is black. There are two rings close to the edge around the writing, one blue, and one orange. At the top is their name, then a blurb about this pomade. Underneath that is their instructions, followed by the ingredient list, and at the bottom is the barcode, weight info and website. I really dig the layout of these labels, they really pop with their colors, but they’re simple at the same time.


When you unscrew the lid of this one you see a yellowish colored pomade. It kind of looks like watered down pineapple juice. It’s not completely clear like most water bases out there, which makes me wonder why it’s a “Medium Blend.” Usually the less you can see through a pomade, the more it holds. The scent is just as the label says, a royal Hawaiian smell. It reminds me of pineapples and flowers or pineapple flowers. It’s nice and sweet, not overpoweringly sweet, nice and subtle, but still very present. I hope it lasts all day long, cause this stuff smells good.


When I dug my finger into this pomade I was met with somewhat of a familiar feel. It was kind of similar to Lone Star super, but it also had the bounciness like your average water based. Kind of a half greasy, half water based texture, it was really cool!

In my hands it felt like most water bases out there, and it was on the heavier side. I have a feeling this one is going to hold great though. Much more than a medium water based pomade would. It just has more resistance and a harder texture than a medium, at least to me it does.


However, when I applied it to my hair it felt more like a medium. When I ran my hands over my hair, it didn’t stick on top like the heavier ones do. More like Bona Fide, it just went in smooth and very evenly. I didn’t have scoop out a second time to get the back side of my hair. One scoop completely coated my entire head and it coated everything surprisingly very even.

I didn’t have to comb around very much to spread it around, it dispersed on its own fairly quickly from just my hands. When I did comb my hair though, it didn’t comb like a medium or hard water based, it was more like a medium petro/wax pomade. I am really liking that!! Those are my favorite types of pomades, so the fact that this one combs like that is awesome!


It styled great as well, just really easy to comb and form your hair into place. And this stuff has a little bit of shine to it, which is another plus in my book. I’m really starting to like this pomade a lot. On the first day my pomp was kind of average height, how I usually wear it. I was able to comb my hair in under 3 minutes, making this one very comparable to my favorite, Monkey Brains. That one was discontinued, and so far it seems like this one may be my replacement for that one. Yeah, I’m digging it that much, this stuff rocks!

I think my hair looked great with it in, it had some shine, but not too much, and some nice hold. Over the course of the day I did find that the scent disappeared, bummer, that smell is so good! As you may know, water based pomades harden up when they dry, well most of them do anyway. However, this one wasn’t like most. It did harden, but it felt more like a frozen waxy pomade rather than a gel. Like if you were to put in a waxy pomade, then go out in the snow for a long time. I know kind of a weird reference, but that’s the best way I could describe it. And like other water bases, it washes out with just water. Another thing I noticed that I loved, my hair wasn’t coarse and dry after I washed this stuff out!! YES!!


On the second day, I tried to get more height to my pomp with it, but it didn’t want to stay. I got maybe another 1/4″ but it didn’t have enough hold for anything taller. The stuff still made my hair look great tho. It was nice and full looking with a little bit of shine all day long. I noticed that on the second day it didn’t harden up as much. Maybe my hair was less damp that day, as more or less water can affect the drying of pomades.

After trying to get as much height as I could the second time, I decided to just form a low profile pomp for work. And I was really pleased with how it looked and held up all day. I took a look in the mirror after my 10 hour shift was over, just before I went home, and everything was right where I had left it in the morning. When I washed it out the second day I was very pleasantly surprised. My hair was really soft, I’m talking baby hair soft. I am really stoked on this water based pomade now. I finally have another one that makes my hair not get super dry and coarse after using it.

I love this water based pomade, a lot! I think this one may have won out my top spot for water based pomade. Now I haven’t tried everything out there yet, but so far, this one is at least tied for first with Monkey Brains, if not ahead of it. I highly recommend you guys go over to
and pick up a tin of this stuff, and some of their other products as well. It really is a top notch, quality water based pomade, and I’ve had my run ins with bad water bases, this one is great! Grant’s Original is up next!

Stay tuned


Feather – Double-edged Razorblades

Yes!! I got some Feather double edged razorblades! I’ve done some snooping around and got the word around the campfire on these, they’re the best. Everyone I’ve talked to says that these are the end-all razorblades. So I’m stoked to be trying them out and reviewing them for my second blade review. Alright let’s get going!


Now I was sent them without their normal packaging, but they come in the same type of box as Derby blades do, and I found a picture of it for the review. It’s a white plastic box with a cardboard sign on top of the blades. It’s a yellow background with black and red writing. On the left side is a red triangle with two white feathers next to them it says “Feather.” Underneath that is “NEW Hi-STAINLESS,” and below that it says “platinum coated blade.”


When you take a blade out of the package it’s wrapped in the same type of wax paper that the Derby blades came in. They even had the same color blue stamps on them, only these were the two feathers. Instead of the oil that was in the other blades wrapper, this one has two wax drops to keep the blade stuck to the wrapper.


As you unwrap the paper you see the stainless steel blade, and this blade looks great! It has some etching like the Derby blades did. On the top in the center are those famous feathers again, on either side of them it says “trade mark.” The bottom has the same “Hi-STAINLESS” like the package did along with “made in japan” underneath that.


As I stated in the Merkur Razor review I’m reviewing that, my Simpson brush and these blades simultaneously. So that the reason for the same photos in all the reviews. You can see how the blade sits in the razor from underneath. And also how it will work in the razor from the top view picture. And this blade fit like a glove inside this razor! I can’t wait to put it to use.


Now I only had a few days worth of scruff when I got all this stuff from Jeff, but I had to try it out immediately! I think there is enough hair there to be able to show how the blades will work though. So I proceeded to lather up and get to it.


I was shaving away and I started to notice what everyone has been raving about with these blades. They work fantastic, and boy are they sharp! I barely lost my concentration and I nicked myself a little bit on my chin. The cut bled like a stuck pig, but I had my Styptic Pencil on hand so I got it under control quickly. The blades glide really smoothly on your face as they’re cutting the hair, much more so than any other blade I’ve used so far!


As you can see these blades got my hair really close to my skin. So close that you can barely see my hairs at all. I did notice a few other slight nicks I got from shaving after I was done. However, none of them were bad at all, they didn’t even bleed at all, just turned red a little bit. Which is nothing a little aftershave can’t fix. And that Grandad’s Bay Rum took care of them good, and left me smelling great.

So I used these blades a couple times and I have to say I need to get a little bit better with this new razor before using them again. They work great, but I’m not used to my new razor, so I’m getting small cuts due to how sharp they are. But I will for sure be buying more of them when I’m out of them and I’m more familiar with this new razor, which is also great by the way.

So, if you want to get your hands on some of these blades to try out, you can jump on the web and find them at
or I’ve heard some beauty supply shops carry them, and of course any shaving stores should carry them as well. I definitely recommend trying them as long as you’re used to using DE razors. If not start with some Derbys or Gillettes. I don’t want you guys to cut up our face or anything, so I’m being upfront. These things are super sharp, please heed my caution. They do work great though if you’re familiar with DE razors and are comfortable shaving with them.

Keep it close!


Merkur – Classic 1904 Safety Razor with Bar

Hey fellas! I am reviewing my first razor today. I got this razor as a gift from Jeff, a friend of mine from ATP. It’s a Merkur Classic 1904 safety razor. This one is a double edged safety razor with the bar, and it’s a short handled razor.


As you can see it’s an awesome looking chrome plated razor. And it’s really really shiny! The handle is in the shape of a hexagon and it has some etches on each side. Where it meets the head it curves in and is smooth. The weight of this one is a nice medium weight. It’s not too light, and not too heavy. I’d say it is maybe 50% heavier than my current razor. It’s also slightly different in color than my other razor.


I did say that it’s a shorter handled razor. And as you can see it’s maybe 1/2″ – 3/4″ shorter than my razor, but the handle is the same size. Since it is a double edged razor the head is the same width and length as my other razor. Almost all double edged razors will be like this. However I have seen a couple that are slightly larger/smaller, but not by much only millimeters.


This one comes apart way different than my current razor. The design of my new razor is the original design and layout for the double edged safety razor. Which is why it’s called the “Classic 1904.” It comes apart in 3 pieces. The handle unscrews from the head which allows the two pieces of the head to come apart, the top and the bar.


Now I put my blades in the very top piece of the razors head then install the bar and finally screw the handle back on. I will be simultaneously reviewing the fabled “Feather” razor blade. As my friend, being a good friend, sent me some of the best blades out there with this awesome razor.

You can see how I put the razor back together and the blade sitting in the razor from underneath. It’s a little more work to use this style razor, rather than the other kind that open from the top, called “butterfly” razors. But hey, I’m not into this stuff for the “ease” of products. I like the classic style and culture of these type of products. They just intrigue me very very much!

And they really are way better than the common public products out on the market. Just like my grandpa always says “they don’t make them like they used to,” and it’s true. These products aren’t just “cool” and/or “classic,” they’re genuinely great and better than the average stuff. At least in my opinion they are. Plus there’s just something about using products that your grandpa and/or great grandpa used to use. It makes me appreciate their lifestyle more and it brings me closer to them and their time. Which was a much simpler time, and more proper time. Back to the review, sorry about the rabbit trail I went on.


When I turn the razor back over you can make out how the blade sits in the razor. The blade is suspended just above the bar allowing the hairs to be shaved easily and slip underneath the blade. Man I really love this chromed up razor, it’s so shiny!! It looks awesome! Can’t wait to get to work with this bad boy, and the blade inside it!


Now when shaving with this type of razor you have to be careful. You can’t just go to town all fast like the way you would with a cartridge razor. You have to angle it correctly to your face and make short strokes, no more than 1″ is how I was taught. You also want to keep the skin tight. So I use my other thumb to pull up my skin then slowly shave short stokes, about 5 per pull of skin. Then I rinse the razor in hot water and do it again. When shaving your chin and lip, I just use my face muscles to tighten my skin and make even shorter strokes to keep from cutting myself.

After using this razor with the feather blades, I have to say I frickin’ love it!! Thank you again Jeff! This thing is just boss! I really like the weight of this one much better than my light weight butterfly razor. I’ve felt really heavy razors and didn’t like them very much, and same thing with light razors. So I think medium weights will be the right groove for me, at least at the moment, things could change later on. But this one seems to be exactly what I needed, so I’m stoked!

Unfortunately, this razor is no longer available. Or at least it isn’t at the moment, from what the website said. But there are lots of other razors like this one on this website;
along with all kinds of other shaving products. So head over there and check it out and see what you can find that might work for you! I will follow this review up very shortly with my review of the Feather razor blades.

Here’s a little blurb about this razor from that website;
“The Merkur 1904 Classic Safety Razor has a faceted handle. This chrome plated razor gets its great looks styled after the original DE razor introduced by Gillette in 1906.
Made in Solingen, Germany.”

Keep it clean kids!