Layrite Comb

Hey fellas I’m taking a crack at reviewing a comb. I’ve never reviewed a comb before, but I’ve been using them most of my life. So bear with me on this one, hopefully I won’t mess it up too bad.

I had been hearing lots of great things about Layrite’s comb, so I contacted Mike over there and got one from him to see what all the buzz is about. He did exactly what he said and literally shipped it out as fast as possible. I got it 2 days later! 2 DAYS! If that’s not great customer service I don’t know what is. Great guys/team over there at Layrite!

So this isn’t your usual, average comb. By that, I mean its not your typical comb shape and has a badass design on it, it’s not just a “Plain Jane” comb. It’s shaped a little different than most combs and its a nice fine toothed comb. I know this one will be great for styling and making your hair look good! It will also be good for finishing and touching up your hair. It arrived in a little plastic sleeve, but I didn’t think I needed to include that in a picture. After all, it is only a clear plastic sleeve, no design, no coloring, just clear plastic.


It’s a glossy black comb with some yellow ink on both sides of the handle. The handle isn’t like most combs though, it’s almost like a butter knife the way it’s curved. The handle’s design is their famous girlie riding her big pole, barber pole that is, and it has their name in the signature text. Like I stated previously this one is a fine toothed comb, not your standard half medium tooth, half fine tooth comb. It has 54 teeth along the entire length of the comb.


It’s about a medium length, I’d say it’s maybe slightly shorter than your standard styling comb. It’s smaller than a super comb, but bigger than your average unbreakable/back pocket comb. The teeth on it aren’t quite as fine as an unbreakable’s fine toothed side, but they’re pretty close.


I got this one with my can of Layrite Deluxe and I used it with that pomade. It worked great! I had planned on reviewing it right away, but to give it a good thorough review I wanted to use it on all types of pomades, not just the Layrite ones. So I put it to some good use! Here’s some of the pomades I used it with;
Black Jack Top Coat
Tres Flores – solid
Tres Flores Molding Pomade
Grant’s Matte Dressing
Vitalis Hair Tonic
Mom Made Pomade – medium
Bona Fide Pomade
Lucky 13 Swagger Cream
Groom and Clean
Mom Made Pomade – heavy

I can say that it worked great with all of them! I will definitely be using this comb quite often in the future. Most likely every day to clean up/finish off my hair. And fairly regular as my working in comb and styling comb. I can’t say every day, because I have a really awesome clear and blue styling comb I use a lot. That one is your standard half medium, half fine, but its also a lot different, and a lot bigger than most styling combs. Maybe I will review that one next. Back to this comb though.

I really like how the Layrite comb makes my hair look. Big shout out and thanks to Mike and his team over at Layrite for sending this comb out to me, and so damn quickly. I highly recommend you go to their site and buy one! It’s great!

And while you’re there, pick up a can or two of pomade from them! Hell, get one of each hold, they have a deal on them when you buy all 3 in their combo box! And they’re all great pomades, win win the way I see it.

Happy combing,



4 comments on “Layrite Comb

  1. Society's Disposable Son says:

    So you ended up digging the comb! I like this one too. although I recently got a bad do and had to shave my head to start over again so i can’t use mine for a while. I just bought some aftershaves to fill in for the pomade addiction for the time being.

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Dang, was it really so bad you ha to have your dome? I’m sorry you had to do that. I got a bad cut a couple months ago. Yeah I really liked the comb a lot! I’m gona buy a couple more so I have back ups.


      • Society's Disposable Son says:

        Oh yeah it was.. not only was the cut botched but the style change didn’t really fit at all. But you never know until you try. I should have greaseable hair in a month or 2 though.

  2. Brittius says:

    I have always been partial to the comb used by “Slash”, of the Vicious Cycles MC ( 😉

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