I got a really great haul last week, which kind of cheered me up a little in light of the worst news ever.

I did a few grease swaps with some friends in ATP, and bought some stuff at the beginning of the week. I’m really stoked on a lot of these! So expect reviews soon.


Here’s the list of stuff, as usual, top to bottom and left to right;

Layrite no.9 bayrum aftershave
Grandad’s bayrum aftershave
Bees Knees Pomade – Zombee
Duke – Hair Pomade
Grant’s – Medium Hawaiian Blend
Grant’s – Original
Bada Bing Pomade
Gamma Grease Sample
Uppercut – Lite Might
Uppercut – Featherweight
Uppercut – Matt Clay
Uppercut – Deluxe
Uppercut – Monster Hold
Layrite Towel

Big thanks to Regan and Apostolos for swapping with me! And thanks to Hector for finding me a Duke tin and sending me a sample of his new pomade Gamma Grease. Also to Michael over at Grandad’s, Mike over at Layrite and Grant over at his Golden Brand for shipping out my stuff so fast.

After trying, and liking, the matte dressing I had to buy their other pomades to see how they would work. And I’ve been on an aftershave kick lately so I had to go get some new bayrums. So I ordered one from both Grandad’s and Layrite(along with their towel).

I will be reviewing the Grant’s pomades after I’m finished with the Suavecito pomades this week. After the Grant’s I’m gona have to figure out which line I want to review next. Oh and I got an awesome present from my roommate, Lucky 13 Royal Flush shampoo. So I may go with the Lucky 13 line so I can check that out soon.

Stay tuned folks!



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