I got a really good haul this week. Some of these I’ve already used and/or reviewed and some I got specifically to review. And my roommate bought me the shampoo to try out. Thanks Josh!!


As usual, top to bottom, left to right;

American Pomade – Original Sin
American Pomade – Ultimate Sin
Pomps Not Dead – Pompage (limited edition coffee mug full of pomade)
Steel Toe Pomade – New Scent (reworked)
Barber Side – Secret Sauce (gift for a friend)
Black Jack Pomade – Top Coat
Lucky 13 – Royal Flush Shampoo
Black Jack Pomade – 13 formula
Black Jack Pomade – 21 formula
Black Jack Pomade – Double Down
Black Jack Pomade – Shave Soap
American Pomade – Grease Rag

I can’t wait to get some of these into the review rotation! And to also have them in my collection now. The American Pomades came with the grease rag, a bunch of stickers and postcards. Thanks Scottie, I appreciate it! Pompage came with some awesome pins. Thanks Edwin, you’re the best dude. And the Black Jack Pomades came with that shave soap! I’ve been really into those lately, so thanks Moose! Finally thanks to my good friend Tanner for the new Steel Toe! Love you dude!!

Stay tuned, after Suavecito I’m going to review a new pomade. Then I’m going to get to my Grant’s Pomades, I’m stoked to try those out. After those I’m going to review the new Steel Toe and then get to either Pomps Not Dead line, American Pomades, or finish the Black Jack Pomade line.

Catch you guys later!!



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