Grandad’s Old Fashioned Bay Rum Aftershave

Hey gents! I got my hands on another Bay Rum, so it’s time for another review. I got this one from Michael over at Grandad’s Old Fashioned.


It comes in an amber glass jar with a white plastic screw top lid. The label is the same style label as his pomade does, just a single wrap around label. It’s basically the same layout as well. White and cream background, with “Grandad’s” in the signature writing and in the circle behind it are the rays and “Old Fashioned Bay Rum.” On the side of the label is a little blurb about this bay rum and the ingredient list.


As soon as you unscrew the lid you’re immediately met with an awesome bay rum scent. This one literally smells like rum, so be careful when you use it. I’m not kidding, it smells like spices rum, along with a little bit of extra cinnamon and a hint of bay leaves. And I really love the scent of this bay rum, one of my top 10 for sure.

Now this one doesn’t have the stopper lid with the small hole in the center for easier pouring. So you have to be careful when pouring some into your palm, it can run all over.


When I poured a little bit into my palm I really got a good whiff of the smell. And that made me like it even more then in the bottle! I can’t wait to splash this stuff on my face. The color of this bay rum is a bit darker than your average ones. It’s more of a spiced rum color, kind of a medium brown.

Once you rub your hands together and splash it on, you know your money was well spent. This stuff cools, and invigorates your freshly shaven face. It doesn’t really burn all that much like some aftershaves do, just a slight tingle. The feel of it as it dries is even better than when you first splash it on.


After a few hours of it on I could still smell a slight hint of its scent. And I got quite a few compliments on the smell of this aftershave. The scent of it on is really nice, and also not overpowering in the slightest. It also leave your skin nice and smooth after it dries. I’m really digging this aftershave.

I used it a couple days before I got all my shave stuff from Jeff and I used it with that stuff this morning. And I have to say that I really love it, you guys have to grab a bottle of this bay rum from Michael. You can get it from his etsy;
Also check out his shave cream and pre-shave ointment to go with this bay rum aftershave. Reviews of the shave stuff to come straight away!

Until the next one



4 comments on “Grandad’s Old Fashioned Bay Rum Aftershave

  1. Caroline K says:

    Hi there, I’ve been looking for a new aftershave for my boyfriend because his skin is incredibly sensitive and breaks out a lot (bad food, smoking, etc doesnt help hah!) so I found your post – I prefer reading blog posts ’cause you guys have actually tried it and dont BS around. Anyways I like the fact that this has a rum smell haha this would be awesome on him, but I’m wondering if it burns at all? What do you think – should I get this for him? I’ve been eyeing this Chanel Aftershave ’cause he’s got some other Chanel products but I’m just not sure 😦 HELP!!!!

  2. Big man dundee scottland says:

    Were can u get sum of this aftershave in what story ?

    • Unfortunately they don’t make it anymore. Michael sold the company to another guy, and he’s not making it anymore, and is kind of mia. People haven’t been receiving the pomades they ordered from him lately either and he’s not responding. I’d recommend getting a different bayrum like Bees Knees, or Soapbox Gypsy, or Polished & Proper, or I can even make/sell you one. I don’t have the shave stuff listed on my etsy, but I can still take care of ya. Here’s the link to my store for you tho, that way you can check out the pomades and stuff I have up on there now.

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with man! Have a great day, and thanks for reading and commenting!

      Take care,


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