Simpson – Berkeley – best badger shaving brush

I’m going to be checking out a shaving brush today fellas. This one was a gift from my friend Jeff, he is the one who sent me all that shave stuff. I will be reviewing some of the stuff along with this brush this week. This is another first for me, so hopefully I do ok with it.

So as some of you know, most people who use safety razors or straight razors also use shave soaps and brushes. Very few use the shave creams and gels from a can. Most of us just prefer the mug or bowl and a nice cake to lather up. However, there are some awesome creams out there that don’t come in a can that you can use with shave brushes.


So this brush is a little on the shorter side, at least compared to my current brush. The one I have now is just a generic, low level Van Der Hagen brush. It’s a good inch or more taller and a bit wider. It’s also nowhere near as nice as this brush. The handle is an awesome faux ivory and has engravings on each side. One side says “Berkeley” and the other says “46 best badger.” What badger means is the type of hair used in the brush. The hair used in this brush is “best badger.” And from the look of the hairs, it definitely is the best! This brush looks amazing! I can’t wait to lather up.


Here’s a little blurb about the brush from the West Coast Shaving website, along with the specs of the brush;
“The Berkeley 46 is a fine brush at a fine price. It’s packed with Simpson Best Badger with good density. On the smaller side of brushes, the handle is still comfortable and looks good to boot.
Color: Faux Ivory
Total Height: 90mm
Bristle Loft: 45mm
Knot Dia: 20mm
Hair: Simpson Best Badger
Dimensions are approximate.
Handmade in England”


As I proceeded to run the brush under the hot water, I already noticed a big difference. It soaks up the water a lot nicer without over saturating the brush. I then gently shook off the excess water and started swirling both clockwise and counter clockwise on my shave soap to get a lather. Holy crap does this brush work great!! This thing makes a nice rich lather, way thicker than my other brush does. It’s about as thick as Barbasol shaving cream. My other brush makes a really light frothy lather, where as this one makes a nice thick and rich lather.


Now for the application. The lather came off the brush nice and evenly onto my face. And this brush is velvety soft, like almost as soft as a baby bunny. It feels really nice on your skin, especially with the nice warm lather from the soap. With how this brush soaks up the water and lather, I only needed to dip into my bowl 3 times total. Those 3 times completely covered my face and neck with a nice lather. My other brush is at least 6 or 7 times into my bowl to cover my face with a lather.


After lathering up I rinsed off my brush under the hot water. This one takes a little longer to get all the lather out, which is to he expected with such a nice brush. You do want to make sure you get all the lather out though. You don’t want to leave any in the hairs, that will stick them together and could end up ruining the brush. Once I got all the lather out I shook the excess water off again and hung it to dry. When drying these types of brushes you always want to hang them to dry with the hairs facing down. Many shaving stores and websites have stands specifically for brushes and most have a spot for your razor as well.


This brush is by far my favorite brush. Now I’ve only owned 3, including this one, but this one takes the cake! To get your mitts on one of these head on over to;
and check out all the brushes they have there. This one is in stock and available for purchase.

See you guys later



5 comments on “Simpson – Berkeley – best badger shaving brush

  1. Brittius says:

    Badger bristle is the best. I have my brush 42 years and the handle has developed the lovely tan coloration which presumably your brush will also develop over time as many of the faux ivory has powdered ivory unless it is colored plastic resin.
    When you are finished shaving with a bristle brush, shake out the excess water. Pat the bristles on a towel if you wish. Invert the brush head to be directed downward towards the ground. Placing the handle between both hands, rub your hands, rotating the brush which will rid moisture and fluff the bristles symmetrically. If you cannot manipulate the brush, do not risk damaging the handle by dropping the brush from your hands. Simply hold the brush upright and spin the handle causing rotation of the brush and this will fluff the bristles. This is especially important with badger bristle brushes.

  2. Andrew says:

    I’m sorry. Where’s the logo?

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