Feather – Double-edged Razorblades

Yes!! I got some Feather double edged razorblades! I’ve done some snooping around and got the word around the campfire on these, they’re the best. Everyone I’ve talked to says that these are the end-all razorblades. So I’m stoked to be trying them out and reviewing them for my second blade review. Alright let’s get going!


Now I was sent them without their normal packaging, but they come in the same type of box as Derby blades do, and I found a picture of it for the review. It’s a white plastic box with a cardboard sign on top of the blades. It’s a yellow background with black and red writing. On the left side is a red triangle with two white feathers next to them it says “Feather.” Underneath that is “NEW Hi-STAINLESS,” and below that it says “platinum coated blade.”


When you take a blade out of the package it’s wrapped in the same type of wax paper that the Derby blades came in. They even had the same color blue stamps on them, only these were the two feathers. Instead of the oil that was in the other blades wrapper, this one has two wax drops to keep the blade stuck to the wrapper.


As you unwrap the paper you see the stainless steel blade, and this blade looks great! It has some etching like the Derby blades did. On the top in the center are those famous feathers again, on either side of them it says “trade mark.” The bottom has the same “Hi-STAINLESS” like the package did along with “made in japan” underneath that.


As I stated in the Merkur Razor review I’m reviewing that, my Simpson brush and these blades simultaneously. So that the reason for the same photos in all the reviews. You can see how the blade sits in the razor from underneath. And also how it will work in the razor from the top view picture. And this blade fit like a glove inside this razor! I can’t wait to put it to use.


Now I only had a few days worth of scruff when I got all this stuff from Jeff, but I had to try it out immediately! I think there is enough hair there to be able to show how the blades will work though. So I proceeded to lather up and get to it.


I was shaving away and I started to notice what everyone has been raving about with these blades. They work fantastic, and boy are they sharp! I barely lost my concentration and I nicked myself a little bit on my chin. The cut bled like a stuck pig, but I had my Styptic Pencil on hand so I got it under control quickly. The blades glide really smoothly on your face as they’re cutting the hair, much more so than any other blade I’ve used so far!


As you can see these blades got my hair really close to my skin. So close that you can barely see my hairs at all. I did notice a few other slight nicks I got from shaving after I was done. However, none of them were bad at all, they didn’t even bleed at all, just turned red a little bit. Which is nothing a little aftershave can’t fix. And that Grandad’s Bay Rum took care of them good, and left me smelling great.

So I used these blades a couple times and I have to say I need to get a little bit better with this new razor before using them again. They work great, but I’m not used to my new razor, so I’m getting small cuts due to how sharp they are. But I will for sure be buying more of them when I’m out of them and I’m more familiar with this new razor, which is also great by the way.

So, if you want to get your hands on some of these blades to try out, you can jump on the web and find them at
or I’ve heard some beauty supply shops carry them, and of course any shaving stores should carry them as well. I definitely recommend trying them as long as you’re used to using DE razors. If not start with some Derbys or Gillettes. I don’t want you guys to cut up our face or anything, so I’m being upfront. These things are super sharp, please heed my caution. They do work great though if you’re familiar with DE razors and are comfortable shaving with them.

Keep it close!



4 comments on “Feather – Double-edged Razorblades

  1. Brittius says:

    See if you get some Wilkinson Sword blades. They were my favorites. Made in England, but I have no idea if Wilkinson is still in business.

  2. Brittius says:

    I think that you are going to be pleasantly surprised. The Wilkinson Sword blades in my opinion were/are the best.

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