Merkur – Classic 1904 Safety Razor with Bar

Hey fellas! I am reviewing my first razor today. I got this razor as a gift from Jeff, a friend of mine from ATP. It’s a Merkur Classic 1904 safety razor. This one is a double edged safety razor with the bar, and it’s a short handled razor.


As you can see it’s an awesome looking chrome plated razor. And it’s really really shiny! The handle is in the shape of a hexagon and it has some etches on each side. Where it meets the head it curves in and is smooth. The weight of this one is a nice medium weight. It’s not too light, and not too heavy. I’d say it is maybe 50% heavier than my current razor. It’s also slightly different in color than my other razor.


I did say that it’s a shorter handled razor. And as you can see it’s maybe 1/2″ – 3/4″ shorter than my razor, but the handle is the same size. Since it is a double edged razor the head is the same width and length as my other razor. Almost all double edged razors will be like this. However I have seen a couple that are slightly larger/smaller, but not by much only millimeters.


This one comes apart way different than my current razor. The design of my new razor is the original design and layout for the double edged safety razor. Which is why it’s called the “Classic 1904.” It comes apart in 3 pieces. The handle unscrews from the head which allows the two pieces of the head to come apart, the top and the bar.


Now I put my blades in the very top piece of the razors head then install the bar and finally screw the handle back on. I will be simultaneously reviewing the fabled “Feather” razor blade. As my friend, being a good friend, sent me some of the best blades out there with this awesome razor.

You can see how I put the razor back together and the blade sitting in the razor from underneath. It’s a little more work to use this style razor, rather than the other kind that open from the top, called “butterfly” razors. But hey, I’m not into this stuff for the “ease” of products. I like the classic style and culture of these type of products. They just intrigue me very very much!

And they really are way better than the common public products out on the market. Just like my grandpa always says “they don’t make them like they used to,” and it’s true. These products aren’t just “cool” and/or “classic,” they’re genuinely great and better than the average stuff. At least in my opinion they are. Plus there’s just something about using products that your grandpa and/or great grandpa used to use. It makes me appreciate their lifestyle more and it brings me closer to them and their time. Which was a much simpler time, and more proper time. Back to the review, sorry about the rabbit trail I went on.


When I turn the razor back over you can make out how the blade sits in the razor. The blade is suspended just above the bar allowing the hairs to be shaved easily and slip underneath the blade. Man I really love this chromed up razor, it’s so shiny!! It looks awesome! Can’t wait to get to work with this bad boy, and the blade inside it!


Now when shaving with this type of razor you have to be careful. You can’t just go to town all fast like the way you would with a cartridge razor. You have to angle it correctly to your face and make short strokes, no more than 1″ is how I was taught. You also want to keep the skin tight. So I use my other thumb to pull up my skin then slowly shave short stokes, about 5 per pull of skin. Then I rinse the razor in hot water and do it again. When shaving your chin and lip, I just use my face muscles to tighten my skin and make even shorter strokes to keep from cutting myself.

After using this razor with the feather blades, I have to say I frickin’ love it!! Thank you again Jeff! This thing is just boss! I really like the weight of this one much better than my light weight butterfly razor. I’ve felt really heavy razors and didn’t like them very much, and same thing with light razors. So I think medium weights will be the right groove for me, at least at the moment, things could change later on. But this one seems to be exactly what I needed, so I’m stoked!

Unfortunately, this razor is no longer available. Or at least it isn’t at the moment, from what the website said. But there are lots of other razors like this one on this website;
along with all kinds of other shaving products. So head over there and check it out and see what you can find that might work for you! I will follow this review up very shortly with my review of the Feather razor blades.

Here’s a little blurb about this razor from that website;
“The Merkur 1904 Classic Safety Razor has a faceted handle. This chrome plated razor gets its great looks styled after the original DE razor introduced by Gillette in 1906.
Made in Solingen, Germany.”

Keep it clean kids!



6 comments on “Merkur – Classic 1904 Safety Razor with Bar

  1. Brittius says:

    Very nice! The art deco work is beautiful.
    With safety head razors or butterfly heads, every now and then you must clean them with 90% Rubbing Alcohol, or if in a pinch, splash some brown Listerine on them.

  2. Lewis Cisneros says:

    Though I use the disposable one, I have seen my father using this kind of shaving razors .

  3. this is excellent Safety razor one you must love if you are quality buyer and user.

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