Barber Side – Sandalwood Vanilla Shaving Cream

Alright gentleman, here’s a new shaving cream. This one is by the guys over at Barberside, and it’s a cream made for brushes. It’s their Sandalwood Vanilla Brush Cream.


This cream comes in a gigantic black plastic tub! This thing is at least a 12oz (volume not weight) tub. It only has a single wrap around label on it. The label is tan with red writing, looks very vintage/classic. On the biggest part of the label it says “Barberside Shaving” with a barber pole handled straight razor in between the words. Underneath that it says “Sandalwood Vanilla Brush Cream.” And on the farthest right side is their directions, ingredient list and company info.


When you unscrew the lid you see a nice white shaving brush cream. It’s not a really super bright white, but it’s not an off white either. It is just a dull white if that makes any sense. The scent of this cream is exactly what the name describes, sandalwood and vanilla, with a nice fresh scent in there as well. I really really like the smell of this shaving cream! I would love to find a mint and oatmeal scented one!! That one would be my favorite if it exists.


Now there are two ways, that I know of, to apply this cream to your brush. There may be more, but I haven’t heard of them yet, so I’m going to tell you of the two I know. One, wet your brush and dab the hairs into the cream and get some of the cream on the tip of the brush. Two, make a gap in the very center of the brush and put a finger full of cream in the gap, then close the gap and wet the brush. Either way you choose will work about the same.


Now you don’t need a whole lot of shaving cream, not like you do with a canned cream. You just need a little bit, and that will give you more than enough lather on your face to shave with. Once you figure out which way you want to apply the cream, lather up your face with your shaving brush. I just take the brush and swirl it right on my cheeks and neck to get the lather going. Once I got the lather up and most of my face covered I get my lip covered.

20130223-224553.jpgSoul Search; California Hardcore! Great band, check them out!

This cream makes a very rich lather, which for me is just how I like it! If you like it a little less thick, you can add some water to your brush/face and rework the lather on your face. You can also not put quite as much cream in or on your brush. I personally like nice thick lather, it seems to help me shave easier. This cream lathers up really quickly too. I have used some that take a lot of swirling to get the lather good.

Now once you have your face lathered the smell of this cream really comes out. And not does this stuff smell good! It filled up my whole bathroom and surrounding area with the scent, and it lingers after your done shaving! I really like the smell of this stuff, and am glad I have so much of it! This one may be my “go to” shave cream.


After shaving my face and rinsing up, I could still smell the creams scent in the bathroom and on my face. Once I was finished smelling the air, I felt my face and noticed that it was really soft! Winner!! Now I really love this shaving cream.

I highly recommend picking up this shaving cream. This stuff is just awesome! You get a lot, it has a great scent, lathers up wonderfully, and leaves your face nice and soft after you shave. So head on over to
and grab a tub of this stuff and some of their other products while you’re there. They also make a lemon and an orange sickle scent for this cream. Stay tuned for some more Barber Side products this week!

Stay fresh fellas,



2 comments on “Barber Side – Sandalwood Vanilla Shaving Cream

  1. James says:

    This stuff looks great. Sandalwood is killer, didn’t think it got much better but vanilla too? that’s crazy.. bet is smells awesome. I love the way it lingers like you said. I load up my brush with the williams soap then work up a dab of the art of shaving sandalwood in a little bowl for a super thick lather, it puffs up like clouds.. just a trick if you want to try mug mixing

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