Barber Side – Secret Sauce

I’m checking out another hair cream today. This time I’m using Barber Side’s Secret Sauce, it’s a “natural hair creme.” After trying out their shaving cream, I wanted to stick to their products and finish out what all I had. So this one is next, here we go.


This creme comes in very unique packaging. It’s in a clear, soft-plastic ketchup bottle, like the ones at burger stands. This is really rad!! I love this bottle, it really stands(no pun intended)out in my collection. I really like unique or different packaging, they make collections more fun looking and interesting. The layout of this one is kind of similar to the shaving cream. Red ink, with a cream colored background, because of the product. On the front it has the estd date and their signature barber pole straight razor, around that it says “Barber Side.” Below that it says “Secret Sauce, natural hair creme” along with the weight, and it has a cool border around everything. On the back is the same razor and name logo, below that are the directions, ingredient list and the company info.


Since this creme isn’t in your average container, you don’t just pull of the top and dig in. You actually only have to pull off the little red cap, puncture the tip with something sharp; I used fine tipped knife; and squeeze. However, to let you guys see what it looks like inside the bottle I unscrewed the cap and snapped a pic. I looks kind of like melted vanilla ice cream. And it smells like a vanilla milk shake! Totally love the smell of this hair creme, probably the best smelling one out there.


When you squeeze some out of the bottle it reminds you of lotion. It has almost the exact same texture, it’s just a smidgen lighter than lotion. You start to get a really good feel for the vanilla smell when it’s out of the bottle. And holy crap this stuff smells good! So good it makes me want to head to this mom and pop burger joint by my house and grab a burger and shake.

When you rub your hands together, you very quickly realize that this stuff won’t have any hold to it. It’s exactly like lotion when you spread it in your palms. One thing I noticed is that the scent starts to dissipate on your hands. Hopefully it won’t disappear too much, I want my hair smelling like this all day!

Obviously being so light, it applied like water to my hair. I did have to get a little more to coat my hair good tho. Luckily it’s in a pretty large bottle so I don’t have to worry about running out anytime soon. Combing it was also a breeze, pretty much just as easy as combing clean, wet hair.


On the first day, my hair was about normal, dampness wise. And I didn’t really see any hold to it at all, which I didn’t expect it to hold much anyway. It did make my hair look really good, and healthy looking. I think if my hair wasn’t so wavy and whatnot that it would’ve held better. And I really love the smell of it in my hair! I got a lot of compliments on the smell of my hair with this creme in it.

Now this stuff isn’t like most hair creams, it washes off your hands with just water unlike most. Also unlike most it didn’t wash out of my my hair with just water. However one quarter size dollop of any regular shampoo gets it out no problem. My hair was super soft after using this cream too! I think it’s going to be my go to conditioner to use in between pomades.


On the second day I decided to apply it to my hair while it was still pretty wet and I got a lot better hold with it. Now it didn’t let me pomp or anything like that, but I didn’t have a bunch of hairs sticking out and falling away during the day. I was really pleased with how my hair stayed in place the second and third day. Also with how soft this stuff left my hair. I never tried recombing it because I didn’t want to ruin the hold it was giving my hair. So I can’t say if it is recombable or not, but it doesn’t harden or anything so I would imagine that it is. I would recommend wet combing your hair though, so your hairs stay in place.

I highly recommend this hair creme! Even if you only use it as a topper or conditioner, it’s definitely worth having. I will be using it very often in the future, plus the unique packaging makes a great addition to my collection. So head on over to
and grab a bottle or two of this stuff. And while you’re there, check out their other products. I will be continuing the Barber Side hair care line with the Bubble Gumm pomade next, so stay tuned!

Catch you later!


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2 comments on “Barber Side – Secret Sauce

  1. Hey dude. Stuff looks good, I wanna try out their bubblegumm pomade. After using southern rose for a solid week now, I want more bubblegum scented hair products

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