I got a really great haul this past week! I’m really stoked on a lot of these products and can’t wait to put them to use!


Here’s a list of everything, top to bottom, left to right.

Van Der Hagen – scented luxury shave soap
Van Der Hagen – deluxe shave soap
Williams – mug shaving soap
High Life – shaving soap
Grandad’s – pre-shave oil
Grandad’s – shaving cream
Pre de Province – shave soap
Master – ocean blue aftershave
Sivletto Brilliantine
Tuxedo Club Pomade
Dixie Peach Pomade (0.o)
The Art of Shaving – 4 elements to the perfect shave gift set
Grim Grease – red
Sodapomp Pomade
Yardley Brilliantine
Lone Star Pomade samples
Grim Grease sample
Hellhounds Hairslick sample
Scratch’s Grease (high life)
Devil Dolls – Bluebird Pomade (high life)
Bone Crusher Pomade – lite

I was give a big thanks to my friend Korbinian for scoring me the rare Dixie Peach, along with the rare high life pomades and trading with me so often! And a thank you to Francisco over at Grim Grease, Michael at Grandad’s, Chris at Lone Star, Jeff for some of the shave stuff, and Tom for the hellhounds(finally), better late than never right?

I will be getting to some of these sooner than others due to them being sent specifically for reviews. I will get to all of them eventually


4 comments on “POMADE!!!!!

  1. Where did you get Dixie Peach?!

  2. W. Burch says:

    looking to find the discontinued tuxedo club hair pomade that I used all through high school, I’m 66 and that’s the year I graduated.

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