Suavecito – Brilliantcream

I’m finishing up Suavecito’s hair care products with their Brilliantcream today.


They really changed up their packaging with this one. I expected them to put it in a tub like their pomades do, but it’s in a pump bottle instead. The bottle is amber colored, like their pomade color is, with a pump for the lid, like a lotion bottle has. Pretty cool packaging, I’ve never seen a cream in this type of bottle before. It has just one label on it that wraps around the bottle. On the front is their name in their signature font and their skeleton greaser is back on this label! They have “Brilliantcream” under the name and to the left is the ingredient list and company info.

I decided not to open it because the opening is so small and wouldn’t really show what the cream looks like in the bottle. I pumped some of the cream out, I was totally expecting it to be difficult to get out being a cream, but it wasn’t at all! It was actually thinner than most creams out there and is really similar to lotion in consistency. Being a cream, it’s a bright white color, as most are. And also like creams this one has a fresh scent to it, but this one is more musky fresh like their pomades.


In my hands it feels almost exactly like lotion in texture. Very light, creamy and kind of silky. It didn’t soak into my hands or anything like lotion though so don’t worry about it doing that when you use it.

When I ran my hands through my hair I got exactly what I expected. It was like running my hands through my hair with water. Being so light I’m curious as to if its going to hold at all. Most creams do so hopefully this one will be like the rest and give me some hold. Only time will tell though, so lets get to it.

When I combed my hair it actually had some resistance despite its super light texture. I did have a slightly hard time combing all the streaks out at first, but they disappeared almost instantly after I combed my hair for a minute. It was weird they wouldn’t go anywhere at first, then poof they were gone.


I did get a little bit of height to my hair. A little more than I expected to get because of how light the texture was in my hands. And I’m loving this cream a lot for how shiny it makes my hair!!! It’s a nice high sheen! Another thing that I got that I didn’t expect was an all day hold. Now it wasn’t a strong hold by any means, but my hair did stay in place all day. A few hairs came out of place, but I just recombed my hair and they went right back.


I decided to use a little more the second day to see how much hold I could get. I know some of you guys use a lot of pomade/cream and some don’t so I wanted to show how it works for both. I was able to get another 1/2″ height wise with just one more pump of the bottle. It did take me a little longer to comb out the streaks with more cream in my hair. However, it held a lot better with more in my hair, so it was fine by me.

20130331-235349.jpgDAX makes the best wax!

The second day it also had quite a bit more shine, which I really liked! This stuff really gives my hair a nice glisten. And it held all day long as well the second time I used it.

Just like other creams out there this one is washable with just water. And it washes out super easy with just just water, unlike a lot of other creams out there. This one also doesn’t leave a film on your hair like others do. It just leaves your hair silky smooth when you rinse it out. So it’s great for conditioning your hair after using products that dry your hair out.

I think this one is my new favorite cream and Suavecito product! I really loved everything about this cream. From its packaging, to the smell, texture, ease of application and combing, along with its hold and especially the shine, and finally the way it softens and conditions my hair. If you guys like creams I highly recommend trying this one out! Head over to their website
to pick this stuff up. And check out their new website and their other products and merch while you’re there!

Stay fresh fellas,


PS: Sorry this post was way late. I was just having too good of a time in Vegas and didn’t really get to wrapping up the review and posting it. Stay tuned for some cool stuff about my trip and things that happens at Viva!


Viva Las Vegas!

Well I packed up and headed to Vegas today with my little man and my lady for Viva Las Vegas 16. I had been stressing all year about whether or not I’d actually be able to go, but the odds were in my favor this time. So I’m here! I packed a few of my favorite pomades to use while I’m up here and decided not to review anything while I’m up here.


I am bringing these with me to use, the mom mades are just in case I need a little extra. I greased up with DAX today. I packed all kinds of other goodies with me too. Lots of clothes and a couple pairs of shoes.

I have been here for a few hours already and it has been awesome to put faces to alot of the companies and people I have been in contact with and friends with over the past year or so! I’m having a blast out here and am very excited I was able to come this year!

Well I’m going to get back to the festivities! Catch you guys later! I will try and finish my Suavecito review tonight for you guys!



Suavecito – Pre-Shave Solution

Hello gentleman, I am checking out a product I have never used before today. It’s a pre-shave oil/solution from Suavecito. Justin sent me their whole shave line save their bay rum and I figured I should check this one out next.


I really like the packaging this one comes in. It has a eye dropper for the lid and it is in a small dark brown glass bottle. This bottle looks like it belongs in a 1890’s doctors house call bag or something. I really like the look of this bottle. There is just one small square, wrap around label on the front. On the label is their signature name in their signature font and “pre-shave solution” under it. The background is grey like the rest of their products, and this one has a DE razor behind the name. To the right of everything is a little blurb about the solution and how to use it. To the left of everything is their ingredient list and “made in USA.”


When you unscrew the eye dropper and pull it out you smell the lovely scent of this oil which happens to have a nice tea tree oil smell to it. It also has a slight hint of aloe vera to it. The tea tree doesn’t over power at all it’s actually balanced well. The color of the oil is a very light yellow, but mostly clear.

With an eye dropper for a lid, that makes it really easy to not get the oil everywhere. So I pinched the rubber end and drew some oil into the dropper then squeezed it into my hand. This oil is very runny and when you put some on your fingers it just runs all they down to you palm. It also kind of soaks into your skin.


I then rubbed my hands together to spread around the oil and apply it to my face. Despite being runny this oil isn’t slick like other oils are. It’s actually more coarse, if that makes sense. I don’t have another description for it, it just wasn’t as smooth as say olive oil is. Having never tried one before I don’t know if this is the norm or not. I do like it though, I’d hate to have my face all oily when I shave.

I applied the oil to my face and like with my hands it kind of soaked into my skin. So you can’t really see the oil on my skin, but it’s there. My face did feel really smooth after putting the oil on. So I’m sure it will do its job and make my shave more smooth and allow for a better glide of my razor.


Then I lathered up my face with some soap and proceeded to shave. I noticed right off the bat that my shave was smoother. I really liked how much easier my razor glided across my face while I was shaving. This oil really made my shave a lot nicer than it has been in the past. And after I got done shaving my face felt softer than it usually does after shaving.

So having not ever used one before, I think I really like pre-shave oils/solutions. I was thoroughly impressed with how well this stuff worked and made my shave better. If you guys use pre-shave oils check this one out, if not, check this one out. You can find it on their website
I will be using it and other pre-shaves from now on when I shave. The next one I’m going to check out is Grandad’s.

Stay classy gents



I am very stoked to be posting about my new antique cabinet that is now housing all of my regular use pomades. This is something my grandmother and I had been searching for for a while. We had to postpone looking for it when she was hospitalized. But I think I found the perfect one for it and I know she would’ve loved it.


I also rearranged all my shave stuff and antique/collectible pomades and shave stuff. I’m pretty happy with how it’s all laid out and organized now.


My shave cabinet looks a little cramped, but I just threw everything I have in there. I will take out the stuff I use very regularly and put it back in my bathroom. It’s going to look really weird not seeing the cabinet behind me in the bathroom completely empty. I’ll have to find something to put in it so it doesn’t look so barren.

Anyway enough of this post. I’ll be posting the reviews soon of some Suavecito products I’ve been using the past few days.

Catch you later!


JS Sloane – Lightweight Pomade

This is the final installment of the JS Sloane saga. I’m kind of bummed to be ending the line of products from them. But at the same time I’m stoked to be getting to some other pomades I’ve been wanting to for a while now! This last one is their lightweight pomade. They only launched this pomade a few weeks ago, but Joann said that it’s already doing well. Let’s see how this one holds up.


They changed up the packaging on this one, I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I like certain changes, but at the same time a whole different style for one out of the 3 pomades, I don’t know how I like that. Let’s not get too far ahead though. This one is in a tin, which I do like, instead of the plastic tubs. It’s a short version of the Grant’s or Bone Crusher tins, stainless tin with a screw top lid. It’s about the size of a large shoe polish tin. It has two big circle labels on it, one on top, one on bottom.


The lid one is like a big version of the small circle on the other lids. The label itself is brown parchment, with gold foil print. And guess who’s back, and in a big way?! Mr. Dapper!! He’s the center of this label, which in my opinion is really cool! Underneath him it says “JS Sloane Lightweight Pomade.” Around the edge it says “keeps hair neat all day” in a ring. The back label has their 4 staples; a description, their directions, a caution, and the ingredient list. Pretty cool label and tin. I think I like this one/style better than the others.


Unscrewing the lid you are met with their signature fresh and clean scent. This one seems to be a bit stronger in scent than the other two. Not overpowering, but still stronger, it a great scent so I don’t mind in the least. Unlike their other two this one isn’t pink, it’s a clear-ish pomade. And it doesn’t look like a water based, it looks like a grease. It reminds me of DAX short and neat the way it looks. However it is a water based just like their other ones.


Seeing it in the tin made me really anxious and curious to scoop it out. As soon as I dig my finger in the pomade I was pleasantly surprised and happy. This stuff feels like a light grease. Very similar to how my pomade is. The only other water based that’s anything similar to this is Layrite’s super shine, but that’s a different texture. After you scoop it out you see little silvery specs in the pomade almost like glitter. Kind of weird, but cool I guess.

Once you work it around in your hands it goes back to feeling like a water based. It has kind of a sticky or tacky feel to it, but it’s still soft. I am still kind of perplexed as to how they got this texture. I mean, it’s a water based, but scoops out like a lighter pomade, yet when you spread it in your hands it feels tacky. It’s definitely cool and unique, and I like unique.


After it got tacky on me I kind of expected it to go on like a water based and it did. I went it actually more like a heavier one than a light one. Even their other two went in easier than this one. I know, this pomade keeps jumping around on me, it’s weird.

However, when I ran my comb through my hair it was like combing a cream. It combed so easy it’s not funny. I kind of got bummed out, because something that soft doesn’t hold very well or very long. Oh well I can use it for slick backs or gentleman’s parts.

I started to form my pomp and it pulled a Lone Star Pomade on me and stiffened up as soon as I ran comb upward. It didn’t harden, but it became more like a heavy pomade and allowed me to actually get a decent size pomp going. I was really happy with how this pomade combed and styled, it was really awesome. And on another good note, this stuff shines up my hair really nicely. This pomade is making a great first impression on me. Let’s see how it holds up all day.

Once I got to work I noticed how good this pomade made my hair look. I was really impressed at how nice it still looked after it dried. This one dies dry up kind of hard. Well it’s hard to the touch, but if you squeeze some of your hair it feels more squishy. Yeah I used squishy, I don’t know how else to describe it, it feels almost like foam that’s moldable. I took a hair grouping and pinched it using my thumb, index and middle finger. When I did that it was left with a rounded part where my thumb was.


Throughout the day I saw the shine slowly start to fade. It didn’t disappear, but changed. My hair started with a glisten to it, toward the end of the day it had a matte shine to it. Everything stayed in place right where I left it that morning and my hair still looked really good. So far I’m really happy with how this pomade holds up.

I got a bit more height with it the second go ’round, not a whole lot but some. And it had some decent shine to it that time too. This time the shine stayed a little bit longer which was definitely a plus for me. I was liking how my hair looked even more the second time using it. I don’t like to boast, but my hair looked damn good! I will definitely be using this pomade as often as I can. I really live how it makes my hair look! One weird thing this pomade also does is hardly move during sleep. I woke up and my hair was 70-75% in place. Pretty much only the back was messed up. Really odd, but awesome! Every other pomade turns my hair to Tim Burton hair during the night. So for kicks I wet the back of my hair and recombed it, my hair looked almost good as new. Haha damn this pomade is freakin awesome!!

Being a water based this one washes out with just a little water. Another cool thing is that my hair is left nice and soft with this pomade! I didn’t need any kind of shampoo or conditioner like I do with most water bases. I thought it was a little out place that this one left my hair soft, but their other two didn’t. I’m definitely not complaining though.

I am thoroughly impressed with this pomade. I don’t know how JS Sloane did it, but this has got to be one of of the best, if not the best, water based I’ve used so far. Yeah, I’m saying that it is that good. I wish this one came in the larger version of its tin though. Mainly because I want more of this pomade. I guess I will just have to call Joann and give her some money for another couple cans of it. I highly highly recommend you guys get this stuff. It really is a great pomade and one of the best water bases out there. You can find it on their site
While you’re there check out their other products and pick some up. It’s been a great run, but I gotta say goodbye to the JS Sloane line. At least until the come out with a new product. Thank you again Joann I appreciate you sending me all those products! And thank you too Smutty for checking out my blog and letting me review your products! Can’t wait to see what you guys come out with next.

Stay slick guys


JS Sloane – High Gloss Top Coat

We are almost done with the JS Sloane line. Today I am trying out their Top Coat. I’m going to be using it on its own for the review to see how it works as a stand alone product.


This one doesn’t come in the typical JS Sloane packaging, it’s very unique. The oil is in a tall cylindrical clear plastic container. It has grey plastic on the bottom and a grey plastic pull off lid. Just below the lid is a chrome ring. It has the same diamond logo in the front and underneath that is “high gloss top coat.” This one is missing their little dapper guy, kind of a bummer not to see him, I like him. On the back side is the same 5 things; description, directions, caution, ingredient list, and the weight info. This cylinder contains just under 2 fluid ounces of the oil. And like the shampoo bottles the ink is printed right on the clear plastic.


When you pull off the lid you see why the chrome ring was there. The ring turns into the housing for the little white pump that pumps the oil out of the container. The pump itself is a white plastic pump with a little square mouth where the oil comes out. It’s about as big around as a dime were you push it down. This is by far the most unique packaging for a top coat I’ve ever seen. It’s pretty cool looking.


I pumped the little pumper and out came the oil. It’s pretty much a clear oil, it does have a slight yellow tint to it. Looks kind of like vitamin E if you were to squeeze it out of one of the little gel things. It has a nice fresh scent to it, but no where near the smell of their other products. This one is kind of sweet and a little perfumey. It’s a nice smell though and I think it will compliment their pomades well.

It’s a nice light oil so when I rubbed my hands together it spread around after only a couple swipes back and forth. The scent on it kind of weakens when you do that, but it doesn’t disappear completely. Being an oil it is very shiny in your hands ad I imagine it will be very shiny in my hair as well. It has the consistency of vegetable oil, it’s really nice and light.


My hair really soaked this oil up. I had to use quite a few helpings to coat my hair evenly. Once I did my hair felt really soft! Being just an oil, it doesn’t hold much. It’s actually very similar to a tonic in terms of hold. But it does make my hair very very shiny! And my hair smelled nice with this oil in it.


Kind of like Black Jack’s top coat this one really made my waves stand out. The shine stayed nice and high all day long, which I loved. However, the hold did kind of weaken as the day went on. I had to recomb my hair a few times so that probably played a part in that. It did recomb very nicely though. A few hairs would go astray when I combed it but I was able to get them to go back into formation.

20130323-013139.jpgThe Bastard Makers, classic American rock ‘n’ roll! Check them out!!

After a couple days using it on its own I decided I needed to show how it works as a top coat. Especially since it is just an oil and not a light pomade. Just like on its own this one makes my hair really shiny as a top coat. I used their heavyweight as a base, because it had the lesser shine of their pomades. It made a huge difference using this as a top coat with that one, I really liked how my hair shined up!


After the whole day, my hair was still nice and shiny! And having used their heavyweight as a base the hold stayed all day long as well. My hair did harden up like it did with the heavyweight on its own, but it stayed nice and shiny.

20130323-013402.jpgBona Fide! “He’s a suitor”

For an oil, this stuff isn’t half bad! I don’t think I will be using it as a stand alone, but I will for sure use it as a topper! I have a few pomades in mind that I will be using this one with. If you like oil tonics, and oil top coats, you have to get a vile of this stuff! Head on over to their website
and check it out! They have a whole line of awesome products! They also just launched their brand new lightweight pomade a few weeks ago. That is the last one in their line of products I have to review so check again in a couple days for that review.

Stay slick


JS Sloane – Moisturizing Shampoo

Alright! I got my other JS Sloane products in the mail a couple days ago, thanks Joann!! So I’m trying out their shampoo first, then the others. I was in the middle of a review when I got this and will be seeing how it works with that pomade. Off we go.


It comes in the same style bottle as their cleansing shampoo does. It’s an amber plastic jar with a stainless steel screw cap with the design and words printed right on the bottle. It has the same diamond logo and name on the front and says “classic moisturizing shampoo” under the name. It also has the same dapper guy stamp on the front as well. I love these bottles, they look like they belong in the late 1800’s.


On the back is the same wording in the yellowish ink. It has the blurb about the shampoo, directions, caution, and ingredient list. I also really enjoy how the words are printed right on the bottle instead of a label. It really makes these bottles stand on their own apart from the normal shampoos you see. It’s nice to see some change up from the norm, makes things more interesting.


You can kind of see what the shampoo might look like from outside the bottle. When you open the cap you see a silvery looking shampoo, it looks less runny than the cleansing shampoo. Which makes sense since it is a moisturizing shampoo.

When you pour it out you see that it is a lot thicker than the cleansing shampoo is. And it’s not a silvery shampoo, it’s more white than silver, but does have a glisten to it. It looks like a lot of shampoos you find at grocery stores, L’Oreal, Pantene, etc etc. It has thicker texture than those do though. The smell is almost exactly the same as the other shampoo and pomades.


I had some DAX build up in my hair when I used it the first time. I really liked getting back to that pomade, it’s such a great pomade. Now the directions say to apply to wet hair so I doubt it’s going to remove any of the pomade in my hair, but we will see.

20130321-191035.jpgThere’s no wax like DAX!

I lathered up and noticed it lathered a little creamier than their other shampoo. But just like the other the scent exploded when I worked up the lather. Because this one is a moisturizing shampoo and I had a moisture retaining pomade in, I didn’t leave the shampoo in as long as I normally would. It washed out pretty easily and surprisingly my hair felt like some of the pomade came out.


I decided I should see how it really moisturizes my hair on its own. So I degreased with some groom & clean and applied a little bit of their mediumweight pomade to wash out. I rinsed it out and made sure to get it all out before I washed my hair. It lathered up the exact same way, and burst with scent the same too. I left it in throughout my whole shower this time to make sure it moisturizes my hair really good. When I rinsed it out I didn’t notice a whole lot of moisturizing had happened. I mean my hair wasn’t dry, but at the same time it was super soft. Once I dried my hair I did notice my hair was more puffy and felt a little thicker. So I’m guessing that’s the moisturizing. Unlike the common store bought stuff that leaves your hair soft and silky, this one actually adds moisture to your hair, but doesn’t leave it really soft.

I think this shampoo is a pretty good one, I’m going to try it out with some water bases that dry my hair out and see how it holds up to those. But I’d recommend checking it out, it does add moisture to your hair. So if that’s what you’re looking for in a shampoo pick up a bottle of this one from
I have a couple more of their products to review and they will be next. Thanks again for sending them and this one out to me Joann!

Stay fresh, and clean, fellas