Barber Side – Bubble Gumm Pomade

Alright, here’s my final Barber Side product, for now anyway, I’ll have more to review very soon! This one is their Bubble Gumm Pomade.


This pomade comes in a less common tin, the lid is clear on it. Pretty cool huh?! The tin itself is a 3oz stainless steel slip cover tin with a clear top. It only has one wrap around label on it. The label is a little different than their other labels. It has the same red writing, but it doesn’t quite look as old timey as the others, and the background is white this time. On the far left side is their signature straight razor with the barber pole handle, its in color this time, and it says “Barber Side” next to the razor along with their website. In the center of the label is the name of the pomade “Bubble Gumm” and underneath that is “Pomade • Grease” and the weight. On the far right side, in black ink this time, are their directions and the ingredients. Even though it’s not as vintage as their others it still has a basic, simple look and feel to it.


When you go to open the tin you see the pomade through the lid. Which in my opinion is pretty awesome! I’ve only ever seen one tin like this before, but it wasn’t the entire lid, just a small piece in the center was clear. The pomade is a blue raspberry candy color, not something you see everyday. I like seeing pomades come in different colors, especially not very common colors, it makes things more interesting for me. When you pull the lid off you smell the sweet scent of “dubble bubble” chewing gum! The little individual ones that come in the blue and yellow wrappers. This scent brings me right back to being a little kid again!


As I grabbed a scoop of the pomade I was very pleasantly met with a nice firm grease! Very similar to Royal Crown Pomade, which is one of my favorite pomades. You can see in the pictures, that this pomade is filled to the brim, almost overflowing! Something you almost never see when it comes to pomades, and a very nice surprise!

When I spread the grease in my hands I was in pomade heaven, this type of pomade is my favorite. I just love the nice thick greases, they work great in my hair and give me incredible shine! It also kept its texture in my hands, and didn’t get really oily when it heated up like some greases do. I’m really liking this stuff a lot!

Applying it was just like applying Royal Crown, and I immediately saw a lot of shine in my hair! Just like with other greases, this pomade combed really really easy. I didn’t have to comb a bunch to spread it and distribute it evenly either. A few passes with each comb, the teeth getting finer each time, and I was ready to form my pomp. And as soon as I combed the pomade I got a huge burst of bubble gum scent all around me, it was awesome!

20130301-022053.jpgI see you! o.O

When I formed my pomp it stayed right in place, I didn’t have to keep messing with it to get it right. It just kind of went right where I like it on the first go. And you can see that shine on the front right off the get go, YES! I was really surprised how fast this stuff allowed me to get my hair into place, I was done combing and had snapped the first picture in under 3 minutes. I was really happy with how this pomade made my hair look. It looked really good, texture wise, I thought.

20130301-022204.jpgdon’t mind the gaps, just the shine

On the first day I had a nice medium profiled pomp going with a nice part and a DA in the back. As soon as I got around people I got “your hair smells great!” and “what do you have in your hair, it looks really good.” Which made me feel even better than just wearing the pomade. All throughout the day I kept getting compliments on the look and smell of my hair. Even after work I could still smell the pomade in my hair, not quite as much as when I first put it in, but still. I took a picture of how it looked after I got home and changed, and it still has a whole lot of shine to it. And pretty much everything stayed right in place, except for a few gaps by my part from the wide toothed end of my comb. I didn’t finish it off with fine side for whatever reason. My hair doesn’t split if I run the fine toothed end of my comb through it though. I gotta say, this stuff is a keeper already.


The second day, I had a nice base coat of this already on my hair, but I loved it so much that I decided to use the same amount again. I got significantly more height with it the second day having the build up in my hair! I was even happier with it the second time around. And it worked the same as day one. Nothing came out of place, it stayed shiny all day long, and smelled great for hours! Even though I didn’t have to, I recombed my hair after I got home. And just like I knew it would, it combed easily and went right back into place with no hassle at all.

The guys over at Barber Side really have a great pomade on their hands! I couldn’t recommend this stuff enough! Even if you don’t like greases as stand alones, get it to use as a topper. The scent alone is worth it, not to mention the shine and hold it gives. Head on over to;
right now and pick up a can of this pomade, it’s fantastic! While you’re there check out their other products, I’ve liked everything I’ve tried from them so far. Great company, great products!

Keep it greasy guys!


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3 comments on “Barber Side – Bubble Gumm Pomade

  1. Dusty says:

    Love this stuff – great barbershop too. Thanks for the review!

  2. Anders Olofsson says:

    It resembles a brilliantine that I used about 15 years ago
    I try to do your own .. but, how do you get the blue color ? ink or paint soap ?

    Greetings from Sweden

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