Sodapomp Hair Pomade

Alright! Here’s another brand new pomade for you guys. This one comes from Michael over at Grandad’s, it his new Sodapomp. And I can say I’ve been impatiently waiting to get this in the mail and try it out, strictly because of its name.


Unlike his Grandad’s, this one comes in a tin. A 3oz, stainless steel, slip cover tin, with a single lid label. It looks a lot like the tins High Life comes in. As for the label, it’s just a blue label with white writing. Ver simplistic, which is why I like it so much. Inside a lighter blue ring, in really cool vintage lettering it says “Sodapomp Hair Pomade.” Underneath that it has where it’s from. Very cool label!! It’s just short and sweet, reminiscent of yesteryear.


Pulling off the lid you see a nice cream colored, waxy looking pomade. It looks a lot like Grandad’s in the tin actually, just not as yellow. Now as for the scent, does it smell like its name?! Yes sir it surely does! Now I think it smells like a cream soda, birch beer, and ginger beer all rolled into one. My roommate said it smells like Coca-Cola with lemon. But either way it smells like pop, not like a can or fountain drink, rather a well made bottle pop.


So loving the smell, I had to take a couple minutes to bask in the glory of its scent before I dug into the tin. When I did stick my finger in the pomade, it didn’t want to move at first. The surface is a lot like Black Jack Pomade and is hard to break. However, when you do break the surface it becomes really easy to scoop out and has a creamy texture to it.

As I rubbed my hands together I noticed the scent get a little stronger. I love it when pomades do that. I did have a tough time breaking up the biggest clump in my hands though. I had to kind of work that one with one finger to get it all broken up and whatnot. In having to do that the pomade heated up quite a bit and became kind of greasy so I let my hands cool off before I applied it to my hair.


When I ran my hand over my hair I was surprised how easy it went in a little easier than Grandad’s does. I totally expected it to go in the same. I immediately saw some shine to my hair which got me pretty stoked. I love when waxy pomades shine up really nicely.

When I formed my pomp this stuff did not want to cooperate at first. It kept splitting and dropping on me, I don’t really know why. But after I combed it for about 2 or 3 minutes my pomp turned out pretty decent. It had some medium height to it and some decent shine as well. It didn’t keep every little hair in place, but it did do a pretty good job. Especially considering my messed up cut from Christmas is getting to the length where it is becoming very defiant and hard to keep in place. Yep I’m still pissed about that, I will be until my hair is how it was before that butchery.


I found that it stayed in place, except for my unruly hairs, all day long. The scent did dissipate after a few hours, but the shine got higher throughout the day. By the time I got home my hair looked like it had a straight grease in it. I love the shine this stuff gives. I had some of those hair come out of place throughout the day so I pulled out my comb and fixed them. This pomade is by far of the the easiest to recomb, it just went right back into place with no effort at all.

The second day I got a lot more height because if the buildup I acquired. And it seemed to give me more of a sharp pomp than a rounded one. I was thoroughly happy with how it held the second day. And I didn’t have the same problem with forming as I did the first day. On the second go it went right into place without any problems. My hair seemed to have more shine as well the next day. I’m kind of digging the second day a lot now. It was slightly more resistant to recombing after the first day, not a whole lot but it was noticeable.

After using this pomade I have to say I like it. I think I prefer Grandads a little more, but this stuff is nice. It’s got a great smell to it, holds nicely all day, has some shine to it and is recombable fairly easily. This stuff is definitely a pomade worth picking up. You can order it from Michael Tafoya via Facebook. And I recommend ordering it, just the smell alone is worth it.

*Update!! I now own this brand and make this pomade. To order a can head on over to my etsy shop and snag one of the 9 scents it now comes in, or pick up all the scents for your collection!!!

Til next time


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4 comments on “Sodapomp Hair Pomade

  1. Sam says:

    Ii have curly thick hair. Stating that this pomade did not hold my curls. Even after 3 days of build up. I really like the scent, but I would only use this as a topper

    • jchmotox57 says:


      Yeah it’s not as heavy as Grandad’s or other waxy pomades, but it does have a great smell and some shine to it. I will also use this as a topper for a few heavier pomades for the smell and shine it gives.


  2. adrian says:

    So do you tweak the recipe a bit for your sodapomp or not?

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