Bees Knees V-Day Bay Rum Aftershave

Along with the blade review I just did, I am reviewing an aftershave that is long overdue. I promised Drew I’d review it as soon as I got a new bottle in, and I did a few days ago, so here we go. It’s “V-Day Bay Rum” by Bees Knees.


This bay rum comes in the coolest bottle I’ve ever seen! It’s a mini, old looking, round bottle. But it’s not a ball shape, it’s thin like a flask. It kind of reminds me of an old pirates rum bottle. Like I said, very cool!! Unfortunately, the company Drew got these from stopped making them. Luckily I got the last one he had so now I have another one for my collection.


It has just one label on the front. In that label around the edge is the signature Bees Knees rope border. Inside the border is a battle ship in a yellow background with red and black lettering over in. At the top it says “V-Day” in red block letters, below that in pirate style script is “bay rum aftershave” and under that is the Bees Knees writing. I really dig the label a lot it really fits the bottle perfectly.


It also comes with a little tag tied to it that has the same label on one side. On the other side is a little blurb. One paragraph describes bay rums and their history. Another describes this particular bay rum and how Drew formulated it. At the bottom is the ingredient list, the website, and where it’s made(Portland, Oregon).

The lid on this one is a cork, even cooler!! Now it really looks like a pirates rum bottle. It’s sealed with a strip of tape that has the Bees Knees bee in between the “Bees Knees” writing. It is also glued shut as well to ensure a very secure liquid proof seal. And finally shrink wrapped to hold everything in place. I like Drew’s thoroughness with the packaging of this aftershave, it shows his dedication to his product!


I took a picture of the cork so you could see the glue stuck to it and the shape of the cork. It’s a wedge shaped one rather than just a straight one. And this cork is more of a coarse cork than a really smooth cork like wine bottles have.

As soon as you pull out the cork you’re immediately met with a strong rum scent. However, it’s not your usual rum, or even bay rum scent. This one has some mint, eucalyptus, and a hint of citrus along with the classic rum scent. This one is by far my favorite smelling bay rum. I’ve smelled quite a few and this one is still my favorite. Just the smell kind of invigorates and rejuvenates you, and that’s before even splashing it on.


When you pour it out of the bottle you notice that this one isn’t as runny as most are. It’s probably because of the oils used in it, and it not having a lot of alcohol. I’m actually really glad that it doesn’t run everywhere, because that means I get more of it to use on my freshly shaved face. And this stuff smells great so I don’t want to waste any!

After I shaved I splashed this on and was instantly invigorated. This stuff has a nice cooling burn to it when you rub it on. I know that sounds like an oxy moron, but that’s the best way I can describe how it feels. And as you rub your hands over your lip you get such a nice strong smell of this awesome bay rum. It takes a bit longer to dry than most other bay rums do, again it’s because of the oils in it. I like it like that because I get to smell it that much longer! Yes I dig the smell that much. Once it dries your face is left very very soft and clean feeling. It’s by far one of the best aftershaves I’ve ever used!

You have to go over to
and grab a bottle of this bay rum! I can’t recommend it enough. It’s got such an awesome scent to it and it comes in cool packaging! I know I said these bottles are discontinued, but Drew found some new cool bottles so make sure to get one ASAP! And while you’re there check out his pomades, he’s got a couple different ones and is working on a new one for you guys!

See you at the next shave!



4 comments on “Bees Knees V-Day Bay Rum Aftershave

  1. Andrew says:

    How about you use your reviewers influence to get Drew to develop/release an all day fragrance to accompany it? So you can carry the smell all day…. Ordered mine this morning.

  2. Dominick says:

    Could you ask Drew to make a non-oily hair tonic, I think that would be awesome to finally get an all natural hair tonic! His pomades are great.

    • Well the ingredients that go in non-oily tonics aren’t naturally. So I’m not sure it’s entirely feasible. However, you can always ask him yeah. Just shoot him an email to his website or on facebook and see what he has to say. I’d also be interested in a Bees Knees tonic 🙂
      I will also let him know you said so when I talk with him next.


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