Personna Razorblades

Alright gents, I’m back with another blade review. This time I’m going with Personna super blades. I received these from my buddy Jeff in a sample pack. So I didn’t have the box they come in, but I found a picture for the review.


They come in a cardboard box rather than the plastic one other blades come in. It has the name and writing in white lettering and a picture of the blade on the box. In the bottom right corner in yellow is the blade count for the box. At the very bottom it says “America’s #1 Brand.” Hopefully they live up to that statement!


The wrapper on this one is way different than the last few blades I’ve tried. Instead of wax paper, this one is actual paper, with color. It’s a blue wrapper with black writing. It has white razorblades with “super” on them just underneath “Personna.” When you flip them over there some white patches on the back with the company info.


When you take the blade out of the wrapper it looks a little different than most, shape wise. The side tabs you grip are bigger than most razorblades. And this one has ink stamps instead of etching like the Feathers did. It has “Personna” on both sides. Under one is “super” under the other is “made in u.s.a.” And on the right tab it has two stamps, I can’t tell what one is. but the other is a heart.


I decided to put this one in my butterfly DE razor. My Merkur still has a Feather blade in it and I didn’t want to take it out yet. You can see how nice and snug these blade fit in this razor. I like when blades do that, it makes for an easier time shaving. The feel of these blades is a lot more sturdy than the Feather or Derby blades. I actually prefer the feel of these, the don’t seem as flimsy as the others.


I was a little surprised at how big the gap was between the blade and the bar. It’s significantly bigger than with the other blades. However than could be a good thing. It might allow more lhairs to pass through a lot easier. We will soon see.

20130304-233647.jpgThe Beautiful Ones. Great azxhc, check em out!

I grabbed my bowl and brush and lathered up. I then took the blade and ran it under hot water and started to shave. I was really pleased with how smoothly this blade glided over my face. It was almost as smooth as using a cartridge style razor. Far smoother than the Feather and Derby blades. I really liked how smoothly my shave felt using these blades.


I was done shaving a couple minutes earlier than usual, because of how smooth my shave was. Unfortunately, these blades didn’t shave as closely as I like. You can still see some stubble, kind of like 5 o’clock shadow, left on my face. I even went over a few spots and I was still left with hair showing. Oh well, not every blade is going to be right for me. I do think that these blades will be great for when I need a quick shave before going somewhere. Or as a prep for my Feather blades.

I did like how these blades shaved, I just wasn’t super impressed with how close they shaved. But for a quick shave, or if you don’t need to get your hairs super close, these blades will work great. I’m not sure if they’re #1, but they’re better than disposables for sure. You can get them at
or the brands website. So if you like what you saw and read go pick up a pack of these and give ’em a try.

Stay fresh fellas!



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