JS Sloane Deep Cleansing Shampoo

I’m finally reviewing another shampoo! This one is by JS Sloane, it’s their Deep Cleansing Shampoo. I contacted the folks over at JS Sloane about getting some of their brilliantines to review and received and email with a phone number to call. So I called and got Joann their president, also part of their name, where the “J” comes from. So we chatted for about an hour about her pomades and other products, my blog, my pomade, and some other stuff. At the end of the conversation she said she was going to send out both brilliantines and their shampoo to start and when I get done with those she’d send the rest.

20130306-001327.jpgsorry for all the glare

So this shampoo comes in a very cool looking, and old school looking bottle. It looks like an old laudanum bottle from the late 1800’s. However, this one isn’t glass like those were, but it is the same deep brown color that they were, along with a metal lid. The writing on it is printed right on the bottle, it’s not a clear sticker like most shampoos out there have. This gives it a very classic, vintage feel.


On the front is their diamond shaped logo. It has rays going out from the center, a starburst at the top, and their name in the center. Below that in gold writing it says “Gentleman’s Classic Deep Cleansing Shampoo.” At the bottom it has where it’s made, New York, USA, and their little dapper guy logo. When you turn it over you see a whole lot of gold writing. On this side is a blurb about the shampoo, their directions, a caution, the ingredient list and the weight info. Pretty cool bottle layout, very old feel to it, and I’m a huge fan of old.


The lid on it is a metal, stainless steel, screw type lid. When you unscrew it you get a nice whiff of a very fresh smelling shampoo. It smells like shampoo, but also has kind of a sweet plant smell to it too. Kind of reminds me of aloe vera or something like that. Definitely one of the better smelling shampoos out on the market.


As I poured it out I saw a crystal clear ooze come out. It’s a little thicker than your average shampoo, but once it hits your hands it spreads out more than average shampoos do. I was really surprised to see a clear shampoo, mainly because I don’t think I have ever seen one before. They’re always colored or white, never clear, at least I’ve never seen one before now.

Now I had a little build up of a waxy pomade when I used this the first time as you can see in the picture. Lets see how it does with that. I hoped in the shower and proceeded to wet my hair and then lather up with this shampoo. It has a nice burst of scent when you work the lather on your head. And the lather is a bit thicker than average shampoo, but not overly thick. I decided to let it sit in while I finished my shower duties and I rinsed it at the end of my shower. I let it sit it because the JS Sloane brilliantines are water based and I wasn’t sure how this shampoo would fare with a little bit of wax build up.

20130306-002621.jpgBitter End, great hxc band! Look at that damn mess of hair! Sorry I just got out of bed and was really tired.

When I rinsed it out I was pleasantly surprised at how all the wax was out of my hair and my hair was left nice and soft! Now I did use a little bit of Lone Star pomade with my last waxy pomade so it could be that making my hair soft, but I still liked how it felt. On the second day using this with only the JS Sloane medium in my hair, I still felt a nice soft head of hair after using it. I am very stoked about that! Not very many shampoos leave my hair feeling soft, so I always have to buy conditioner, but this one takes care of that.

20130306-002645.jpgso fresh and so clean clean

I really dig this shampoo! I gotta say that Joann and Smutty have a great shampoo on their hands! I’m going to be doing a revisited review of this shampoo at a later date to see how it works with only petro and wax products, but I think it’s going to perform just the same. I highly recommend this shampoo for you guys that like shampooing out all your grease fairly regularly or of you just want to clean out your natural oils after a few days off. Head on over to
and grab a bottle of this shampoo and check out their other products while you’re there. They will be coming out with something new very soon! Stay tuned for their pomades next!

Stay fresh!



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