Black Jack Shaving Soap

Hey guys I’m checking out a brand new shave soap today. Mike over at Black Jack sent this to me with my last pomade order from him. I’ve been anxious to try it out ever since I got it, and now is that time!


This one doesn’t come in the usual packaging. It’s wrapped in white tissue paper and has a sticker on both sides of it. The top sticker has the Black Jack spade in the center with “21” in the center of it. On either side are pinstriped arrows pointing down, then above and below it is “Black Jack Pomade.” Above that logo/box it says “Shaving” and below it is “Soap.” Pretty simplistic, but you guys know I dig the old school simple labels/designs. The sticker on the back has a blurb about the soap itself. Mike left out the funny with this blurb though, it’s just a straightforward description.


When you unwrap this shave soap you are promptly me with the familiar, and wonderfully clean fresh scent that I’ve come to love from the Black Jack products. It smells exactly like their pomades. And this soap is a clear, yellowish soap. Nice change up from the normal solid colored/ nontransparent soaps. Not that I don’t like those, but I like diversity and change up too. Plus clear soaps are just rad!


I went ahead and placed it in my little shave soap bowl and got my water running. I then got my brush nice and damp and proceeded to swirl away to get my lather going. At first it didn’t want to lather up very good, but after a few minutes I got a really nice thick lather from this soap. It’s so rich that it almost hides my hairs in it. I love a nice rich lather from a soap, it makes my hairs a lot easier to shave.

After applying it all I kind of sat there enjoying the smell of it. I really like the smell, and usually it’s above my nose and I kind of get used to it when it’s in my hair. But with it being in the shave soap now, I had to take a moment to bask in the scent.


As I began shaving, I noticed that my face felt really soft when I grabbed the areas where I had already shaved to pull the skin tight. Hopefully my face will stay soft after I’m done shaving. The scent stayed nice and present the whole time I was shaving. It really makes for a nice shave when you can smell the soap throughout the whole shave. After all was said and done, I had a nice clean shaven face, that was still nice and soft, and had a fresh clean smell to it! I like this soap! Now Mike just needs to make an aftershave with the same scent (ahem) or something that compliments the smell of this soap.

If you guys like fresh scents and shave soaps that leave your face soft and smooth after a shave, pick up this soap. It’s definitely worth checking out! You can get it from his website
and while you’re there pick up some of his pomade too! I got some more shave stuff coming in this and next week so stay posted for some new stuff!




8 comments on “Black Jack Shaving Soap

  1. Brittius says:

    From the photograph of you with your face lathered up, it appears that you are not getting the full benefit of the shaving soap. It looks like you are “field shaving”, and that means anything from simply twirling the brush in a mug, to rubbing a sliver of soap.

    Do me a personal favor and try this method:
    A) Get a bowl that fits in the palm of your hand or just a bit larger (I like the one I bought on eBay, it’s a scrying bowl with pedestal feet and cork pads:, made it by hand).
    B) Place the brush in the bowl and fill with hot water; Soak the brush for two minutes; Using your fingers, with just a bit of water, drizzle the water over the soap product and that also, let soak.
    C) Ready? Pour off water from soap product. Pour out water from bowl. With your thumb and index finger, squeeze off excess water from brush.
    D) Brush to soap product. Round-and-Round… Count to 100… Round-and-Round.
    E) Now that the brush is loaded, use the bowl. Put the brush into the empty bowl. Round-and-Round. You might need literally a drop of water to add into the bowl. Keep working briskly. Count to 200… Round-and-Round.
    F) You should have enough lather to correctly barbershop shave. On the face, round, circular motions to get under the whiskers, and add more to keep moist if it looks like you applied the shaving lather too thinly.
    G) There should be enough shaving lather, really nice thick creamy shaving lather and not chemical foam, for you to shave twice, and possibly a third pass if needed. Easier hand pressures on the razor with the real shaving lather.

    • Eric says:

      Yes, J.C.; sadly, your lather is weak. Check the shaving forums as well as following Brittius’ advice. The Shave Nook and Badger and Blade forums. Look for “Ultralather” and Marco’s Method and check the videos too. Your lather is very dry and thin. It needs to be built properly and look like creamy, lucent Greek Yogurt ans it needs to protect and cushion your face and provide glide and proper lubrication.

  2. Brittius says:

    I found this, see if it will help out any. It’s the basic idea of getting the most benefit of shaving soap lather.

  3. jchmotox57 says:

    Hey guys,

    Thanks Brittius! I talked to my good buddy Jeff and got some tips and will be trying your and his ideas. Eric, I know it was kind of weak. I revised the review and its up now so check it out and comment on that one for me! This one will stay up on here too though.


    • Brittius says:

      Okay. If you get to the point where you need to transfer the soap into a mug and it doesn’t fit or, you find something you like but either too large or small to fit the soap, it’s easy to remedy.
      Since 1970, I have been using a straight razor. So much wasted shaving soap. Today, I buy several cakes of different shaving soaps and trim them down with a knife, like trimming potatoes, and I blend different soaps into the mug, nearly filling it.
      Cover the top of the mug real tightly with cling wrap (Sarran Wrap) and into the microwave, warming on the setting to warm up soup. Twenty seconds. Remove from the microwave and keep putting back in for twenty second intervals until the soap is melted to liquid. It could take a while, as different types of soaps will melt at different rates.
      Then I keep the top of the mug covered with the wrap and set it aside for at least seven or eight hours, minimal, and this keeps the moisture ingredients in the shaving soaps. Today, my favorite mug is one with a lid, got that from, it’s the Victorian Mug with Lid (Non-Microwave safe, so be careful of burning your hands. My mug is Cobalt Blue, so again, I need to take care with using a microwave. NO METAL TRIM ON MUG, or it will be disasterous in a microwave.)
      Why do I write this part? Easy. If you ever travel or want to use something different or outside of the box thinking, like an Altoids tin, you can melt shaving soap to fit the tin and travel light. The palm of your hand, is now the mix bowl. If water is scarce or low, travel with the boar bristle brush because it absorbs less water. You can make almost as thick a shaving soap lather using your hand palm.
      If Jeff, is knowledgable, maybe he could show you in person how to build the shaving lather and apply it to your face. Stick your thumb into the brush and it will flatten the bristle-head shape if you don’t like the lather in your nose. With experience, lather in the nose is absolutely no big deal. Cover the entire area up to the lips because if the razor hits dry areas it could start pulling up skin. Dry shaving is a little different.
      Go to youtube and search, “Shaving Soap Lather”. I found many videos there.
      Hey, now this page is sounding like a real old fashioned barber shop. Nice.

      • Brittius says:

        Before I forget…
        If you are using a metal box like Altoids, do NOT microwave that. You melt in the mug and pour molten shaving soap into the metal tin. Then simply close the lid and set aside several hours or until the next day.
        DO NOT, put molten shaving soap into a freezer. It will screw up whatever is inside the soap. Always slow cool, always covered with wrap or lid.

  4. jeffd2422 says:

    If you melt down shave soaps make sure they are not tallow based. You can only melt glycerin based soap! If you want to go this with a tallow soap use a grater and sh read it like cheese. I do this with Valobra shave sticks. After I grate them down I press that into a small dish.

    • Brittius says:

      Jeff: The shaving soaps normally used over the years by myself include, Williams, which is difficult to melt at all; A variety of soaps using goat’s milk, Cocoa Shea Butter; Glycerin soaps.
      Grating would be better but the wife would have too many (extra) complaints about the use of the cheese grater and being Old School, a knife from the kitchen drawer or a pocket knife, does the job nicely. I generally will go with a 3:1 ratio of Williams to goat’s milk soap, then see what else I have if any other shaving soap is needed or hanging around.
      I think there was something on youtube about Ivory soap in a microwave that was a real mess. Of all the shaving soaps, the goat’s milk and the glycerin bases are soft and easily create instant lather. Williams has glycerin but it takes more work to lather and is difficult to melt. Years ago, all you could ever find anywhere was the Williams, and when another shaving soap was found, it was priced at nearly the price of a new mug, so who needed something like that? In fact, some barbershops would melt Ivory soap on the stovetop and pour it into their shaving mug, but if you smelled Ivory, the shave was worth half the price, and the barber would run into the back room and come out with an empty Williams box. Men would counter, “What, you saving that box since the Depression?”, it meant that the barber was cheap and only holding the empty box for display. They also used brown laundry soap and that was the thin lather stuff and the complaint was that the razor would be irritating. Most shops then started using the hot lather machines but the real old timers continued with the shaving mug process.

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