Black Jack Shave Soap – revised

So after a few people said I wasn’t getting the most from my shave soap I decided to rework my routine/process. I went ahead and went with Black Jack again since I just used it and I got a comment specifically on that one. I contacted my buddy Jeff about it and got a few tips from him and tried them out. I put my own little quirks on them and tweaked it to fit me best, and I think I have it down pretty good.

So here we go, again. This time I soaked my brush and shave soap in hot water for a few minutes. After they were done I shook out about half the water from my brush and dumped all the water from my soap out. I then loaded my brush full of soap, I loaded it for about 30 seconds. Then I grabbed my bowl, it’s not going to be permanent bowl but it’ll do for now, and added just a little bit of water. I proceeded to get my lather going, I swirled away for about a minute to a minute and a half. I definitely see a huge difference in this and my previous lather. The later from earlier was quite sad compared to this haha. I think I got a nice thick lather this time around, and the scent is just awesome!!!


I was nicely surprised at how much of a difference I saw between the two! I then lathered up my face. And holy moly it was a rich lather and smelled nice and strong this time. I was really happy with how much lather I had on my face this time too, much better. I had enough in my bowl for another shave too! Definitely a big, and good, difference. So thanks for the info guys and for the help Jeff!

20130310-202825.jpglook at that foam beard!

I also noticed a nice difference in the shave with such a thick lather. I let it sit in there for a minute before shaving. I didn’t really need to shave, but I figured I had gotten a good lather that I wanted to go ahead and revisit/revise the review for Mike.

Now I had never been taught how to shave with these types of products/methods, and actually I was never taught how to shave period. So it was a total trial and error learning experience for me. But I’m glad I have some friend to help me out and guide me in the right direction. I think I have a pretty good routine down now. I may tweak a few things, but overall I’m happy with it and I’m noticing a lot better things from this routine!

Now that I did a proper review with a proper routine/method of this soap, grab some!! It’s great! Again go to
to get a soap and check out Mike’s pomades while you’re there!

Catch ya later fellas!



3 comments on “Black Jack Shave Soap – revised

  1. Brittius says:

    That’s the way to do it!

    Keep in mind, the height of that bowl. In fact, keep using that bowl, because you did a spectacular job.

    The height of the bowl is something the individual’s hand motion controls.
    I can use anything from a bowl, to my hand, or even a platter or flat dish. Only over time, will you develop that degree of skill, so, keep doing what you are now doing, because that, is perfect.

    • jchmotox57 says:


      Thanks. I thought I did an ok job, but if you say it looks good I’m gona keep doing just what I did. Thanks for the tips on the other post too.



  2. jeffd2422 says:

    Looks good bro. Keep at out and you will have it perfected.

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