Steel Toe Pomade – Revisited/New Scent

My good friend Tanner, reworked the scent of his pomade, and he gave me a can to try out and review. I’m pretty stoked to see what changed about it, but I’m hoping its still the same pomade that I know and love. So let’s find out what’s up with the new Steel Toe Pomade!


It comes in the same can, 3oz, slip cover, stainless steel. Nothing there has changed, cool. I still like the original cans best, but alas, Tanner can’t get them anymore. The label is the same, rockabilly guy with his cuffed jeans and boots, along with the anchors on either side of him, and “Steel Toe Pomade.” That hasn’t changed, I’m glad, that’s one of my favorite labels.


As soon as you open the can you notice a very significant difference. Instead of the creamy white pomade, this time it’s a natural beeswax colored pomade. It looks kind of like Bees Knees now. You can tell its still a nice waxy petro pomade, the consistency seems to be the same by the look of it. Since this is my favorite pomade I was a little bummed when he said that he reworked the scent. However as soon as I smelled it all my concerns went out the window. It has the same smell pretty much, just not as astringent/harsh. It’s still a nice strong scent but its mellow at the same time, nice and balanced. And I get a hint of cinnamon at the end.


When I scooped this one out I noticed the second big difference. This one scoops out a lot waxier than the original does kind of similar to the South Side Pomades. I can dig the texture, that’s not very important to me when it comes to a pomade, as long as it works well. Breaking it up in my hands was a little bit harder than the original, the wax clumps took a little bit more time, but nothing bad at all, maybe 30 extra seconds. The scent stayed right where it was at when I was working the pomade around in my palms, same as the original. So apart from the color and the scent not being as astringent, not much has changed. I’m liking that cause this pomade is my favorite.

When I ran my hands over my hair I was really pleasantly surprised at how this one goes in a bit easier than the other did. Nice work Tanner!! He should be a “Pomade-ologist” and work for the big companies, cause he sure knows what he’s doing and he makes the best damn pomade! It seemed to go in about as evenly as the original did. And combing it was the same as the other one was. A nice medium resistance, didn’t yank my hairs, and spread evenly fairly quick.

20130312-000606.jpgdon’t mind the hairs sticking out in the front of my part, that’s where that dude cut out of my pomp and they’re at the unruly stage

Combing my pomp was a breeze, I had it done in just a couple minutes with this pomade in it. I really love how this pomade performs in my hair, it’s just great! I did notice that this one is a little bit shiny, it’s more of a matte shine but still! The height I got was about the same as the first time. It doesn’t give you crazy amounts of height, but it will give you a good size pomp.

I really enjoyed the way my hair smelled all day long. The scent stuck with me the whole day, toward the end it wasn’t as present, but I could still smell it. And the hold was there all day long as well, not one hair came out of place. Now I didn’t need to, but I recombed it anyway, and I was able to recomb it easier than last time. Along with that, the hold was still there after I recombed it. Like I said, my favorite pomade.


With continuous use, you don’t have to add a lot each day after the first application. This stuff tends to keep with you if you don’t wash your hair, making it a pomade that lasts for a while. When you do wash your hair, this one doesn’t take as long as others to come out. I don’t need to cause I make my own degreasing shampoo that gets it out in one wash, but regular shampoo has it out in 4 or 5 washes. Or it will come out on its own in about two days after the first day using it.

This pomade always gets me lots of compliments on my hair. And personally I really love the way it makes my hair look. Tanner really hit it out of the park with Steel Toe. By far one of the best pomades out there.

You have to get some of this pomade!! I can’t recommend it enough. It literally is one of the best pomades I’ve ever used and it’s my favorite pomade. You can find it on
Right now his big cartel is having issues and his Facebook just isn’t the best way to get the pomade. So I’d get it from sourpuss if you don’t live in the Phoenix area. Thanks again Tanner!

*Update! I now own this brand and make this pomade. So you can pick it up on my etsy shop! And stay tuned for new Steel Toe products coming soon!!!

Keep it greasy!


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5 comments on “Steel Toe Pomade – Revisited/New Scent

  1. akbpun says:

    Is this the same formula like the new one you and tanner release?

  2. Trigga Mike says:

    I am very pleased with the can I purchased last month. I used this one regularly, perfect hold, easy to apply, and easy to comb and a great Bayrum Scent.

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