I got some really great stuff in this past week!!! I do have quite a bit of stuff coming still too, which I’m very excited for! There’s 3 picture and I will list everything under each picture. And as always, they’ll be top to bottom, left to right.


Justin sent me more Suavecito stuff to review!!! By the way, he’s in an awesome band called New Brigade make sure you check them out!! He also did some vocals for a great straight edge hardcore band called Minority Unit, you gotta listen to them as well they’re sick!! Here’s what he sent to me this time;
Pre-shave Solution
Shave Cream
Menthol Vanishing Cream

Bianca from Hair pomades put me in contact with Regina from HairGoop and she sent me some stuff from the Cool Grease company! Then Alexa from the Edelman Group/Schick sent me a few of their new razors to try out. And a buddy of mine from New York sent me some hard to find pomades, thanks Vaughn!


I’m stoked on this haul for one reason, more Dixie Peach!!
Dixie Peach – Brilliantina red x2
Schick – Hydro 5 razorblades x2
Cool Grease – blue
Cool Grease – red
Comb with a hidden knife in the handle (I collect knives and combs and thought this was perfect for me)
Halka brilliantine
Tuxedo Club Pomade
High Life – lip balm (smells like pixie stix!)

I found some cool stuff on amazon and almost all of the other Cool Grease pomades so I bought em! And Joann from JS Sloane sent me the rest of their line for reviews!! She’s such a cool lady for sending me everything they make to review!! Thanks Joann you’re the best!


I finally got some stuff I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. Can’t wait to get to some of these!

3 different pops(all are variations of root beer)
Cool Grease – Fiber Grease
Cool Grease – Z
Cool Grease – XX
Cool Grease – Concrete
Hawleywoods Liquid Cream Shave
Tres Flores Aftershave
Mr. Ducktail Shampoo
JS Sloane – High Shine Top Coat
JS Sloane – Moisturizing Shampoo
Mr. Ducktail Pomade
JS Sloane – Lightweight Brilliantine

I’m really stoked on all of these products and can’t wait to review all of them!! Thank you to Justin from Suavecito, Bianca at Hair Pomades, Regina at HairGoop, Alexa from Edelman, Vaughn, and Joann from JS Sloane for everything!! You guys rock!

Stay tuned!



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