Bone Crusher – Light

After he made his regular Bone Crusher Korbinian tried out a light pomade. He sent me over a tin with our last pomade swap for me to review. So I am going to give this one a go.


It comes in the same tin as his regular does. A stainless steel tin with a screw top lid, like the Grant’s Golden Brand tins. I have grown to really like these tins. I don’t have very many and they stand out in my collection amongst all the standard stainless tins. It has the same label as the original, only this one doesn’t have the bottom label too, just the lid label. But everything is the same on it.


When you unscrew the lid you’re met with the same lovely lemon drop candy scent as the original. Not too many pomades have a lemon scent and its one of my favorites! The color of this one is a lot less bright and more creamy than the original. It definitely looks like a lighter hold and more like a petro pomade than a waxy one.


Now time to check the weight of this pomade. I dug my finger into the pomade and pulled out something very similar to Levin’s Super Soft. It wasn’t anywhere near as oily as Levin’s, but it had the same soft texture. I hope it holds more than that one did. If it doesn’t at least it will make one of the best smelling toppers ever!

Rubbing the pomade in my palms, I was immediately put at ease. It felt more like a medium grease instead of Levin’s. I’m really glad it has more weight to it. Having more texture to it didn’t make it tougher to work in, it actually went in very similar to the way Royal Crown’s hair dressing does. Nice and smooth, just a straight greasy pomade pretty much. I could tell there was a little bit of wax in there though. Maybe that will give it some hold.

Combing it was very similar to combing Dr. Rubin’s original. It has some resistance to it, but it combed fairly easily. It did take me a little while to get in worked in evenly though. That kind of surprised me because of how light it is, usually they go right in. It did shine my hair up really nicely once I got it all worked in evenly though!!


I wasn’t able to get very much height with it as I wanted to, but I was able to get some height. It isn’t like a lot of light pomades out there that give absolutely no hold and work best for slicks and as toppers. This one did hold my hair up, but it was very soft and had a light hold to it. Also like with the original this one left a nice tingle on my scalp from the menthol. I love it when pomades and shampoos do that!!

Despite the softness this pomade held my hair in place all day long. I did notice a slight sinking of my pomp, but it was pretty warm outside and I was in the sun a lot so I expected that. I actually expected it to sink more but it held up pretty damn good for a light pomade. The shine got more apparent throughout the day too! The only thing I didn’t really care for was when I recombed it, my waves really got accented and the pomade kind of lost it’s hold. I wasn’t really able to get my pomp to go back to the height it was before. That’s ok though, I just won’t recomb it unless I have to and I’ll wet comb it when I do.


The next day with a little build up in my hair it wasn’t any different when applying it or combing it. It felt exactly the same. I did get a smidgen more hold the second day, but not very much. I was still only able to get a low profile pomp with this on its own. And just like the first day, this stuff didn’t move at all during the day. One difference I did see was when I recombed it, my hair went right back into place this time. I was really digging that! And the scent stayed nice and strong all day as well, I noticed it a little more the second day.

Even though its a petro based pomade, it washes out pretty easily. Most of it comes out in just a few washes. And what doesn’t, you can get out with some groom & clean or another degreasing method. I used my own shampoo to get it out, I use it for most of the pomades I use when I want to degrease. If you don’t wash your hair everyday this one will stay in like it’s supposed to. Some lighter pomades kind of come out, especially when you sleep. However, this one isn’t one of those that stays on your pillow instead of your hair.

For a soft pomade I really enjoyed this one! I’m usually more partial to medium pomades, but I liked this soft one a lot. I can see myself using this one quite often in the future for slick backs, gentleman’s parts and as a topper. If you guys like using toppers or rockin slick do’s, pick up a tin of this one from Korbinian! You can hit him up on Facebook for it, I don’t know if he has put it up on
yet or not. If not, you can just message Korbinian and he will get you taken care of!

Stay slick


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