Schick Hydro 5 – disposable cartridge razors

Now I know I don’t usually review these types of razors/blades, but one of the reps from the Edelman Group/Schick contacted me about trying them out, and I figured why not? I don’t use these type of razors, I’m more of a DE fan, but I’m going to give them a go and see what happens.


The ones she sent me came in a plastic container with a film over it to keep the razors inside. There’s 3 in each pack. There’s a rip curl in the background and it has the Schick logo and “Hyrdo 5 disposables” underneath it. It also has some other little blurbs about the razors on the package. The main colors of this one are blue and white, there is a little green thrown in there too.


When you turn it over you see the razors laid in the package. The back labeling has all kinds of info about the razors. Along with all the company info, the ingredients, contact info and a guarantee. It looks kind of standard for these types of razors. My roommates razors come in the same type of packaging, they’re Gillette razors though, I think.


The razor itself is a plastic razor that’s blue and white. The handle is made of hard plastic and then it’s coated with some kind of gel cushion thing. It starts out dark blue at the end and turns to a sky blue toward the cartridge. It feels really weird, compared to what I’m used to using anyway, kind of like those fancy pens. On the handle it has a white oval with “Hydro” in it.


The cartridge itself is also white and blue, along with the metal of the blades. It would be cool to see blue blades or something in a cartridge. Or white ceramic blades, like those uber sharp ceramic knives. It has the five blades set between two blue rubber things. These are supposed to make for a smoother shave. The bottom one helps move the cream and the top one has “gel reservoirs” in it. I’ve never heard of “gel reservoirs” before, but let’s see what they’re all about, shall we?


I lathered up, well tried to, with some shaving cream and got ready to shave. I started to shave like I usually do and then realized I don’t have to make short strokes. So I got to shaving quickly. This razor did let me shave very quickly, it didn’t tug on my hairs or face at all. I was done shaving in about three minutes, I’m not used to being done shaving that fast. I would’ve been done sooner, but the cartridge kept clogging up, it clogged up pretty bad and quickly too. I think it’s because of how small the gaps are between the blades. I really had to smack the razor to clear it of all my hair and shaving cream. Maybe it’s the cream, I don’t know.

I was able to achieve a very close shave, right on par with those Feather razorblades that I reviewed a little while back. However, I had this funky film on my face and neck. I’m pretty sure it is from the “hydrating gel” on the top of the cartridge. I really didn’t like that at all, so I wiped my face on my towel and immediately put on some of my Clubman aftershave. I felt much better after that. I don’t know why, but I just did not like that feeling.


I decided to try this razor with a different cream the second time. I usually use the creams you have to lather yourself, but I used my roommates Barbasol instead. Which by the way, is the only aerosol can type shaving cream I like. This time my razor didn’t clog, looks like this razor shouldn’t be used with a cream/lather you have to work up yourself. The Barbasol worked a lot better! I also didn’t notice the film as much this time, I think that was due to the cream as well. They didn’t seem to mix/work together very well. And this razor did give me a close shave again the second time.

Overall, this disposable cartridge razor isn’t too bad. It’s not something I will use regularly, but I will keep them around for when I need to shave in a hurry. They do work great for that. So if you aren’t into DE razors, or you need a close shave in a hurry, these ones will work great for you. They don’t really work with old school shave creams or soaps, but they do give you a close, quick shave. You can find these at pretty much any grocery or drug store or your local super market, if they’re out that is. I don’t know if these are brand new or just semi new. But check it out if you’re into these razors, Schick should at least have out the Hyrdo 4’s, or whatever is comparable to these razors.

Keep it close



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