DAX – Vegetable Oils Pomade

With so many new pomades coming out of the woodwork lately, I’ve kind of neglected the oldies but goodies, so to speak. Don’t get me wrong I love all these new pomades coming out, I just think its time to get back to those tried and true products. After talking with Don we kind of agreed this particular pomade is underrated and doesn’t get the attention or glorification it deserves. So I’m showing you guys the Veggie Oils Pomade from DAX. I kind of forgot how much I really like this pomade, and I’m glad I got back to it this week.


It comes in the very familiar DAX plastic jar with the blue metal screw top lid. It has “DAX quality hair care products” and “made in usa” in white letters across the lid. The plastic jar itself has one wrap around label on it, but it doesn’t cover the entire jar. The center of the label is red, white and blue. It doesn’t read from top to bottom though, kind of out of the norm, but cool. It says “DAX” in the red area, “Vegetable Oils” in the blue, then “Pomade” in the white. Very American labeling, I love it. Next to it in a blue area is a paragraph about the pomade and the company info. To the left of the center is a white area with the directions in a few different languages.


I like that this one doesn’t have a plastic lid, but a metal one. It sets this company apart from the others with this little design difference. Inside the jar is a dark green, goopy looking pomade. It’s slightly aerated and looks like it has a medium grease texture to it. It has a very distinct scent to it, but it is also very hard to place. It’s a semi-sweet smell, but smells like pomade, and also a slight fruity/flowery hint to it too. I don’t really have anything to compare it to, which is a good thing for me. I like when pomades have very distinct and unique smells to them.


This pomade is deceptive in its looks. To me it has the look of a medium grease like say, Electric Grease, but it scoops out like Royal Crown hair dressing, just not quite as oily. The texture is super soft, and very smooth/silky to the touch. It is an oily pomade, but it’s not overly oily like some other light pomades out there. I usually only like these types of soft pomades as toppers or as a slicking pomade. Lets see how it holds.

It went in my hair super easy, just as easy as Royal Crown hair dressing. This one takes a little combing to spread evenly throughout your hair. Luckily, it combs very very easily, so that’s not a problem. I love it when pomades comb this easy, it makes forming a pomp really smooth.


Surprisingly this pomade held pretty well. I got a nice medium pomp with it. And, this stuff is super shiny!! Win win in my book! Once you get it in your hair and get some air under your hair the scent really stands out. The only thing I’m not too thrilled about with this pomade is that it makes the hairs stick together. It kind of leaves some gaps after combing, but they can be controlled some what with a really fine toothed comb or military brush.


The second day I had even more shine to my hair, but right around the same hold. I did wash my hair with a new shampoo and that took some of the grease out so that may be the reason. This one, being a lighter pomade, doesn’t quite tame the really unruly hair without applying a lot of pomade. So around the area where my pomp got messed up those hairs were kind of put of place, but not too bad. They’re getting longer and soon they will be back to where they were.

This stuff also holds all day long too. I didn’t have any hairs come out of place, no sinking of my pomp, and very little gaping. The gaps were easy to fix with a fine tooth comb and it recombs very nicely. Easier than most lighter pomades, almost like combing a oil tonic. The shine also got stronger throughout the day, one thing I really like when pomades do. I love my hair nice and shiny.

20130321-232357.jpgHe’s got stuff in his hair too. Sun screen and baby oil, lookin’ just like me.

When I got home I changed and got my kid ready to go swimming in his new pool and my hair was still standing right where I left it that morning! Like I was saying earlier, this pomade is a very underrated pomade and definitely doesn’t get the credit/recognition it deserves.

This pomade is one of the better light pomades out there. It is a cool color, has a great smell, is very light to the touch/comb, but holds more like a medium, stays all day, has high shine, and recombs easy. What’s not to love about this pomade? Nothing, that’s right! So head over to their site
and grab a jar of this pomade, it is more than worth it! Thanks Don!

Keep it greasy!


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7 comments on “DAX – Vegetable Oils Pomade

  1. Brittius says:

    Beautiful photo with the Little Guy. God Bless.

  2. Tracy says:

    Best photo yet, in your blog! You and the little man!

  3. Donald Waltz says:

    Cool hair, cool kid, and cool band!

  4. Jigar Dave says:

    Hi I love reading your reviews, it helps me choose my pomades as in India we have hot and humid climate which results in pomade acne.I would request if you can do a review of old spice spiffy pomade.

  5. Candy says:

    I’m really enjoying this product it doesn’t make my hair feels heavy and as a female this is the best oil I’ve ever used. I just hope the ingredients will not change. I give this oil 10 out of 10

    • Hey candy,

      I’m glad you like it as much as I do. Yeah it’s a great pomade. I highly doubt DAX is going to change the ingredients of this pomade. It’s been one of their top selling pomades for quite a few decades now. So I don’t see them changing the ingredients to it. I also give this pomade a 10/10, it’s really a great pomade, and you couldn’t ask for more from it. Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a great day!


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