Suavecito – Shaving Cream

After Justin sent me the Suavecito pomades, we talked a bit about him sending me their shaving line to review. He sent me pretty much everything else they carry to review and I’m starting with their shaving cream. By the way, make sure you check out Justin’s band, New Brigade out of California! They’re a good band! He also did some vocals for a band called Minority Unit, also a great band you should check out.


Their shaving cream comes in a pretty big plastic, amber colored tub with a white metal screw top lid. A few other creams come in this packaging and I really dig the packaging. It has just the one lid label, nothing on the sides of the container. The lid label kind of like their pomade label. It has a grey background with a shave brush in it. The Suavecito logo is in the center, then it has “shaving cream,” the weight and their website below that. Up on top is the ingredient list, and it has the brown border around the edge.



So I just dabbed and applied. It makes kind of a thick cream on your face when you spread it around with the brush. But it covers everything nicely, I do wish I was able to lather it though. I really like the big puffy clouds of lather. However, I do love the way this shaving cream feels on my face. It has the best cooling feeling when you apply it. Gotta love that menthol!


I shaved up and was surprised at how soft this stuff left my face. It had a nice cooling effect while shaving and it left a fresh feeling after I had shaved. My face was left really soft and clean feeling after I had finished shaving. Now somebody just needs to make a mint/menthol aftershave! Suavecito makes a menthol vanishing cream, which I think is like a balm, but I’d also love to see a liquid aftershave.

After shaving with it twice I’m liking this shaving cream a bit. I do wish it was a latherable cream like the Barber Side cream is, but I do like it. I love the way it cools my face during shaving and how smooth it leaves my face after shaving. So it’s definitely one I will be using again in the future. It better than those aerosol creams and some other non lather creams for sure. If you’re into these type of creams and like mint you should pick up a tub of this stuff! You can find it at their website
While you’re there check out their other shave stuff and their hair care line. They have some cool products! I will be review another one of their shave products soon!

Stay fresh fellas



5 comments on “Suavecito – Shaving Cream

  1. Brittius says:

    The cream shaving soaps also need to be whipped in your shaving soap bowl. Try it the next time and there should be an even better results of richness, because cream shaving soap is a real luxury item. Practice applying the lather in small circular motion. Bring the lather closer to your lip area and that will avoid razor chafing of skin. From what I can see of the product on your shaving brush, it is a really nice cream shaving soap and merits some pleasurable attention to really bring out its best. It should “pop” in the bowl, into soft, rich lather.
    In the old days, all the old barbers would go in the back and put on the Victrola, and play 78-rpm vinyl records of opera. I always would fall asleep and snore loudly. To the old timers, that was the highest compliment a customer could pay them. Antonio, would let me sleep in the reclined barber chair for a half hour, it became a ritual. I tipped 25% of the total bill. Quality experience, very manly. All of the items you review, were the bread-and-butter of their art, and a Man knew, that place was where he belonged when all of the items were in that old time barber shop.
    If you like, go over to, and listen to Luciano Pavarotti, singing in Italian, “La Donna Mobile”. All the barber shops had that record. The timing, and the detail to the shaving soap and the shave itself. Relaxing and teaches you to make the time not to squeeze the best out of the experience, but to juice it of all the goodness. That Suavecito, looks like it would be an outstanding teacher of what I am trying to say. Listen to the silence, there’s Wisdom in it.

    • jchmotox57 says:


      I did try to lather it. It just broke down and turned to liquid when I did. I tried both bowl lather and face lather and neither worked.


      • Brittius says:

        Surprised it broke down. Usually means too much water or not enough soap. Keep the brush moving quickly and that usually helps out.

      • jchmotox57 says:

        Me too. I tried all different variations and then I contacted them and they said its not made to do that because they whip it up before they package it so all you have to do is apply it and shave.


      • Brittius says:

        Yes, I just went online and searched it. It appears to run the same way as Noxema cold cream, and rub with fingers. It could be worked in a bowl with a drier brush, but I would have to run it myself before saying anything because it is up to the manufacturer to make the decision when the product is formulated. The cream has Glycerin and Wool Fat/Lanolin, so if your skin gets a red reaction, stop using the lanolin base wool fats. I did combine the creams onto the brush and then once fairly loaded, I would top load the brush with regular mug soap. The stuff in the toothpaste tubes are different and they face lather with a boar brush as they hold less water in the bristles. Also, I do not recall if your area has soft water or hard water? Hard water usually works a bit better with cooler or luke warm water temperatures and can run good with cool water, like you get from a fresh water stream when hunting, fishing, offroading, combat situations. These are the unique mysteries of the Manly World, it takes a lifetime to figure them out sometimes.

        Try a drier brush; load the bristles up good. You can even hold the cream side ways, or even upside down to get a good load. Remember count, and look at the bristles to see how they load. Into the bowl. Count to 200, at least or even 250 count. If it doesn’t work, then you have a finger soap. I used to shave with any type of soap that was available and it took maybe 3 minutes of brush time at most. Some lathers will cream thickly instead of what you normally get with mug soap. Whichever way it works, smile and enjoy it.

        When I was learning, it was near impossible for me to get anything right. The old timers would always tell me ways of doing it and I just couldn’t get it going. They would look at me like I was crazy and they would do it perfectly every time. It drove me nuts! Then without noticing one day, everything simply came together and in my hands, anything will work, and work real good. Best advise, you have plenty of years ahead of you, so relax and enjoy, it will all fall into place one day, without you ever noticing. You are a safety razor user, basically, so it’s not that critical. I shave with straight razors and use both right and left hands to shave. It comes with time. Razor selection is important so you don’t rip up your face too badly when learning. Then the honing and stropping. Now, add the soap lathering, and you can see how things become more complex. If that turns out to be a finger soap, run over to the local pharmacy and buy a small jar of Noxema face/cold cream and shave with that (menthol). You can base your face and then top it with the cream shaving soap. It’s all good.

        This old guy has to turn in for the night. See you next time.

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