JS Sloane – Moisturizing Shampoo

Alright! I got my other JS Sloane products in the mail a couple days ago, thanks Joann!! So I’m trying out their shampoo first, then the others. I was in the middle of a review when I got this and will be seeing how it works with that pomade. Off we go.


It comes in the same style bottle as their cleansing shampoo does. It’s an amber plastic jar with a stainless steel screw cap with the design and words printed right on the bottle. It has the same diamond logo and name on the front and says “classic moisturizing shampoo” under the name. It also has the same dapper guy stamp on the front as well. I love these bottles, they look like they belong in the late 1800’s.


On the back is the same wording in the yellowish ink. It has the blurb about the shampoo, directions, caution, and ingredient list. I also really enjoy how the words are printed right on the bottle instead of a label. It really makes these bottles stand on their own apart from the normal shampoos you see. It’s nice to see some change up from the norm, makes things more interesting.


You can kind of see what the shampoo might look like from outside the bottle. When you open the cap you see a silvery looking shampoo, it looks less runny than the cleansing shampoo. Which makes sense since it is a moisturizing shampoo.

When you pour it out you see that it is a lot thicker than the cleansing shampoo is. And it’s not a silvery shampoo, it’s more white than silver, but does have a glisten to it. It looks like a lot of shampoos you find at grocery stores, L’Oreal, Pantene, etc etc. It has thicker texture than those do though. The smell is almost exactly the same as the other shampoo and pomades.


I had some DAX build up in my hair when I used it the first time. I really liked getting back to that pomade, it’s such a great pomade. Now the directions say to apply to wet hair so I doubt it’s going to remove any of the pomade in my hair, but we will see.

20130321-191035.jpgThere’s no wax like DAX!

I lathered up and noticed it lathered a little creamier than their other shampoo. But just like the other the scent exploded when I worked up the lather. Because this one is a moisturizing shampoo and I had a moisture retaining pomade in, I didn’t leave the shampoo in as long as I normally would. It washed out pretty easily and surprisingly my hair felt like some of the pomade came out.


I decided I should see how it really moisturizes my hair on its own. So I degreased with some groom & clean and applied a little bit of their mediumweight pomade to wash out. I rinsed it out and made sure to get it all out before I washed my hair. It lathered up the exact same way, and burst with scent the same too. I left it in throughout my whole shower this time to make sure it moisturizes my hair really good. When I rinsed it out I didn’t notice a whole lot of moisturizing had happened. I mean my hair wasn’t dry, but at the same time it was super soft. Once I dried my hair I did notice my hair was more puffy and felt a little thicker. So I’m guessing that’s the moisturizing. Unlike the common store bought stuff that leaves your hair soft and silky, this one actually adds moisture to your hair, but doesn’t leave it really soft.

I think this shampoo is a pretty good one, I’m going to try it out with some water bases that dry my hair out and see how it holds up to those. But I’d recommend checking it out, it does add moisture to your hair. So if that’s what you’re looking for in a shampoo pick up a bottle of this one from
I have a couple more of their products to review and they will be next. Thanks again for sending them and this one out to me Joann!

Stay fresh, and clean, fellas



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