I got another pretty good haul this past week. My collection is ramping up pretty quickly and I’m kind of curious about some of these ones.


Here’s a list of everything;
Nature’s Blessings pomade
Gamma Grease
Mom Made Pomade – peach medium
Mom Made Pomade – peach heavy
Mom Made Pomade – tester (new scent)
Grandad’s – light
Grandad’s – original with Sodapomp scent
Grandad’s – original in a tin
Lucky Tiger – Cru Butch
Queen – bergamot
Grandad’s – shave cream
Grandad’s – bay rum
Black & White – manik shaper
Black & White – creative paste
Tancho – stick pomade

Thanks to Michael for the one of a kind Grandad’s with Sodapomp scent!! I’m very stoked to try out those Black & Whites and the new mom made tester smells amazing!! Thank you so much for sending that to me Dawn!! I’ll let you know how I like it ASAP.

Stay tuned for reviews on these, I’m almost done with the stuff companies have sent me and I will be getting to some pomades I’ve bought to try out and some readers picks.




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