Suavecito – Pre-Shave Solution

Hello gentleman, I am checking out a product I have never used before today. It’s a pre-shave oil/solution from Suavecito. Justin sent me their whole shave line save their bay rum and I figured I should check this one out next.


I really like the packaging this one comes in. It has a eye dropper for the lid and it is in a small dark brown glass bottle. This bottle looks like it belongs in a 1890’s doctors house call bag or something. I really like the look of this bottle. There is just one small square, wrap around label on the front. On the label is their signature name in their signature font and “pre-shave solution” under it. The background is grey like the rest of their products, and this one has a DE razor behind the name. To the right of everything is a little blurb about the solution and how to use it. To the left of everything is their ingredient list and “made in USA.”


When you unscrew the eye dropper and pull it out you smell the lovely scent of this oil which happens to have a nice tea tree oil smell to it. It also has a slight hint of aloe vera to it. The tea tree doesn’t over power at all it’s actually balanced well. The color of the oil is a very light yellow, but mostly clear.

With an eye dropper for a lid, that makes it really easy to not get the oil everywhere. So I pinched the rubber end and drew some oil into the dropper then squeezed it into my hand. This oil is very runny and when you put some on your fingers it just runs all they down to you palm. It also kind of soaks into your skin.


I then rubbed my hands together to spread around the oil and apply it to my face. Despite being runny this oil isn’t slick like other oils are. It’s actually more coarse, if that makes sense. I don’t have another description for it, it just wasn’t as smooth as say olive oil is. Having never tried one before I don’t know if this is the norm or not. I do like it though, I’d hate to have my face all oily when I shave.

I applied the oil to my face and like with my hands it kind of soaked into my skin. So you can’t really see the oil on my skin, but it’s there. My face did feel really smooth after putting the oil on. So I’m sure it will do its job and make my shave more smooth and allow for a better glide of my razor.


Then I lathered up my face with some soap and proceeded to shave. I noticed right off the bat that my shave was smoother. I really liked how much easier my razor glided across my face while I was shaving. This oil really made my shave a lot nicer than it has been in the past. And after I got done shaving my face felt softer than it usually does after shaving.

So having not ever used one before, I think I really like pre-shave oils/solutions. I was thoroughly impressed with how well this stuff worked and made my shave better. If you guys use pre-shave oils check this one out, if not, check this one out. You can find it on their website
I will be using it and other pre-shaves from now on when I shave. The next one I’m going to check out is Grandad’s.

Stay classy gents



One comment on “Suavecito – Pre-Shave Solution

  1. Brittius says:

    Try a drop or two into the shaving bowl. Load the brush and then make lather. The pre-shave oils thin out with the water and soap, and really makes a nice lather. The feel of the razor on your face will improve. “Gourmet Shave”.

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