Viva Las Vegas!

Well I packed up and headed to Vegas today with my little man and my lady for Viva Las Vegas 16. I had been stressing all year about whether or not I’d actually be able to go, but the odds were in my favor this time. So I’m here! I packed a few of my favorite pomades to use while I’m up here and decided not to review anything while I’m up here.


I am bringing these with me to use, the mom mades are just in case I need a little extra. I greased up with DAX today. I packed all kinds of other goodies with me too. Lots of clothes and a couple pairs of shoes.

I have been here for a few hours already and it has been awesome to put faces to alot of the companies and people I have been in contact with and friends with over the past year or so! I’m having a blast out here and am very excited I was able to come this year!

Well I’m going to get back to the festivities! Catch you guys later! I will try and finish my Suavecito review tonight for you guys!




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