Ginny Grease Pomade

Hey guys, I’m back the second pomade in the Slicker Thn Hell line. Today we are going to be checking out Joe’s “Ginny Grease Pomade.” I dig the name quite a bit! But will dig the pomade? After using the last I think I will, but lets check it out and see.


Now after the first review Joe and I exchanged emails and he told me he meant to send me full size tins and that he’d get em out right away. They haven’t arrived yet so we’re going to proceed with the review and I’ll depict the full tins on the next/last stop. This ones label is reminiscent of the first one, only slightly different and has different colors. In the center in the same style lettering, but this time blue and purple colors, is “Ginny… Grease” and “pomade” is just underneath that. Behind the name is a gold and purple bar and it has the stars just above the name inside a purple ring. Above the ring is the signature phrase “Cause chicks dig it slick” and below is their website. I really like these labels, they’re badass!


The sample tin it came in is the same tin as the Slicker pomade did, only this one is gold. Hahahahaha that’s an awesome touch to this pomade! I hope the large tin is gold as well, that’s just cool. On the lid is the same white sticker as last time. This one has blue writing instead of orange like the other one did. And it says “Ginny Grease Hair Pomade Sample” right across it with the website below. I really like the fact that it’s in a gold tin, makes me laugh, nice touch.


This pomade is purple to match the label. And it’s kind of a lighter purple almost a lavender. I like it. You don’t ever see purple pomades. I think I only have one or two. I’m glad to have another one! As I sniffed the purple pomade I thought I was in heaven. It’s a grape scent!! And it smells like NuGrape sodapop and grape Jolly Ranchers/grape candies. Ohhhhhhh this stuff smells so good, almost as good/better than Sweet Georgia Brown’s purple tin! Yeah it actually smells that good.


The smell made me anxious to scoop this pomade out and get it in my hair! So I dug in and pulled out a pretty soft pomade, softer than the Slicker Thn Hell. Dangit! I totally thought this one would be heavier than the first one, oh well. I can’t be right all the time. The texture of this one reminds me of Royal Crowns Hair Dressing, but more creamy than oily like that one. By the feel of it I think it will hold like RC as well, but I could be completely wrong. Last time I used one of Joe’s pomades it felt soft, but held really well so maybe this one will too.

In my hands it felt the same as the Slicker did. A nice light, creamy, greasy texture to it. It’s not overly greasy or oily in your hands, just a lighter cream feel. Almost like a light hair cream feels in your hands. I knew what I was in store for when I ran my hands over my hair, easy application and combing. And that’s exactly what I got. Absolutely no resistance to it when you’re coating your hair or when your combing it around.


It took me a little whole to get this stuff to work for me. It didn’t want to hold up the front of my hair very well and took a bit of work for me to get it to look like this. It does have some shine to it though, so I’m not too bummed. And the smell is still nice in my hair after all the combing and recombing trying to get a pomp going. Thought out the day I noticed the hold kind of go out the window. It just kept sinking and splitting on me. I wasn’t outside in the heat for very long either. I’m thinking this one is the lightest hold of the 3, but I could be wrong. The shine stayed nice all day which I was happy with. And it is recombable really easily which is also a good thing.

In the morning I noticed that quite a bit of the pomade had come out of my hair during sleep. Not a horrible thing, but it makes it hard to get a nice buildup with it coming out of my hair. When I greased up again I tried again to get as much height as I could, but the second day it was harder to pomp than the first. Really bummed me out. So I parted my hair and started combing my hair over from the back to the front to get some sort of height in the front. You can see the gaps in my hair, it didn’t have anymore hold to it the second day. I also saw that the second day the shine was a matte shine. What? How did that happen? Not a bad thing, just kind of weird that it went from glossy the first day to matte the next.


It kind I stayed in place all day, but like the first day it kept splitting and falling on me. But after the whole day, my hair was back to a glossy shine. Weird… Still glad it was shiny though. After I made dinner and put my kid to bed I washed my hair with a cleansing shampoo and most of the pomade came right out with the shampoo. It didn’t completely come out, but a lot of it came out with just one wash with an average cleansing shampoo. Could be a good thing if you use this one in between trying new pomades.

My final words on this pomade? I’m not that thrilled with it other than the scent. The scent is really awesome, but other than that this pomade just didn’t really work with my hair type. It will be one of my go to toppers though. The scent and shine really make this pomade a great topper. It may also work for you guys that have straight, thin hair. So I’d say if you have that type of hair or like toppers that smell great and shine up good, give this grease a try. To find it head over to their website
I will soon be finishing up the line with Joe’s “Devil’s Doo” so keep your eye out for that. I’m pretty curious to see how that one is going to work!

Keep it greasy,


EvolutionMAN – Cleanse and Shave

Today I am checking out a brand new product from a brand new company. I was contacted by Tracy from the EvolutionMAN company about reviewing one of their products for them. So I emailed her back asking what it was and she informed me of what type of stuff they have and I told her I’d be happy to. After a few weeks I received this stuff along with a stainless steel thermos bottle. Thanks Tracy, thanks Marco!


This shave cream/cleansing cream comes in a oval tube, kind of similar to a sunscreen tube or toothpaste tube. It’s a flat black tune with white writing and a shiny black flip-top lid. On the front side is a little round sticker indicating that its new. I haven’t seen one if these on a product in a long time. The main design is very simple and modern. It’s just some white lettering that says “EvolutionMAN” vertically. Then just underneath that in two languages is “cleanse & shave.” By far the simplest design I’ve seen in a long time on a product. I’m not sure if I like it yet or not though. It may be too modern of a design or something I don’t know. Very sleek and nice looking though.


On the back of the tube is all kinds of writing, much like you see on average grooming products nowadays. It starts with directions for use as shaving and as cleansing. Then there is a caution. Under those is the same thing in a different language. Towards the bottom it says that this product isn’t tested on animals, do people still do that crap? I really hope not. Along with this cream being paraben free. The there is the ingredient list, the company info, the weight, then the website and phone number.


Popping opening the lid shows a very small opening for the cream to come out. When you squeeze some of the cream out you’re met with an off-white string of cream. It has a kind of slimy and sticky texture to it so I’m not sure how it will lather, but we will soon find out. The scent of this stuff is just awesome!! It smells like a mix of orange and yellow starbursts or skittles!


I used this cream twice, once with my brush and bowl, and once with just my hands. The lather came out the same both times. It’s not anywhere near the puffy clouds of lather you get with a shave soap or foamable cream. This one is a very thin, stuck to your face type of lather. And as it lathers it turns bright white and kind of turns more to a paste than foam. The scent stays right about the same as the cream gets spread around your face. I wish it would of burst out and got stronger as it lathered, but it still smells great. Very unique scent, especially for a shave cream. I like it quite a bit.


After shaving I noticed that my face was left with a kind of slippery, silky film. Slightly slimy at the same time. I wasn’t too thrilled with this. I just don’t like that feel after I shave. I’m sure I was supposed to just leave it and let it soak in and dry to get some benefit from the cream or something, but I just couldn’t. It felt too weird to me so I just grabbed a towel and wiped my face off then splashed on some Bees Knees bay rum. My face didn’t really feel that much softer after shaving. It may be due to the fact I wiped the film off my face, but I just couldn’t take the feel on my face.


After using the cream a couple times, I’m not sure if I like it or not. I absolutely love the smell, but that’s about it. I know a lot of guys use modern creams and in that sense this stuff is pretty good. And I could absolutely recommend it for you guys. As for myself, I like the old school soaps and creams. So for you guys that like those I don’t know if this one would be for you or not. But, there’s only one way to find out, order a tube. You can order it directly from their website
I will say its better than the store bought canned creams, at least the ones I’ve used. It’s a bit more expensive, but it’s for sure higher quality. So I’d say check it out if you have some extra cash and like more modern creams and/or unique creams. Thank you again to Tracy and Marco for sending me this shaving cream and letting me give it a review. Also thanks for the extra gift guys! I love it and use it all the time when I’m riding my bike!

Well, til next time,


Cool Grease – Fiber Grease (yellow)

Here’s the next installment of the cool grease line. This one is the same hold as the blue, being a 3 out of 10 for hold. It’s their yellow or Fiber Grease. After using the blue and loving it, it’s now my favorite water based pomade, well grease actually, I was very anxious to get started on the next one. So here we are, lets check her out!


This one comes in the same style and size plastic tub with a screw top lid, only this one is yellow instead of blue. It also has the labeling printed right on the plastic like last time. I really like these little tubs, they’re really cool and stand out like a sore thumb, in a good way, in my collection/cabinet. They’re just awesome, they really make a nice addition. Anyway, the lid has “Fiber Grease” right across the center of the lid in some cool retro lettering, along with a checkered background. Does that mean this pomade is made for wearing in a garage? Or a 50’s diner/soda shop? Or is this the finish line? Either way it’s pretty cool. Just underneath the name in that same area is “water type” which is on every one of their products that I have. Above the name area in the checkered background is “Special Making!” and below is “manufactured by fine cosmetics.” Pretty cool design, I like the classic look it has.


Around the side is a bunch of stuff like the last one. To the left of the name is a little greaser dude sporting a nice pomp. Next to him it says “Be Fiber! Instatly” they forgot the “n” oops. In a checkered box it has “Fiber Grease” again along with “water type.” Then to the right of that is a blurb about the pomade like last time. Finally is the ingredient list and company info, in Japanese again, and the barcode. Pretty similar to the last one, but some differences at the same time.


Just like the other one, when I unscrewed the lid I saw the clear plastic disc covering the pomade. I’m not sure why they do this, but I think I like it. It keeps any of the pomade from spilling out of the tub. And like the last time this stuff is packed to the brim, I love it! This pomade appears to be silverish in color. I pulled the disc off. My nose was greeted with the nice scent of citrus pop, so far each one I’ve tried smells like soda pop. This one smells like a lemon-lime and grapefruit pop. Makes me thirsty. However, if you smell this pomade too much like I did, your nose and head may start to kind of hurt. I think it’s the chemical undertone of it, being a water based and all. So be careful.


I dug my finger into the tub expecting a lighter water based pomade and pulled out a heavier pomade. Huh? I thought this was a 3 out of 10? Maybe it breaks down in your hands. At closer look this pomade is clear with silvery flakes/specks in it, kind of like the ones in the JS Sloane pomades. They’re very reflective and there are a lot of them so they make the pomade appear silver. Still cool even though its not actually silver.

In my hands it definitely doesn’t break down at all. It has the texture of JS Sloane heavy meets Lone Star classic. Kind of a heavier, gummy, rubbery, tacky texture. It is a very unique texture for sure. And it makes me wonder if it will actually be a 3 out of 10 hold or more. Time to find out!

20130428-013738.jpgO.o huh?!

I ran my hands over my hair and I was reminded of Shiner Gold. It went in almost identical to Shiner Gold. It took me a little while to spread it around with my hands. And for sure this isn’t a 3⭐ hold, it had my hair standing almost straight up and out! This stuff feels like it will be a pretty heavy hold. However, when I combed it, the pomade felt more like a 3⭐ hold in my hair. It was very easy to comb around, just as easy as the blue was. This one did take a little while to spread evenly throughout my hair though. I had to keep combing it back and forth and side to side. I also had to add just a little to the back side of the hairs on the sides of my head, because it wanted to just stay on top of my hair.


Once I got it worked in evenly I started combing my pomp. And it definitely held more than the blue, so I have to say that this stuff isn’t a 3 out of 10. It’s more like a 7 or 8 out of 10 for hold. It holds really really well. I will see how high I can go later on in the week! And like the blue this stuff is nice and shiny!!! Yes! I love shiny pomades, especially water based ones. The hold did sort of diminish throughout the day. And by the end of the day, my hair was a good 1″ – 1 1/2″ shorter than it was in the morning and my cowlick in front was showing pretty heavily. Maybe I need more pomade? Maybe that’s why it’s a 3 out of 10? It also slightly hardened. Not like most water bases, but more like a light gel. Very soft hardened feel, but not wispy at all.


The second day I had to see how much hold I could get with this stuff. And for sure this stuff can hold your hair up high! It doesn’t allow you to get a nice full pomp that tall, but you can get a pointed one going. I left it to dry like this and it stayed! However I don’t like this look so I recombed it into a medium pomp and went about my day. In the heat this stuff softens up and isn’t hard anymore, but it retains its hold perfectly. Once your hair cools back down it hardens back up. I am starting to dig this pomade quite a bit. I don’t really like that it hardens but it is recombable so it’s not too bad.


At the end of day I wanted to check the shine on it. So I snapped a pic and took a look. This stuff is way shiny!!! It’s really really shiny! I really like that a lot about this stuff. Then I rinsed it out before I went to bed. I noticed that after a couple day using this stuff my hair was silky soft. I mean like baby hair soft.

I don’t know what this company puts in its products, but man, these are awesome!! They smell great, work fantastic, wash out with just water, and leave my hair super soft. You have to check this stuff out! Even if you aren’t a huge water based fan, you should give it a try. This stuff is pretty awesome. You can find it on either or when it’s up or
And I suggest you give it a try, it really works great! Next from them I will be checking out their red one.




Hello readers!

I got a really nice haul of stuff these past few weeks from all different companies. I’m really stoked to have some of these as a few are pretty rare. It will most likely take me a long time to do so, but I plan on reviewing them all at some point.

I have three pictures and I will list everything in them, underneath them in order as I usually do. Top to bottom, left to right. So here they are for ya!


I didn’t feel like laying them all out, and this picture looks better anyway! They’re all the Sioux Guitars Pomades. They are all said to have the same hold and packaging, just different scents and labels.


American Gentleman T-Shirt
Lucky Tiger – Aspen aftershave
AG – bar soap (peppermint)
AG – medium pomade
AG – medium/heavy pomade
AG – heavy pomade
AG – vegan pomade
AG – washable pomade
Black & White 90th anniversary edition
AG – mustache wax
Black & White pocket mirror
The Iron Society – original
Deluxe Pomade
F.A.E.R. Quiff Grease
Cock Grease – no x
Sweet Georgia Brown pocket mirror
Beer Scented pomade
Joltin Joe pomade
Hairgum – road line (coco)
Hairgum – road line (tiare)
Hairgum – road line (vanilla)
Hairgum – apricot/rosemary pomade
Hairgum – fig/lavender pomade
Hairgum – almond/pine pomade
Hairgum – gummy
Hairgum – matt
Hairgum – classic
Hairgum – strong
Hairgum – water
Cool Wax – shining base
Cool Wax – ultra super hard
Cool Wax – rabbit super hard
Cool Grease – mcc cream dx (aftershave cream)
Cool Grease – blue 7oz
Bs Grease plastic tub
Bs Grease tin
Dreadnought straight razor
Linetti solida brilliantine
Dreadnought razorblades
Schmiere – Doktor Corvus edition
Electric Grease – black label
Barber Side – secret sauce
Barber Side – bay rum
Bs Grease – shave soap
Barber Side – pre shave oil (lemon)
EvolutionMAN – shave cream
Dixie Peach x 50(I just didn’t want to lay them all out again)Yes they’re for sale

20130426-234725.jpgSorry for that glare spot :/

High Life – lip balm
High Life – stache wax
High Life – tattoo balm
Lucky Tiger – rose hair dressing
Grandad’s – light
Grandad’s – old fashioned
Grandad’s – heavy
Grandad’s – tin
Sweet Georgia Brown – red
E.F. Young Jr.
Slick 50 barbershop – lil red rooster
Grim Grease – green label
Grim Grease – red label
Gamma Grease – red hulk edition
Blue Dutchess
DAX – Roots bergamot butter
DAX – Roots jojoba oil
The Iron Society – original with black label
The Iron Society – firm
Duke – gel pomade(not gel)
Duke – wave pomade
ISOplus – pressing oil
ISOplus – avacado oil conditioner

I want to thank the people who sent me stuff to review, I appreciate the support guys! I will do my best to get them reviewed as quickly as possible!! I’m very stoked to try the products out so they will get put into rotation pretty quickly. And thanks to all the great pomade makers out there! I’m happy to add your stuff to my collection. My cabinet is ever filling up! Can you guess how many pomades I have?! 😉

As I stated above, the Dixie Peach Pomades are for sale, but please email me. DO NOT comment on here please, and thank you. I have 48 left. I will be finishing the lines I have already started as of right now, but I will be checking some of these out pretty soon. So stay tuned and see what’s first. Also check the contest and enter if you haven’t already! You could win some free Dixie Peach along with some other cool stuff!

See you soon!!


American Gentleman – Bar Soap (bay rum)

Along with the shave soap Chops and Bangs sent me out a bar of soap. I decided I should review it. I mean after all we all use soap in the shower. Well most of us, some guys use body wash. I personally don’t like body wash at all, I’m just more of a bar kind of guy. I’ve never reviewed one before, but I’m going to give it my best shot.


This soap is wrapped in plastic with the TAGSCo sticker/logo on the top of the bar. Along with a little label that determines the scent, in this case, bay rum. Very simple packaging. It would be nice to see this in a box in the future. Maybe with the logo on top, some directions and ingredient list on the long sides, the name on the small sides, and a cool blurb on the back. But I get why it’s not, I mean after all most of us just chuck out the packaging as soon as we open it anyway.


Unwrapping the plastic I got a nice whiff of a classic bay rum. It was really a nice scent, one of the better bay rum scents out there. The bar itself is a rectangle. And it’s very angular cut bar of soap. It’s a nice light tan colored soap, not a color you see very often. The top has a rectangle indented in it. I’m guessing this is for your brush as this bar can also be used as a shave soap. I will try it out as one as well as its normal purpose. The back is just flat, but does have a kind of foamy look to it. This side was definitely the surface when it was being made. Now for the actual review of the soap.


At first the soap didn’t really want to lather all that well. However the more I used it the thicker the lather got. It wasn’t quite as thick as the lather from your average soap, Irish Spring, Dial, etc etc, but it did get a medium lather to it. After using it for a few minutes the bay run scent really got nice and strong! I love it when soaps do that as you shower, it makes the shower that much better. And especially on the days you’re really tired or under the weather that boost in the shower really helps.

I have been using the bar for a couple weeks now and I like the soap. I’m halfway through the bar and I noticed my skin having a nicer feel to it. It’s not a huge difference, but I noticed it and that’s what counts. I think I’ll keep using it for a while longer and see how it does. I also ordered another bar with a different scent from Chops. Mainly because I forgot to use it as a shave soap, but I also really like the soap and wanted another bar.

After using it for a few weeks I have to say I really like this soap. The scent is awesome and the soap has made my skin feel nicer. If you guys use bar soap, check this stuff out! If not into bay rum don’t sweat it, he has a bunch of other scents to choose from. So go get one from his etsy store
Check out his other products as well he has all kinds of stuff on there! Check back for the revisited review with me checking it out as a shave soap too. Thanks again for the soaps Chops!!

Stay fresh fellas,


Dapper Society contest/give-away

Hello readers,

I have decided to give back to my followers and readers for your support. I just wanted to show my thanks and try and do something fun and cool for you guys. So I created a contest give-away for you guys to participate in.

So here’s the contest. I will post two pictures below and you must guess how many individual tins/jars/tubs/sticks of pomade are currently shown in the picture. Pretty simple right?

Here’s the qualifications to win;
-You must guess a realistic number
-Your guess must be closest to the actual number of pomades (within 30 tins of the actual number), without going over
-Your guess must be a combined total of pomades from BOTH pictures
-You must provide an email for me to respond to if you are chosen as the winner

Here’s the rules;
-You must either email me or message me on Facebook (this info is in my contact page), comments on this post will not be submitted as entries/guesses
-You can only guess once
-Once you have submitted your guess you cannot retract it and submit another, so take your time!
-You have to guess the total of pomades in BOTH pictures

Here’s what the email/message must include;
-Your first and last name
-Your guess (a valid, legible, and reasonable number)
-A valid email for me to respond to if you win

That being said, have fun guys!! I will be choosing the winner in 10 days from today or May 5th. 5/5/13 or Cinco De Mayo! I want to give everyone sufficient time to guess, for those that don’t read very often. I will contact the winner on May 6th, 5/6/13 to let them know they have won. Here are the two pictures for you guys!

The first picture;


The second picture;


You’re probably wondering what the prize is for winning/guessing correctly.

Here’s what you win;
-1 full tin of my Atomic pomade (scent of your choice; mint or cinnamon)
-Samples from other pomade companies
-A few different combs
-Some stickers
-A sample bottle of my Atomic Shampoo
-A jar of Dixie Peach pomade

Good luck to you guys! Have fun and I will see the winner at the finish line! Remember your guess must be a “combined total of pomades in BOTH pictures.” If there is more than one person within 30 pomades of the actual number, I will choose the guess closest to the actual number as the winning guess! So take your time and guess correctly. One last thing, if there happens to be two or more people that guess the same number and that number happens to be closest or correct, the winner from that pair or group will be chosen at random. I want to keep things fair for everyone. On that note….

Thanks for reading and following my blog! It means a lot! Have fun!



Shiner Gold

Today’s pomade is one that hails from my town. It’s the one and only Shiner Gold Pomade. I’ve tried this pomade a few times before when a friend gave me a half full tin to try out. However I wanted to wait for the review until I had a brand spankin’ new tin. While up at Viva I met up with Jimmy and he gave me a large tin, baby tin, 2 coozies, and a sticker for the review. Jimmy thank you man, I really appreciate that!! Great guy.


The packaging is one we are very familiar with. It is a 4oz stainless tin with a screw top lid. Exactly like the Grant’s tins and Bone Crusher tins. I happen to like these tins quite a bit because of their design and style. They just look cool and very clean. This one is also like the Grant’s tin in that the label is just black ink printed right on the tin. The lid has “Shiner Gold Pomade” right in the center of a big black circle. Around the edge of that circle are little points. Under the “Shiner” is “made in the USA” really small. I like when companies have that, shows American quality and pride. I do wish it was bigger or more pronounced though. At the top of the circle is “time to shine” and at the bottom is “heavy hold.” Pretty simple look, but classic and clean at the same time.


The bottom of the tin has a sticker on it. This one is a clear sticker with black ink printed on it. At the very top is “shiner gold pomade made in the USA.” Under that is their directions for use and that it’s manufactured and distributed by them. Then it says “washable” just above the ingredients list. Finally at the bottom is the weight 4oz.


Now onto the product. It is the same color as its name, gold. Very clear as well, you can easily see to the bottom of the tin. I like the color of this stuff, I mean it’s gold! That’s awesome! The smell is very hard for me to place. All I can really say is its a kind of sweet smelling water based. What I mean is you can tell its a water based by the chemical smell, but it’s a sweet smell at the same time. Pretty decent scent to it, I just wish I could compare it to something for you guys. But it is pretty unique and I’ve never smelled something like it before.


As soon as your finger hits the surface you immediately know that the lid was right. It is a heavy hold. This stuff is pretty thick and has a heavy feel to it with a tacky texture. I actually like how tacky this stuff feels, it’s different from your run-of-the-mill water based. You can tell that it is going to give you some good hold. I’m going to test it out and see how tall it holds my hair up.

It’s very easy to spread in your palms despite its heavy texture, I like that about it. I’m not too find of pomades that are difficult to work in your hands. I also noticed it has a lot of shine in my hands. Hopefully it will keep that shine when it’s in my hair and dries.

Applying it isn’t as easy as working it in your hands though. It is actually really similar to applying Layrite’s super hold, which for me is kind of difficult to apply. It just gets really tacky in my hair and I have wavy hair. So when I spread it around and get my hair coated on all sides it gets tangled and is hard to keep working around.


Combing it is almost exactly like combing Layrite though. At first it’s really difficult to comb and I had to comb very slowly and in short strokes. I didn’t want to rip out hairs so I really took my time combing it in. Once I got it in it was a bit easier to comb around and get ready to pomp.

As soon as I started to form my pomp I knew I could get a lot of height if I wanted to. This stuff has a really nice heavy strong hold. Today I’m not going to go for a lot of height, but I will try that. It does have a great hold and allows you to comb a nice clean pomp. Very few hairs out of place. Mainly just those hairs that are still growing back from that atrocious cut I reviewed back in December. I’m going to be waiting quite a few more months until they’re back to where they used to be. The stuff does have a nice sheen to it in your hair. Not as much as a grease, but way more than most water bases have.


It holds all day long too! It was pretty windy again over here for some reason and I didn’t have any trouble at all. Mainly because this stuff hardens up quite a bit which makes your hair stay right in place unless you forcefully move it. The way it hardens makes it really difficult to recomb. You have to wet your hair and comb pretty good to be able to recomb this stuff. However once you do it recombs pretty nicely and then hardens right back up like it did the first time.


The second day I decided to see how high I could get my hair to stand without looking dumb. And I was really surprised at how high I was able to go without my hair looking wispy or thin. I got a really tall pomp going. And it stayed there all day long without moving or drooping. It didn’t quite harden up as much as the first day either, which for me is really nice.

One thing I like about this stuff is that it’s true to what it claims/it’s name. It is a heavy hold and it is gold and it is shiny. My hair shines up really nice with this stuff in. Shines really high for a water based, unlike most out there. And it also is 100% washable with only water. Every last trace of this stuff does come out with just rinsing your hair under the water. My hair also isn’t super dried out after I rinse it out either, which I am thrilled about. Most of the time with water bases my hair is left really dry from the chemicals in them, but this one only slightly dries out your hair.


Overall, I think I like this product. It is a little too heavy for me to use on an everyday basis, but I like it. I can see myself using this stuff quite a bit in the future when I need a good strong hold that won’t go anywhere. I can definitely recommend this stuff for you heavy hold lovers and you water based lovers. It really is a good quality pomade. To order some you can either hit them up on their Facebook page;
Or their website will be up soon and it is;
Thanks again for the goodies Jimmy I really appreciate it man!!

Catch y’all later,