Well I had a blast at Viva Las Vegas!!! It was a blast meeting all my friends in ATP! And also all the people from the companies I have been in contact with and working with over the past year or so. Every one of them were awesome and very classy people!

The car show was really awesome, more cool cars than I knew what to do with! Plus I got to check out some vendors that were only at the car show. And 2 amazing people played that day. Both the king of surf music Dick Dale and the great Little Richard!! I was ecstatic watching both of them! Definitely the highlight day of my trip!

I had been wanting to come up for years and was really excited that I was finally able to go! Plus I have the money to reserve my hotel and buy my tickets for next year so I will for sure be there again next year! There were a few of my friends that weren’t able to make it that I wanted to meet. But they are going to be there next year so I’ll get to meet them then.

I picked up a lot of stuff while I was there and a lot of people gave me some stuff to review. I also picked up a few dresses and a swimsuit for my lady, and a couple things for my boy. I have a pic of everything I picked up and was given while I was up there. I’ll list everything as usual, top to bottom left to right.


Poster, cards, flyers for the festival
Program/advertisement/events list book
Viva tote bag
Antique Vaseline Hair Tonic
Dutch Treats from Bianca at Hair Pomades
Andrélon – super style wax
New Wave – recreate styling wax
Schwartzkopf – Taft hair wax
Schwartzkopf – junior shine wax
High Life pamphlets
High Life – ATP x4
High Life – heavy
High Life – voodoo brew
High Life – medium x2
High Life – stache wax
High Life t-shirt
Layrite box
Layrite t-shirt
Suavecito t-shirt
Suavecito pamphlet
Suavecito poster
DAX combs – a grip
DAX – roots samples x full box!
DAX t-shirt
DAX – super neat
Layrite towel
Layrite – sheen spray
Layrite sticker
Layrite – super hold 1oz
Suavecito bag
Suavecito coozie
Suavecito stickers and combs and bottle opener
Suavecito – bay rum
Suavecito – grooming spray
Suavecito – Brilliantcream (yep I got another one) I love that stuff
DAX – wng, blk beeswax, s&n, nw, veggie oils, roots, and shampoo/conditioner samples x a grip!
DAX bowling shirt
Cock Grease grease rag
Cock Grease bag
Cock Grease stickers and card
Cock Grease – beaver cream
Cock Grease – no x
Cock Grease – xx
Shiner Gold coozie x2
Shiner Gold – large tin
Shiner Gold – sample tin
Shiner Gold stickers and card
Robs Chop Shop – 10w30
Robs Chop Shop – 20 wt
Robs Chop Shop – slick w50
Robs Chop Shop sticker (I also got a t-shirt but it was dirty and washing when I took the picture)
American Greaser Supply – 40wt
American Greaser Supply – 90wt
American Greaser Supply – super 90wt
Broken Cherry stickers and card
Lucky 13 – Juniors Gel
Slick 50’s – Little Red Rooster
Cool Grease – clay
Palmolive – Brilliantina
Murray’s – superior – Obama edition
Tipsy’s – shampoo
Dice and Dolls card
Dr. Rubins – new tester pomade x2(different scents and holds)
Dr. Rubins – lip balm x3
Dr. Rubins sticker and card
Bees Knees card
Bees Knees – mustache wax

I want send big thank you’s to Ana for the tonic, Bianca for the treats and Dutch pomades, Adam for the high life stuff/picking up an atomic from me/giving me an awesome ATP tattoo, mike from Layrite for the stuff he gave me, Justin and the dudes from Suavecito for everything they hooked me up with, Don and the DAX family for everything, Rea from cock grease for hooking me up with some stuff to review, Jimmy for the shiner gold, tipsy for his shampoo, and all the other vendors for being awesome and selling me stuff and giving me deals! You guys rock!! Can’t wait for next year!!!

VLV 17 can’t come soon enough,



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