Hey guys, I posted about my come ups at viva before I posted everything I got in the mail while I was away. I didn’t have everything ready when I posted the other so I just figured I’d wait. I really had some cool stuff waiting for me when I got back!!! Below is a pic of everything I got from Thursday til Saturday. The list will be as usual.


Levi’s 501’s x2
DAX – marcel curling wax
DAX – cocokui
DAX – cocoa butter
DAX – kocatah plus
DAX – hair food plus 4
DAX – sulphur
DAX – kocatah
DAX – Indian hemp
DAX – 100% pure lanolin
DAX – super light pomade
DAX – pressing oil
DAX – veggie oils hybrid
DAX – coconut oil
DAX – petroleum jelly
DAX – beeswax
DAX – black beeswax
DAX – super gro
DAX – high & tight awesome hold hybrid
DAX – veggie oils shampoo
DAX – removing shampoo
DAX – conditioner
DAX – samples
American Gentleman Pomade – campfire
American Gentleman Pomade – medium
American Gentleman – shave soap – barbershop
American Gentleman – anchor shave puck – cedar spiced pepper
American Gentleman – shave puck – house scent
American Gentleman – bar soap – bay rum
Gamma Grease – red hulk edition
Hair Gum – road line – tiare
Home brew from a friend of mine
Steadfast Pomade
The Classics Pomade – new scent
Lone Star Pomade – tester for new product

Here is a picture of what I got in the mail today. List is the same.


Pinaud – hair tonic
Vig – pressing oil
Vig – pomade
Hair Care – control stick
Lucky Tiger – mustache wax
Bam Pomade – all 7 scents
Bam Pomade – creepy tiki

I’m pretty stoked on all of these that came in the mail over the past week! Bug thanks to DAX yet again for supporting me and my blog and sending me out basically everything they carry! Also thank you chops for throwing in all those goodies with my pomade order! Thanks Brian for the new classics pomade can and Chris for the lone star tester and shop rag! And thanks to my friends in ATP for trading me stuff and selling me some cool stuff!

Stick around for some reviews on some new products and some from companies we know and trust soon! I will be taking this next week off due to my grandmas memorial service coming up this weekend and me having to prepare for that and travel to California to help set it up and everything. But I promise I’ll get back to some reviews soon! Stay tuned to see which one I review first!




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