Grant’s Golden Brand – Jake Comb

Well I am finally back with another comb review. After reviewing the Layrite Comb and loving how that one worked out I thought I should check out some other combs companies are carrying. Thus we are brought to Grant’s Golden Brand and I’m checking out their Jake Comb first then I will try out their 5″ junior comb.

It was kind of weird for me to review a comb when I did the Layrite review. I kind of thought to myself “how do you review a comb?” I mean a comb is a comb, sure they have different styles and types for different things. But they all essentially do the same thing, comb your hair into a certain style. So I was kind of hard pressed to figure out how to review but I did. And I’m going to do the same with this comb, just use it with all types of pomades and different ways.


This one is also black like most combs are. It is about 2″ shorter than my current styling/application comb but about 2″ longer than my pocket comb. It has some gold letting up above the teeth, which reads “Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade USA.” It has 35 teeth on the larger side and 58 on the finer side. It looks like a smaller version of a regular Ace styling comb. Hopefully it will work like that, I love Ace combs.

I figured I better try this one out as an application comb, a styling comb, and a pocket comb since its right on the cusp of all three. I tried it out first when I got to Viva. I picked 4 different pomades to try it out with including one of the Grant’s products. Each one being significantly different than the other I’m thinking this will give me a firm grasp on how the comb holds up and truly works.


As an application comb, this one is great for the light and medium pomades. It combs really smooth and easy, without snagging or tangling in your hair. With the more firm pomades it was more difficult to use it as an application comb. Mainly because it isn’t a firm comb, it’s more flexible so it bends with the heavier pomades. But it’s not impossible to apply with it at all, just gotta work it a little more. I did notice that having the teeth closer together than my normal comb, it spreads the pomade faster and removes any excess you put in. So you have to kind of keep working that pomade back into you hair while you’re applying.

When I moved to using it as a styling comb, I started to have a little trouble. Mainly because I’m so used to using my huge blue comb that I kind of had to get a feel for this comb in my hands. Once I started to get used to it, the comb actually worked pretty nice as a styling comb. The teeth width did a nice job of helping me find my part even though they’re smaller than my regular comb. I’m starting to like this comb pretty good. As I formed my pomp each time it got easier and easier to do, it also formed a nice pomp and combed good. Not as good as my blue comb, but I’ve yet to find one that does which is why I still use it as my go to comb. But this one is just as good as an ace comb, so this one is my go to back up comb from now until I find a better one.

As a pocket comb I did have a hard time with it. It sticks out of my pocket a little bit and I’m just not used to that. I’ve always had my pocket combs sit in there just right. So I don’t think I will be carrying it unless I’m wearing a suit and have it in my inner coat pocket. Using it as a pocket comb was awesome though! I liked the little bit of extra handle on this longer comb. It made it easier for my big mitts to comb my hair quicker and I think it gave me a nicer look than my usual comb does. Now if it was just a little smaller to fit in my pocket. Or if my pockets were deeper, no pun intended, then it would be perfect.

My final word on this comb is that it is a pretty decent all-around comb. I liked how well it applied and distributed the pomades throughout my hair. The styling, after getting used to the size, was a breeze. And as a pocket comb it worked better than what I usually carry, it was just too tall for my pocket. It’s a pretty cheap comb as well, I think I only paid like $3-4 for it. So if you like Ace combs and unbreakable’s grab one of these from their website
While you’re there pick up a can of one of their great pomades to go with the comb. They have great products and impeccable customer service, so you won’t be disappointed in the slightest. Well I’ll see ya at the next comb I decide to check out.

Stay Golden,



2 comments on “Grant’s Golden Brand – Jake Comb

  1. arcessimus says:

    What material is this comb made out of?

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