Cool Grease – Blue

Well I’m finally back with a pomade review. I know it’s been a little while since I reviewed a pomade but here’s one we don’t see very often. This one hails from Japan, it’s the blue Cool Grease made by Fine Cosmetics. In my search for these I came across an awesome lady by the name of Regina who works for the Hair Goop company. They’re the only importers of this pomade in the US, which is why this pomade is hard to find. Having talked over the phone with her a few times she decided to send me some stuff to review. Very cool lady! Thanks Regina!

So I have to start off saying I’m pretty stoked to be finally getting a chance to check out these pomades. As usual I’m starting with their lightest hold, in this case 3 out of 10 for hold being the blue. All of these pomades come in the same packaging, but with different colors and looks. The packaging is a small hard plastic tub with a screw top lid. It’s about the size of a 3oz slip cover tin, just plastic instead. This one happens to be electric blue in color with black writing on it. And the writing is printed right on the tub, no stickers. Pretty cool.


On the lid it says “Cool Grease water type” in the center with a little rockabilly guy holding his comb up. It also has a few stars above the “Cool.” In the ring around the outside it has “manufactured by fine cosmetics co. ltd” on the top half. On the bottom half it says “super shaping pomade.” I dig the look of this tub, it’s simple, but classic and cool at the same time.


It has black printing all around the edge so I took three pictures and stitched them together so you guys don’t have to look at a whole bunch of pictures. On the first part it has a box with triangles inside it. Inside the box it says “Cool Grease.” Then below that in a small black box it says “water type” and above that it has “super shaper pomade.” As we turn the tub we see the little rockabilly guy again. This time he’s in a bowling shirt, but still holdin’ his comb. Above his comb it says “right now! good fragrance.” Does that mean it only has a good fragrance right now? I don’t know why they put that there, but the guy is pretty rad. Next to him it says “a wonderful shaping!” right above a blurb about this pomade. At the end of the side it has the company info and ingredient list in a box. Only they’re in Japanese instead of English. And it has the barcode. Pretty cool labeling and definitely unique, especially the tub. I’ve never seen a tub like this one before. I really like that little dude too.


Now on to what the pomade is like. As I unscrewed the lid I was shocked to see this pomade pretty much overflowing inside the tub. It also has a little plastic disc on top of the pomade. I’m not really sure why some companies put them there and some don’t. I pulled the disc off the pomade, it wanted to stick to the pomade so I’m guessing its going to be a pretty soft water based. You can’t really tell the color in the tub, at least I can’t. To me it looks like its going to be clear, because you can see through it perfectly. Once I pulled the plastic disc off I got a nice whiff of this pomade. It smells like this blueberry birch sodapop I had one time, but a water based pomade version. What I mean is it doesn’t smell natural, you can tell its a chemical/artificial scent, like almost all water bases have. Nevertheless the smell is awesome, it is a ‘good fragrance, right now!’ Hahaha


Scooping this pomade is almost exactly like Bona Fide Pomade. Same texture and stickiness. This one is also very clear like that one except it has a light blue hue to it. Almost like pool water or watered down blue powerade. I haven’t seen a pomade this color yet so I think it’s pretty awesome!

After I savored the scent for a little bit I worked the pomade around in my hands. It has pretty much the same texture as Bona Fide in my hands too. Only this one gets more tacky and harder to rub around the more you rub your hands together. Interesting, I wonder how that will affect the hold. Depending on how much you work it around before you apply it. I really like the scent out the tub, it smells more like blueberry candy than pop out of the tub.

When I applied it to my hair I got exactly what I had expected. It went in and combed exactly like Bona Fide. Maybe Luis formulated that one after this pomade? Hopefully it will shine up like Bona Fide does too!! This one distributed faster, easier and more evenly than most water bases do, which I really liked a lot! I can style with it in about 2 minutes, no joke.


The first day I used it I think I had a little too much water in my hair because I didn’t get very much height to it. It also too a long time to dry. However, you grease balls should like this part, it dries like a light-medium grease. No hardening, no flaking, nothing like that!! It’s really awesome, you an actually recomb this stuff without getting it wet! Or you can also wet-comb it too. And it does have some nice shine to it!! It holds all day long too, even with recombing it multiple times.

The second day I wore it to my band’s show, which also happened to be on the windiest day ever. We had a huge haboob(sand and wind storm) out her in AZ. My hair didn’t come out of place at all in the wind, and I mean not one hair. I was beyond stoked about that, I almost couldn’t believe it. I kept checking the mirror in my truck to check and it was right in place every time! Now at the show, I was headbangin pretty hard during our set and my hair did not stay in place, but it never does, even with super hold waxy pomades. I got pretty sweaty from jumping around and moshing while I was playing too so my hair really got messed up. But I pulled out my new Grant’s Golden Brand pocket comb and put it back in place. And it went right into place without any hesitation.

20130413-000301.jpgLive the High Life!

Now over the course of the night I moshed quite a bit and had to recomb about every 10 mins. The more water I put in and the more sweat that added to it and the more times I recombed it the harder it got to recomb. By the end of the night it was like combing Murray’s Superior and I had more hold than when I started. Now I know what you’re thinking, I was too, what the hell?! It was really weird, but awesome at the same time!! No complaints from me at all.

The last day I used it I was even more pleased with how it performed due to everything I listed above. Plus after using it multiple times my hair got really soft. It does wash out with just water, and it leaves your hair nice and soft after you rinse it out. I was also using some conditioner so my hair got silky smooth. I even got a compliment on how soft my hair was from my friend Valerie at a one of my favorite bands, 7serpents, last show. You guys should definitely check out that band, one of the best AZxHC & beatdown/heavy hardcore bands ever! I decided not to wear it because I knew I would be doing a lot of moshing and beating on people that night and didn’t see the point. Nevertheless it still had its lasting effects on my hair and it was noticeably softer than before I used the stuff.

You guys absolutely have to get some of this pomade! It is by far the best water based I’ve ever used, and now my current favorite water based. I have no complaints on this pomade whatsoever, save one, I don’t have more! It comes in cool packaging, smells awesome, has a nice medium tacky texture, goes in super easy, distributes and styles faster than anything, shines nicely, holds great, dries like a grease, recombs without water, is good for multiple types of styles, washes out with just water, and leaves your hair nice and soft! What’s not to love about this stuff?! You can find it really soon on Regina’s website
She also sells it on

Thank you again so much for sending this stuff out to me Regina! You’re the best and I will be placing an order for more from you real soon!

Keep it greasy


Here’s a pic of how it held up during our set. This was taken during our last song.


Didn’t disintegrate like some do but didn’t hold as well as others. It’s a nice medium hold. Won’t be my go to for shows, but I will be using it every chance I get!




4 comments on “Cool Grease – Blue

  1. NOAM says:

    Thank you about the review, i definitely buy one

    Please If you can review the red Cool Grease or Cock Cool Grease and If you can These pomades also

    American Greaser Supply 90Wt. Flat-Top Wax


    Rockabilly Rub

    Uppercut Monster Hold

    • jchmotox57 says:


      Thank you I’m glad you like it. And yes those are all in my list of things to review. I’ll have those reviewed soon hopefully. The red cool grease my next month for sure.


  2. NOAM says:

    Many thanks to you

  3. Hello. My name is Lee Brown, I’m opening up a new Barbershop in San Diego and I’m trying to carry cool grease, but I’m having a tuff time tying to locate a contact to the sales department. Could you please help me.

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