American Gentleman – Olive Oil & Shea Butter Shave Soap

Hello gents, I am pleased to bring you a new shave soap review. This one comes from my friend Chops over at The American Gentleman Soap Co. It’s their Olive Oil/Shea Butter shave soap. Chops is a member of the ATP group, so having talked to him a few times about his products, we exchanged messages and he set up an order for me. He’s also the guy who referred me to my barber Isaac when I got that atrocious haircut. When I ordered my stuff he threw in all kinds of goodies for me. Thanks Chops!!


This soap isn’t like your average pucks you find. It comes in its own packaging. It’s an dark emerald green plastic tub with a black screw top lid. The tub looks black at first glance, but when light hits it you see the green. It has a lid label and a wrap around label. The lid label is one of the coolest labels I’ve seen in a while! In the center is a Boston Terrier wearing a top hat, single eye glass, and a bow tie. Above the very dapper dog is “The American Gentleman” and below him is “Soap Co.” And on either side of him is “AG.” Very cool label and definitely my favorite soap label! The wrap around label is pretty simple, on the left is “All Natural Ingredients,” in the center is “Shave Soap,” and the right side has the website.


As you unscrew the lid you’re met with a nice clean soapy smell blended with the nice fresh scent of Shea Butter. Its one of the better smelling shave soaps that I have. The color of this soap reminds me of oatmeal. Now it doesn’t look like oatmeal, it just has that creamy color and it has multiple shades in the soap. Much like oatmeal has different shades in it.

I heated up my water and soaked my brush then soaked the soap right in the tub. Now Chops fills these soaps so full that you can’t put all that much water in the tub. Definitely a great thing, this soap will last me a really long time! So I would dump it out and put fresh hot water in it every couple mins to give the soap a good hot soak. Then I dumped out my brush water and my last fill of my soap water. After soaking, the smell really comes out and kind of gives a sweet finish to the scent. Can’t wait to see how it smells when it lathers!


I proceeded to start loading my brush with the awesome smelling soap. Now Chops warned me that it will be hard to lather. So instead of loading my brush for 20-25 seconds I swirled for an additional 10 seconds. As you can see on my brush I have a nice thick lather going just from loading my brush. Now I have to actually lather the soap.


Then I grabbed my new marble shave bowl, and took the lid off. I dropped a few drops of water into the bowl and onto my brush. Then I started lathering the soap. At first I could see what Chops was talking about, because it didn’t really do anything at first. After about 20 seconds, big puffy clouds of lather started appearing and the lather started overflowing out of my bowl! Awesome!! You can see what I mean by how thick the lather is on my face. Now I have to get better at applying soap lather and making the lather look more uniform on my face, but you get the gist of how nice the lather from this soap is. The smell kind of stayed the same on my face as when it was freshly soaked.


I then shaved my face and was surprised at how smooth the shave was with this soap. It also helped that I used some pre-shave oil and a new blade, but still it was nice. After finishing shaving I felt my face and it was nice and soft. I’m really liking this soap quite a bit! Far better than that Shea Moisture soap I reviewed while back. When I finally run out I will definitely pick up another tub of this soap.

If you guys like Shea soaps at all you have to get this soap!! It is definitely a great shave soap! More than worth checking out, Chops knocked it out of the park with this soap in my opinion. To find it just go to his etsy site
While you’re there check out his other shave products and his hair care products! Thanks again for the hook up Chops!! See you guys at the next shave stop. Maybe I will check out a new blade next or something I haven’t reviewed before.

Stay classy gents,



5 comments on “American Gentleman – Olive Oil & Shea Butter Shave Soap

  1. Brittius says:

    That’s the way you do it.
    When you do the upper lip area, first put the shaving later on your cheeks, and neck. Then on the front of your neck, you move the brush back-and-forth, right-and-left. This creates a chisel point on the brush. Now you can fully lather all around your mouth area. Also, extend lather coverage just a little beyond your beard-line. Safety for the razor to glide, and the skin will give you a nicer shave in areas of where you do shave. You turn a chore, into an experience.
    Great review, and great photographs.

  2. tafarel says:

    Are you already try their pomade yet?

    • jchmotox57 says:

      I will never try another one of their products again. I refuse to use this brand now.


      • Matt says:

        Looking for some more shave/shower soap and was giving this a gander. May I ask why you’re boycotting the brand?

      • jchmotox57 says:

        Well this one wouldn’t be a shower soap. I’d take a look at the Fieldworks stuff, South Side Soaps, and Sasquatch Soap Co. Both great stuff!! As far as boycotting this brand, the owner is the reason. He talked a bunch of trash about me behind my back and I found out about it. So I called him out on it and we haven’t seen eye to eye since. And I don’t like the way he acts towards other people.


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