High Life – Light

Alright so with all the buzz going around about this pomade line I figured now would be a good time to get into it. And so today’s pomade is High Life Pomade – Light. Made by a friend of mine and long time member of ATP along with the ATP pomade creator, Adam Dorsett.


I’ve been using these pomades for a while and I’m not really sure why I haven’t reviewed them yet but anyway here we go. All of his pomades save one come in a 3oz slip cover tin with a lid label and can label. The three regular High Life labels are the same layout just different colors. This one has a white background with a yellow circle in the center, a yellow ring around the edge, and black writing. Across the center in cursive type writing is “High Life” with “light” just under it. Up on top it says “High Quality” and on bottom is “Hair Dressing.” Very simple label, but very awesome and classic at the same time. There is something about this label that reminds me of the 1920’s. It just has a very “old-timey” look to it, and says “Classic American” to me. I love it! The can label is an oval version of the lid label with a yellow ring in the center instead of a circle. This one only says “High Life” and has the website and that’s it.


As you pull off the lid you’re met with the strong sweet scent of vanilla. And this isn’t the vanilla of your average pomade. This stuff is scented very very strongly, but in a great way. Kind of like Sweet Georgia Brown’s purple tin or the Schmiere pomades are scented strongly. Just awesome! The color is a waxy off-white color. Not really much shine to it, which is kind of odd for a “light” pomade. However, past experiences have always taught me don’t think too much about the look of a pomade. Although you can usually tell how a pomade will feel and work just by looking at it, sometimes that’s not the case at all.


Smelling the awesome scent of this pomade I couldn’t wait to get it in my hair so I dug my finger into the tin. As I did I pulled out a nice medium pomade. I don’t consider it a light pomade, but it is the lightest of the High Life line. Breaking the surface you get even more scent from this pomade! I didn’t think that was possible, but wow this is a great smelling and strong scent pomade!

Working it around in my palms was a breeze and it turned into a light pomade when I did that. It got nice and greasy in my hands and very light. But not too light, you can tell it will still have some hold to it. I turned kind of a brighter white in my hands, and got pretty shiny. Hopefully it will shine up muh herr.

Still anxious I ran my hands over my hair and distributed the pomade throughout my hair. This pomade goes in super smooth and distributes fairly easy and evenly with just my hands. I really like it when pomades don’t take a whole lot of work to disperse throughout your hair. Combing it was a breeze as well, but it did have some resistance to it. I can tell this pomade will hold somewhat.


How does it hold in fact? Great! For a “light” pomade this stuff holds really really well! It is a lighter pomade so I got a nice rounded puffy pomp going. It was also nice and tall, a good medium sized pomp. And it stays there for quite a while. Toward the end of the day my pomp was a little shorter due to the heat in AZ.

The shine on this pomade is a nice medium shine when you first have it in. The more the day goes on the shinier it gets. By the end of the second day your hair is super shiny!! The build up of this pomade is also really really nice gives you a little more hold the more you use it. I messed up my hair a couple times and this stuff recombs easier than most light pomades do. It’s really got a nice comb to it, great feel.

I woke up the third day to someone knocking on my door and I couldn’t find my hat so I grabbed my comb. I was able to get my atrocious bed head into a manageable style without even adding water! You know you have a good pomade when you can comb bed head into something good enough to go out into public without adding water or more pomade or anything! Adam really did a great job with this “light” pomade! Which is why it’s one of my favorites!

This pomade is definitely one you should have in your collection! I can’t recommend it enough. Therein lies the issue. Adam is only selling it out of his tattoo/barber shop right now. But he is working on getting the website back up and ready to take orders. So if you live in the Phoenix area head over to Electric Haven and pick some up! If not keep checking the website for it to be up and available for orders. The site is

Well til the next one,


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5 comments on “High Life – Light

  1. NOAM says:

    when their site comes back I will buy one, I usually buy either medium or heavy but I heard that their medium difficult to use and their heavy is worse and not spread well, so the light it’s the only one I plan to buy from them, thank you about the review

    I have a question for you about dax green & gold is hard to scooping and Combing this pomade or easy?, and how nu-nile in the sun?

    • jchmotox57 says:

      The medium isn’t hard to use at all. At least not for me. The heavy can be kind of tricky to work with but it’s a good pomade as well. It is definitely a heavy pomade though!

      The DAX g&g isn’t hard to scoop at all. Combing it isn’t hard either but it is kind of sticky at first. Once you get it in then it’s a breeze to comb. My favorite DAX product still. Check out my review on it!

      Nu Nile in the sun. I haven’t used that one that much yet honestly and I did mostly in the winter and when I was working inside so I can’t say for sure. But it’s a decent pomade and I think it would hold up nicely in the sun.

      Hope that helps!


  2. NOAM says:

    Thank you for the help

    This is my next purchase Very soon – Hairgum Strong, Cock Grease X, Dax Green & Gold, Murray’s Beeswax, Dixie Peach, Uppercut Quiff Roller – I’m very excited That would be my best purchase to date

  3. Parker says:

    This is what im using right now and it RULES!

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