Suavecito – Menthol Vanishing Creme

Alright we are at the next installment of the Suavecito shaving line. Today I am checking out their menthol vanishing creme.


This one comes in the same tub as their shaving cream. The plastic amber tub with a white metal lid and a single label on the lid. The label design is pretty similar to the shaving cream. It has the name in the center at an angle with a mint plant in the background. Under the name is “menthol vanishing creme” and it has all the other info around the edge just inside the outer ring. I don’t know why but I really dig these tubs, they’re cool!

The moment I unscrewed the lid I smelled menthol. And it’s a strong menthol scent, like Vick’s vapor rub. That’s exactly what it reminded me of! And boy do I love menthol/mint, the smell is just awesome!! It’s not as harsh as Vick’s though, it’s more pleasant. It’s color matches the scent, a nice mint green. Kind of looks like mint chocolate chip ice cream, just without the chocolate chips. Very cool color! I’m actually thinking of painting my bike this color.


I wasn’t really sure how to go about applying this stuff. I have never used a vanishing creme before, or heard of one either. So I just decided to scoop it out like a pomade. Only not as much as I would with pomade. The texture reminds me of freshly whipped butter meets whipped cream. It was really light and fluffy, but had a coarse, broken look to it.


I spread it between my fingertips and it kind turned into lotion and broke down. And holy crap does the scent explode! I bet it’s going to make my face tingle a lot. It lost its green color in my hands and turned completely white. Now to find out if this creme vanishes or not.

I applied it to my freshly shaven face and it felt kind of like a lotion or aftershave balm at first. Then it tingled a lot, one of my favorite things about mint. It also cleared my nostrils, another one of my favorite things about menthol. As you can see it goes on a little like an aftershave balm, but it doesn’t soak in right away. After you run it in a little bit it completely disappears, well vanishes actually. So it is a vanishing aftershave cream, cool. I dig it a lot.


I could smell this stuff on my face for quite a while, which I was very thrilled with. Even after a couple hours people were complimenting me on the smell of my “cologne.” I corrected them and told them it was an aftershave and they were surprised that an aftershave lasted past 1pm. As was I usually they aren’t that prominent towards the middle of the day. Very nice.

I gotta say this stuff really surprised me. From every aspect of it too. I really liked the change up of this from regular aftershave. I do miss the awesome burn of aftershave but it’s nice to change it up. Plus the tingling of the menthol kind of makes up for that. I think you shave fans should definitely check this stuff out, it really is a cool product! No pun intended. Or was there? You can pick this stuff up from the Suavecito website
Check out their other shave stuff as well while you’re there. Thank you again Justin for sending this to me! Only the bay rum left for the Suavecito shaving line. Stay tuned for the final installment!

Stay fresh fellas,



One comment on “Suavecito – Menthol Vanishing Creme

  1. James says:

    I’ve been rocking the lucky tiger version for awhile now, makes your face feel awesome after a shave.. I’m sure this does the same. This might sound counterintuitive, but I usually rub a whole lot into my face after shaving, hop in the shower and try not to rinse it completely off.. then slap on bay rum after drying off. I know how it sounds but the mint smell vanishes with the shower so the two aren’t fighting scent wise and you still get the smoothing and healing properties of the menthol cream. I’m always a sucker for the bay rum but can’t say no to the menthol, I think it really helps your face after scraping a razor over it.

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