Dapper Society contest/give-away

Hello readers,

I have decided to give back to my followers and readers for your support. I just wanted to show my thanks and try and do something fun and cool for you guys. So I created a contest give-away for you guys to participate in.

So here’s the contest. I will post two pictures below and you must guess how many individual tins/jars/tubs/sticks of pomade are currently shown in the picture. Pretty simple right?

Here’s the qualifications to win;
-You must guess a realistic number
-Your guess must be closest to the actual number of pomades (within 30 tins of the actual number), without going over
-Your guess must be a combined total of pomades from BOTH pictures
-You must provide an email for me to respond to if you are chosen as the winner

Here’s the rules;
-You must either email me or message me on Facebook (this info is in my contact page), comments on this post will not be submitted as entries/guesses
-You can only guess once
-Once you have submitted your guess you cannot retract it and submit another, so take your time!
-You have to guess the total of pomades in BOTH pictures

Here’s what the email/message must include;
-Your first and last name
-Your guess (a valid, legible, and reasonable number)
-A valid email for me to respond to if you win

That being said, have fun guys!! I will be choosing the winner in 10 days from today or May 5th. 5/5/13 or Cinco De Mayo! I want to give everyone sufficient time to guess, for those that don’t read very often. I will contact the winner on May 6th, 5/6/13 to let them know they have won. Here are the two pictures for you guys!

The first picture;


The second picture;


You’re probably wondering what the prize is for winning/guessing correctly.

Here’s what you win;
-1 full tin of my Atomic pomade (scent of your choice; mint or cinnamon)
-Samples from other pomade companies
-A few different combs
-Some stickers
-A sample bottle of my Atomic Shampoo
-A jar of Dixie Peach pomade

Good luck to you guys! Have fun and I will see the winner at the finish line! Remember your guess must be a “combined total of pomades in BOTH pictures.” If there is more than one person within 30 pomades of the actual number, I will choose the guess closest to the actual number as the winning guess! So take your time and guess correctly. One last thing, if there happens to be two or more people that guess the same number and that number happens to be closest or correct, the winner from that pair or group will be chosen at random. I want to keep things fair for everyone. On that note….

Thanks for reading and following my blog! It means a lot! Have fun!




7 comments on “Dapper Society contest/give-away

  1. jchmotox57 says:

    Again, comments DO NOT count as entries. You must email me. You can find my contact information on the contact page at the top of the home page. Thank you!


    • Cleezy says:

      To be sure – only pomades right? Not including tonics and other products? And individual numbers of containers, not number of types of pomades (e.g. not 1 dixie peach, many dixie peaches), yes?

      • jchmotox57 says:

        Actually I did include the 3 tonics I have. And yes Dixie Peach doesn’t count as 1, each individual container counts. Hope I clarified that for you well.


  2. Andrew says:

    And tonics, shaving soaps etc.. do not count?

  3. […] for the support and reading my blog and let’s keep the guesses rolling in!! Here’s the link to that particular post for you guys in case you don’t see it right away in the feed. Good […]

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